I. THE Proverbs of David's son Solomon, who reigned

aver Israel, to give a knowledge of wisdom and instructionthe perception of the words of prudencethe interpretation of sentencesa discernment of true justice ; and to direct judgment, t/iat he might give sagacity to the innocent; and to the youth knowledge and discretion: for by attending to them a wise man will become wiser ; and a man of understanding will possess a rule of government and will under-

I stand a proverb and, dark speech and the sayings of the wise

and parables.

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And all who practise this have good understanding. And piety towards God is the beginning of discernment: but the wicked despise wisdom and instruction.

8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father and reject not

9 the maxims of thy mother: for thou wilt receive a graceful crown for thy head; and a chain of gold for thy neck.

10 My son, let not wicked men lead thee astray. Consent not

II when they advise thee, saying, Come with us; partake of blood; and let us hide in the earth an innocent man without cause,

12 and swallow him up alive, as the grave, and take away from earth the remembrance of him. Let us seize his precious substance and fill our houses with spoils. Cast in thy lot among us, and let us all have a common purse. Let one scrip serve us.

15 Go not thou in the way with them; but tuni thy foot from their paths. For nets are not spread for birds unjustly. For they who are accomplices to murder, treasure up evils for themselves. And doleful is the destruction of wicked men. Such are the ways of all who commit iniquitous deeds. For by wickedness they destroy their own soul.

20 Wisdom uttereth her song at the gates and in the streets speaketh boldly; and on the tops of walls she maketh proclamation; and at the gates of mighty men taketh a seat and at the gates of a city with confidence saith,

22 "While the innocent adhere to justice they shall not be put to shame : but as for fools who delight in mischief, having become wicked they hated knowledge and are become liable to censures. Behold I will pour forth to you the dictate of my spirit: and teach you this word of mine—seeing I have called


and you have not answered : and though I continued my speech, you did not attend : but set at naught my counsels and

26 disregarded my reproofs: therefore I will laugh at your calam-

27 ity; and mock when your destruction cometh. Yes, when tumult shall suddenly come upon you; and destruction like a whirlwind shall be at hand—even when tribulation and siege approach you; or when destruction is advancing upon you.

28 For when you call upon me I will not listen to you. The wick-

29 ed may seek me, but they shall not find me. For they hated

30 wisdom and did not chuse the word of the Lord: nor would

31 they attend to my counsels, but contemned my reproofs: L,et them eat, therefore, the fruits of their own way; and be filled

32 with their own iniquity. For, because they wronged infants they shall be slain : and a rigorous inquest shall destroy the

33 wicked. But he who hearkeneth to me shall dwell with hope; and rest secure from all evil." ;

II. My son, if thou wilt receive the dictate which I enjoin

and hide it with thee, thine ear will hearken to wisdom; and

thou wilt apply thy heart to understanding, and transmit it for

3 instruction to thy son. For if thou wilt call upon wisdom:

and utter thy voice for understanding—if thou wilt seek for it

5 as silver; and search for it as for treasures; then thou shall understand the fear of the Lord; and find the knowledge oi

6 God. For the Lord giveth wisdom; and from his presence is knowledge and understanding: and he treasureth up salva-

7 tion for the upright. He will protect their going, that they may

8 keep the paths of rectitude. And he will guard the way of

9 them who reverence him. Then thou shalt understand judg-

10 ment and justice; and direct all thy wheels right. For when wisdom entereth into thine understanding: and knowledge ap-

11 peareth pleasant to thy soul: good counsel will keep thec, and

12 holy prudence will guard thee : that she may deliver thee from an evil way and from a man who speaketh perversely.

13 Alas for them who leave straight paths to walk in the ways

14 of darkness; who are delighted with evils and have joy in evil

15 perversion; whose ways are crooked, and whose paths tum

16 aside to lead thee far from the straight road and estrange thee from a just determination.

17 My son, let not evil counsel, who hath forsaken the disci

pline of youth and hath forgotten the divine covenant, take

18 hold of thee. For she hath placed her house near death; and her wheels with the earth born near the mansion of the

19 dead. None who walk by her direction can ever return; nor

20 ever recover the right paths. For they are not taken hold of by yean of life. If they indeed had walked in good ways:

21 they would have found the paths of justice smooth. Because the upright shall inhabit the land; and the holy shall be left in

J2 it; the ways of the wicked shall be destroyed from the land;

and the transgressors shall be driven out of it. HI. My son, forget not my laws; but let thy heart keep my

commandments. For they will add to thee length of days and

years of life and peace. 2 Let not acts of kindness and faithfulness forsake thee : but

4 bind them about thy neck and thou shalt find favour. Be provident in regard to things good in the sight of the Lord and

5 of men. Trust in God with thy whole heart; and be not elated

6 for thine own wisdom. Shew it in all thy ways, that it may make

7 thy paths straight. Be not wise in thine own conceit; but fear

8 God and depart from all evil: then shall thy body have health y and thy bones a cure. Honour the Lord with some of thy

righteous labours: and set apart for him some of thy fruits of

10 righteousness: that thy barns may be plenteously filled with corn; and that thy vats may overflow with wine.

11 My son, slight not the correction of the Lord; nor faint

12 when reproved by him : for whom the Lord loveth he reprov- eth : and chastiseth every son whom he receiveth.

13 Happy the man, who hath found wisdom : and the mortal

14 who hath seen prudence : for it is better to traffick for her,

15 than for treasures of gold and silver. She is more precious than costly stones : and nothing evil can be compared to her. She is easily known by all who approach her; but no price is

16 equal to her in value. For length of days and years of life are m her right hand; and in her left, riches and glory. Out of her mouth proceedeth righteousness : and on her tongue she car-

17 rieth law and mercy. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and

18 all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to all who take hold of her; and safe for them who rely on her, as on the Lord.

19 By wisdom God founded the earth; and by understanding he

20 furnished the heavens. By knowledge the deeps were broken up and the clouds distilled dew.

21 My son, be not wanting in retention: but keep my counsel,

22 namely, the sentiment: that thy soul may live and that grace may be around thy neck : and it will be health to thy flesh and

23 a cure for thy bones; that thou mayst proceed on in all thy ways in peace and security; and that thy foot may not stumble.

24 For when thou liest down, thou shalt be free from fear : and

25 when thou sleepest, thou shalt sleep sweetly; and shalt not fear the bursting in of terror; nor the sudden assaults of wicked

26 men. For the Lord will be over all thy ways, and will support thy foot that thou mayst not be shaken.

27 Delay not to do good to the needy, when it is in the power

28 of thy hand to help. Do not say, Go away and come again: tomorrow I will give; when thou hast it in thy power to do good: for thou knowest not what to-morrow will bring forth.

29 Devise not evils against thy friend; who sojourneth with thee and confideth in thee.

30 Be not at enmity with a man without cause; lest he do thee some mischief.

31 Acquire not the reproaches of bad men, nor be fond of

32 their ways. For every transgressor is impure in the sight of the Lord: and among the righteous he taketh not a seat.

33 The curse of God is in the houses of the wicked: but the

34 folds of the righteous are blessed. The Lord resisteth the proud;

35 buthe granteth favour to the humble. The wise shall inherit glory; but the wicked have extolled dishonour.

IV. Hear, O children, the instructions of a father; and attend

2 to know the meaning : for I am giving you a good gift; forsake

3 not my law: for I was a son obedient to a father; and beloved

4 in the sight of a mother : and they said when they taught me,

" Let our words sink deep in thy heart. Keep our com-

5 mandments; do not forget—overlook not the dictate of my

6 mouth: forsake it not, and it will defend thee : love it and it

8 will preserve thee : secure it and it will exalt thee : honour it

9 that it may embrace thee: that it may be to thy head a crown of graces and cover thee with a crown of pleasure."

10 Hear my son and receive my words; that, when the years of thy life shall be multiplied, thou mayst have many ways of

11 a livelihood: for I am teaching thee ways of wisdom; and

12 confirming thee in right paths. For when thou goest, thy steps will not be straitened : and when thou runnest thou shalt not

13 be tired. Take fast hold of mine instruction, let it not go: but

14 keep it for thyself during thy life. Go not in the ways of wick-

15 ed men; nor be fond of the ways of transgressors. In what place soever they encamp, go not thither: but turn away from

16 them and keep at a distance : for they cannot sleep. Unless they do evil; their sleep is taken from them and they cannot

17 lie down to rest. For they eat the bread of wickedness; and drink plentifully of die wine of violence. But the paths of the just shine like light; shining more and more until it is perfect

19 day. But the ways of' the wicked being dark; tiiey know not at what they stumble.

20 Attend, my son, to my speech, and incline thine ear to my

21 words. That thy fountains may not fail thee, keep them in thy

22 heart; for they are life to them who find them and health to all

23 flesh. Guard thy heart with all diligence; for out of these are

24 the issues of life. Put away from thee a froward mouth, and

25 put perverse lips far from thee. Let thine eyes look straight

26 forward and thine eyelids wink justly. Make straight paths

27 with thy feet and order all thy ways right. Turn not to the right, nor the left; but turn away thy foot from an evil way; for God knoweth the ways on the right, but those on the left, are crooked. But he will make thy paths straight and conduct thy steps in peace.

V. My son, attend to my wisdom, and incline thine ear to my

2 words, that thou mayst keep a good understanding. Now the

sense of my lips giveth thee this injunction—listen not to an

) abandoned woman; for honey droppeth from the lips of a har-

4 lot, which for a while pleaseth thy palate; but in the end thou wilt find it bitterer than gall, and sharper than a two edged

5 sword. For the feet of folly lead them, who indulge themselves

6 with her, down with death to the mansion of the dead. Her steps indeed are not established, for she walketh not in the

7' ways of life. Her paths are slippery and not easily known. Now

8 therefore, my son, hearken to me and slight not my words. Remove thy way far from her, go not near the doors of her house;

9 That thou mayst not give thy life to others, and thy substance 10 to the cruel: that strangers may not be filled with thy weakh,

11 and thy labours go into the houses of strangers, and thou at last be grieved. When the flesh of thy body is consumed, then

12 thou wilt say, "How have I hated instruction, and my heart

13 despised reproof! I hearkened not to the voice of him who m-

14 structed me and taught me; nor have I inclined mine ear. I have been almost in all evil, in the midst of the assembly and congregation."

15 Drink water from thine own vessels, and from the wells of

16 thine own fountain. Let not the waters from thy fountain over-

17 flowforthee; but let thy waters run in thine own streets. Let them

18 be for thyself only, and let no stranger partake with thee. Let thy fountain of water be appropriate to thyself; and rejoice with

19 the wife of thy youth. Let thy loving hind and graceful fawn converse with thee; and kt her be accounted peculiarly thine, and be with thee on all occasions. For ravished with her love

20 thou wilt become a numerous family. Be not devoted to a strange woman, nor embraced in the arms of one not thine own.

21 For the ways of a husband are before the eyes of God, and he

22 examincth narrowly all his paths. Iniquities hunt a man; but

23 every one is caught by the cords of his own sins. Such a one dieth with the uninstructed, but from his plentiful means of living he was cast out, and perished by reason of folly.

VI. My son, if thou become surety for thy friend, thou wilt

2 deliver up thy hand to an enemy. For a man's own lips are a powerful snare, and he is caught by the words-of his own mouth.

3 Do, my son, what I enjoin thee, and save thyself; for thou art come into the hands of bad men on thy friend's account. Be not remiss, but importune thy friend for whom thou art surety.

4 Give no sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids, that thou mayst be saved like a roe from a toil, and like a bird from a snare.

6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; and having seen its- waj's

7 follow the example and be wiser than it. For having no culti-

8 vated field, no driver, nor master, it provideth its food in summer, and layeth up a plentiful supply in harvest. Or go to the bee and learn what a worker she is: and how seriously she per- formeth her work, to the labours of which both kings and subjects apply themselves as far as health permits; and to all it is agreeable and honourable. And though her strength be small,

9 having honoured wisdom she is diligently employed. How long

wilt thou sleep, O sluggard, and when wilt thou rouse from

10 sleep ? Thou art sleeping a little—but resting a little—-but taking a short nap—but folding thy hands a little while on thy

11 breast! But is not poverty coming upon thee like an unwelcome traveller ? And want like a speedy courier ? Whereas if thou be diligent; thy harvest will come like a fountain, and want like a bad courier will run away.

12 A man void of understanding, and a transgressor, walketh

13 in ways which are not good. But he winketh with his eye and maketh a sign with his foot; and teacheth, by pointing his

14 fingers; his depraved heart contriveth mischief. Such a one is

15 continually raising tumults in a city. For this cause his destruction cometh suddenly—wounds and incurable bruises.

16 Because he delighteth in all those things which God hateth :

17 therefore he is destroyed for the depravity of his soul. His eye is that of a scorner; his tongue is false; his hands are employ.

18 ed in shedding innocent blood—his heart contriveth wicked

19 purposes, and his feet are swift to do evil: as a false witness he spreadeth lies, and smveth discord among brethren.

20 My son, keep the laws of thy father, and reject not the max-

21 ims of thy mother. Bind them continually on thy mind : and

22 tie them as a chain around thy neck. When thou walkest, take tliis along and let it be with thee: and when diou sleepest, let it guard thee ; that when thou awakest, it may talk with thee.

23 For the command of a law is a lamp and light; and reproof and

24 instruction is the way of life, to keep thee from a married wo-

25 man, and from the flattering tongue of a strange woman. Let not a lust for beauty overcome thee: be not captivated by thine

26 eyes, nor ensnared by her eyelids. For the price of a harlot is scarce that of a single loaf; but an adulteress hunteth for the

27 precious lives of men. Can any one put fire in his bosom and

28 not burn his clothes? Or can one walk on coals of fire and not

29 burn his feet? So he who goeth in, to a married woman, cannot escape punishment—no, nor any one who toucheth her.

30 It exciteth no wonder, if one be caught stealing ; for a hungry

31 man stealeth to satisfy his soul; but if he be caught, he is to pay seven fold ; and by giving all that he hath, he will deliver

32 himself. But he, who through want of understanding, commit-

33 teth adultery, provideth destruction for his soul. He suffereth pangs and dishonour; and his reproach can never be wiped

34 away. For the rage of her husband being full of jealousy, wiH

35 not spare in the day of vengeance; nor will he abate his enmity for any ransom; nor be appeased by many gifts.

VII. My son keep my words and lay up my commandments with thee.

2 My son, honor the Lord and thou shall be strong; but besides him, fear no other. Keep my commandments, that thou

3 mayst live; and my words as the apple of thine eye. Bind them about thy fingers, and write them on the table of thy heart..

4 Implore Wisdom to be thy sister, and make Understanding

5 thine acquaintance: that she may keep thee from a strange and Vficked woman, in case she, with alluring words should attack

6 thee. For through a lattice she looketh out of her house into

7 the streets ; and if among the simple youths she chanceth to

8 see a young man, void of understanding, walking near a corner

9 in the passages to her house, and talking in the twilight, when

10 the evening is still andduskish: —then this woman, who inak eth the hearts of young men flutter, meeteth him, in the attire

11 of a harlot. Indeed she is ever on the wing and insatiable, and

12 her feet abide not at home. For sometimes she roveth abroad : and sometimes lieth in wait in the streets, at every corner.

13 Ha! she hath caught him and kissed him, and with an unblushing countenance, said to him :

14 " I have a peace offering; to-day I am paying my vows :

15 for this reason I came out to meet thee : earnestly longing to

16 see thee. I have found thee. With cords I have stretched my

17 bed, and decked it with tapestry from Egypt. I have perfum-

18 ed my bed with saffron, and my house with cinnamon : come, and let us take our fill of love till the morning:—come and let

19 us solace ourselves with love. For my husband is not at home,

20 he is gone a long journey ; he took in his hand a roll of silver, and will return to his house after many days."

21 So with much fawning discourse she led him astray ; and

22 with the flattery of her lips inveigled him. And he is gone after her, attracted by her; as an ox is led to slaughter, or as a dog to be chained : or like a deer pierced through the liver

23 with a dart. And he hasteth like a bird to a snare ; not knowing that he is running the risk of his life.

24 Now therefore my son hearken to me ; and attend to the

25 words of my mouth. Let not thy heart turn aside to her ways:

26 for she hath wounded and brought down many; and innumera- 28 ble are they whom she hath slain. Her house is the highway VIII. to Hades, leading down to the chambers of death. As for

thee thou art to proclaim wisdom; that understanding may

2 attend thee. For she is on the lofty summits; and hath taken

3 her stand in the middle of highways. For at the gates of the mighty she hath taken a seat, and at the entrance thereof chant- eth her song.

4 "To you, O men, I call, and utter my voice to the sons

5 of men. Ye who are innocent learn discretion : and ye who

6 are uninstructed give attention. Hearken to me, for I will speak solemn things; and with my lips disclose things which are

7 right. For my mouth shall speak truth ; lying lips are indeed

8 abominable in my sight. All the words of my mouth are with righteousness ; they have nothing crooked—nothing deceitful

9 in them. They are all plain to men of understanding: and

10 right to them who find knowledge. Receive instruction in preference to silver, and knowledge rather than fine gold.—

11 For wisdom is better than precious stones: and no costly

12 thing is equal to it in value. I wisdom have inhabited counsel and knowledge ; and I have made an appeal to understand-

13 ing. The fear of the Lord hateth injustice and insolence and haughtiness and the ways of the wicked : and I have hated the

14 crooked ways of bad men. To me belong counsel and safety.

15 Prudence is mine—mine is fortitude. By me kings reign and

16 princes decree justice. By me potentates are exalted ; and by

17 me sovereigns rule the earth. Them who love me, I love :

18 and they who seek me shall find me. With me are riches and

19 glory ; even great possessions and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold and precious stones -. and my productions

20 are better than choice silver. I walk in the ways of righteous-

21 ness; and am conversant in the paths of judgment: that I may distribute wealth to them who love me; and fill their treasuries with good things.

Vol. in. B

Having told you things which happen daily ; I will non- 22 remember to reckon up things of old. The Lord created me,

23 the beginning of his ways for his works. Before this age he

24 founded me; in the beginning; before he made the earth and before he made the deeps : before the fountains of water issued

25 forth—before the mountains were established; and before all

26 the hills, he bringeth me forth. The Lord made fields and iimn -

27 habited wilds; and the habitable heights of the earth. When he furnished the heaven, I was with him; and when he set apart his

28 own throne on the winds: and when he strengthened the clouds

29 above: and when he secured the fountains of the earth below—

30 And when he made the foundations of the earth strong: I was harmonizing with him. I was the one in whom he delighted;

31 and 1 was daily gladdened by his presence on all occasions— when he finished the world and was pleased therewith; and when

32 he was pleased with the sons of men. Now therefore, my son hearken to me : happy is the man who will hearken to me :

34 and the man who will keep my ways; watching daily at my

35 gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For my ways are the 37 ways of life; and volition is obtained from the Lord. But they

who sin against me act wickedly against their own souls; and they who hate me love death." IX. Wisdom hath built herself a house, and fixed underneath

2 h seven pillars. She hath slain her victims. She hath mixed

3 her wine for the cup and furnished her table. She hath sent out her servants, and with a loud proclamation hath given an invitation to her entertainment, saying,

4 " Whosoever is simple, let him come to me." And to mem

5 who want understanding slie saith, " Come, eat of my bread G and drink the wine which I have mixed for you. Forsake folly,

that you may reign forever: and seek prudence and build up

7 understanding with1 knowledge." He who instructeth the wicked shall receive for himself dishonour; and he who rcproveth

8 the ungodly will blemish himself. Rebuke not the wicked, lest they hate thee; rebuke a wise man and he will love thee.

9 Give a wise man a hint and he will be wiser—an intimation to

10 a righteous man and he will proceed to take it. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and knowledge is the coun-

11 sel of the holy. For to know the law is a charactcristick of a good understanding; for by this means thou shall live long, and years of life will be added to thee.

2 My son, if thou art wise for thyself, thou wilt be wise also for thy neighbours. But if thou become wicked, thou alone shalt draw up evils. He who leaneth upon lies, feedeth on the wind, and he shall pursue flying birds; for he hath left the walks of hjs> own vineyard, and wandered out of the paths of his own field, and traverseth a desert without water, and a land destined

3 to thirst; and widi his hands gathereth sterility. A woman who is foolish and bold needeth a curb; she hadi no sense of shsune.

4 She sat at the doors of her house—-on a seat open to view in

5 the streets; calling to passengers who were going right on their

6 ways, " Let him who is the simplest of you turn aside to me ;

7 and them who want prudence I exhort saying, Taste sweetly

8 bread in secret and water sweeter for being stolen. He indeed did not know that with her the earth born perish—that he is lighting upon the perch of death. But fly thpu away speedily; tarry not in that place, nor fix thine eyes upon her; for in this manner thou shouklst pass by strange water. Abstain from strange water, and drink not of a strange fountain; that thou mayst live Iqng, and that years of life may be added to thee.

L A wise son maketh a father glad; but a foolish son is a grief to the mother.

2 Treasures cannot profit the wicked; but righteousness will deliver frorn death.

3 The Lord will not kill with hunger a righteous soul; but he will overthrow the life of the wicked.

4 Want humbleth a man; but the hands of the diligent enrich.

A well instructed son will be wise, and shall have the simple for a servant.

J5 A prudent son is safe from heat; but a transgressing son i$ blasted in harvest

6 The blessing of the Lord is on the head of the righteous; but untimely grief shall stop the mouth of the wicked.

J7 The just are remembered with praises; but the name of the wicked is extinguished.

8 The wise in heart will receive commandments; but a prevaricating babbler shall be subverted.

9 He who walketh uprightly walketh securely; but he who perverteth his ways shall be known.

10 He who winketh deceitfully with his eyes, collecteth sorrows for men; but he who reproveth freely maketh peace.

11 There is a fountain of life in the hand of the righteous; but destruction will stop the mouth of the wicked.

12 Hatred stirreth up contention; but friendship covereth all them who are not contentious.

13 He who from his lips uttereth wisdom, smitcth an impru- dent man with a rod.

14 Wise men will lay up knowledge; but the mouth of the rash is near destruction.

15 The wealth of the rich is a strong city; but penury is the destruction of the wicked.

16 The works of the righteous produce life; but the hands of the wicked produce sins.

17 Instruction keepeth the just ways of life; but unexamined instruction leadeth astray.

18 Honest lips hide hatred; but they who utter reproaches are the greatest fools.

19 In speaking much thou canst not avoid sin; but if thou art sparing of thy lips, thou wilt be wise.

20 The tongue of the righteous is tried silver; but the heart of the wicked will not stand the test.

21 The lips of the righteous are skilled in things lofty; but those devoid of understanding die of want.

22 The blessing of the Lord is on the head of the righteous; it maketh rich, and to it no sorrow of heart shall be joined.

23 A fool doth mischief in sport; but for man wisdom bring, eth forth prudence.

24 A wicked man is whirled about by destruction; but the desire of the righteous is acceptable.

25 In a passing tempest a wicked man vanisheth; but the righteous turn aside and are safe forever.

26 As vinegar is hurtful to the teeth; and smoke to the eyes; so is transgression to them who commit it.

27 The fear of the Lord prolongeth days; but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.

28 Joy maketh a long abode with the righteous; but the hope of the wicked shall perish.

29 The fear of the Lord is the holy man's bulwark; but destruction is for the workers of iniquity.

30 The righteous shall never transfer; but the wicked shall not inhabit the land.

31 The mouth of the righteous distilleth wisdom; but the tongue of the wicked shall be destroyed.

32 The lips of righteous men distil graces; but the mouth of the wicked is perverse.

XI. A deceitful balance is an abomination to the Lord : but a just Aveight is his delight.

2 Where pride entereth, there dishonour [enterethj also. But the mouth of the lowly speaketh wisdom.

3 A righteous man dying left sorrow behind him: but the destruction of the wicked cometh suddenly and giveth joy.

5 Righteousness maketh spotless ways straight: but wickedness falleth by iniquity.

6 The righteousness of upright men delivereth them : but transgressors are caught by their destruction.

7 When a righteous man dieth, hope is not lost: but the boast of the wicked perisheth.

8 A righteous man escapeth a snare : and in his stead the wicked is delivered up.

9 In the mouth of the wicked is a snare for citizens : but the knowledge of the righteous conduceth to prosperity.

11 By the good acts of the just a city flourished : but by the mouth of the wicked it was overthrown.

12 A man void of wisdom derideth fellow citizens: but a prudent man enjoyeth quiet.

13 A double tongued man revealeth cabinet counsels: but one of a faithful spirit concealeth matters.

14 They, who have no government, fall like leaves: but in much counsel there is safety.

15 A wicked man doth hurt, when he associateth with the just: but he hateth the sound of safety.

16 A virtuous woman raiseth honour for her husband : but a woman who hateth righteousness is a throne of disgrace.

The slothful though rich, become indigent: but the diligent are supported with wealth.


17 A merciful man doth good to his own soul: but the merciless destroyeth his own body.

18 A wicked man doth works of injustice: but the seed of the righteous is a reward of truth.

19 A righteous son is born to live; but the pursuit of the wicked tendeth to death.

20 Crooked ways are an abomination to the Lord : but all who are blameless in their ways are his delight.

21 He who wickedly joineth hand to hand shall not go unpunished : but he who soweth righteousness shall receive a just reward, .

22 As a jewel in the snout of a swine; so is beauty in a woman void of discretion.

23 The desire of the righteous is altogether good; but the hope of the wicked shall perish.

24 There are some who scattering their substance make it more : and some who gather and make it less.

25 A soul is blessed which is altogether sincere: but a passionate man is not respected.

26 May he who withholdeth com leave it to the nations ! But blessing be on the head of him who distributed!

27 The contriver of good things seekcth favour: but him, who seeketh mischief, mischief shall overtake.

28 He who trusteth in riches shall fall; but he who helpeth the righteous shall nourish.

29 He who hath no cover for his own house sliall inherit the wind: and a fool shall be a servant to the prudent.

30 From the fruit of righteousness springeth up the tree of life : but the lives of transgressors are prematurely destroyed.

31 If the righteous man scarcely escapeth : where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

XII. He who loveth instruction loveth knowledge : but he who hateth reproofs is a fool.

2 He who hath found favour with the Lord groweth better; but the transgressor shall be put to silence.

3 A man cannot prosper by wickedness : but the roots of the righteous shall not be moved.

4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but a mis- chievous woman, like a worm in wood, ruineth her husband.

5 The thoughts of the righteous are judgments: but the wicked manage deceits.

6 The words of the wicked art deceitful: but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.

7 When the wicked is overthrown, he vanisheth: but the houses of the righteous shall remain.

8 The mouth of the wise is praised by man : but the stupid hearted is despised.

9 Better is the man, who unhonoured serveth himself: than he who honoureth himself and wanteth bread.

10 A righteous man regardeth the lives of his beasts: but the mercies of the wicked are cruel. . .

11 He who tilleth his own ground shall be satisfied whh bread: but they who pursue vanities are void of understanding. ;

He who taketh pleasure in taverns shall leave disgrace in his own fortresses.

12 The desires of the wicked are evil: but the roots of the righteous are in secure places.

13 By the transgression of his lips a sinner fallcth into snares : but out of them a righteous man maketh his escape.

He whose looks arc mild will gain compassion : but he who contendeth in the gates will afflict souls.

14 From the fruits of his mouth the soul of man shall be satisfied with good things; and the recompence of his lips shall be given him.

15 The ways of fools are right in their own eyes: but a wise man hearkeneth to advice.

16 A fool presently sheweth his wrath: but a prudent man concealeth his dishonour.

17 A righteous man declareth the truth as it appeareth to him: but a false witness is deceitful.

18 They who wound with their speeches are swords: but the tongues of the wise are healing.

19 True lips establish testimony : but a hasty witness hath an unrighteous tongue.

20 Deceit is in the heart of him, who contriveth evils : but the counsellors of peace shall have joy.

21 Nothing unjust can please a righteous man : but the wicked can fill themselves with mischief.

22 Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord : but he who dealeth faithfully is acceptable to him.

23 A prudent man is a throne of knowledge : but the heart of fools will encounter curses.

24 The hand of the valiant can easily conquer: but the deceitful shall be for a prey.

25 Awful news trouble the heart of a righteous man : but good news make him glad.

26 A righteous judge will be a friend to himself: but evils shall pursue sinners: and the way of the wicked shall deceive them.

27 A deceitful man shall not enjoy what he hath caught; but as for a pure man, his acquisition is precious.

28 In the ways of righteousness there is life; but the ways of the revengeful lead to death.

XIII. A wise son is obedient to his father; but a disobedient son is in the way to destruction.

2 A good man eateth of the fruits of righteousness : but the souls of transgressors shall perish untimely.

3 He who guardeth his mouth preserveth his life; but he who is rash with his mouth, shall bring on himself terror.

4 Every sluggard is employed in wishing: but the hands of the diligent, in procuring.

5 A righteous man hateth a false word; but the wicked is shamed and shall not have confidence. .

7 Some pretend to be rich, having nothing; and some feign themselves poor, in great wealth.

8 The ransom of a man's life is his wealth ; but a poor man is not subject to threats.

9 The righteous have light continually ; but the light of the wicked is extinguished.

Deceitful souls are led astray by sins; but the righteous exercise pity and compassion.

10 A wicked man doth mischief with haughtiness ; but wise men are their own judges.

11 Wealth acquired by injustice, diminisheth; but he who gathereth for himself with piety, shall be satisfied. A righteous man shcweth mercy and lendeth.

12 Better is he who heartily beginneth to help, than he who

promiseth and giveth expectation; for good desire is a tree of life.

13 He who despiseth business shall be despised by it; but he who feareth a commandment is safe.

To a deceitful son nothing can be good: but the actions of a wise servant are prosperous, and his way will be prospered.

14 The law of the wise is a fountain of life; but the fool shall die by a snare.

15 A good understanding giveth favour ; and to know the law is a proof of good understanding; but the ways of impostors end in destruction.

16 Every prudent man acteth with knowledge; but the fool hath laid open his wickedness.

17 A daring king will involve himself in evils; but a wise ambassador will deliver him.

18 Instruction removeth poverty and disgrace; and he who re- gardeth reproofs shall be honoured.

19 The desires of the pious sweeten life : but the works of the wicked are far from knowledge.

20 By walking with the wise thou wilt be wise; but he who walketh with fools will be known.

21 Evils shall pursue sinners, but good will overtake the righteous.

22 A good man shall leave an inheritance to his children; but the wealth of the wicked is treasured up for the righteous.

23 The righteous shall spend many years in wealth; but the unrighteous shall perish in a short time.

24 He who spareth the rod hateth his son; but he who lovcth him correcteth diligently.

25 A righteous man eateth and satisfieth his soul; but the souls of the wicked are insatiate.

XIV. Wise women have built houses; but the foolish hath pulled them down with her hands.

2 He who walketh uprightly, feareth the Lord ; but he who is perverse in his ways, shall be dishonoured.

3 From the mouth of fools there is a rod of pride; but the lips of the wise preserve them.

4 Where there are no cattle the stalls are clean; but where there is much provender, the ox's strength is manifest.


5 A faithful witness doth not lie; but a false witness kindleth lies.

6 Thou mayst seek wisdom among the wicked, but shalt not find it; but knowledge is easily found among the prudent.

7 All things are contrary to a foolish man : but wise lips are the arms of knowledge.

8 The wisdom of the prudent will give them a knowledge of their ways; but the folly of fools is in error.

9 The houses of transgressors need purifying; but the houses of the righteous are acceptable.

10 The heart of a man who hath sensibility—the soul of him who hath a feeling for pain, when he is made glad, mingleth not with pride.

11 The houses of the wicked shall vanish; but the tents of the upright shall stand.

12 There is a way which seemeth right to man; but the end of it is at the bottom of Hades.

13 Grief mixeth not with pleasures; but extreme joy tendeth to sorrow.

14 A bold hearted man will be satisfied with his own ways; but a good man, with his intentions.

15 A man without guile, believeth every thing: but a prudent man cometh for a change of mind.

16 A wise man, when terrified, declineth from evil: but the fool, confident in himself, mixeth with transgressors.

17 A passionate man acteth without counsel; but a prudent man beareth many things.

18 Fools partake of wickedness; but the prudent will lay hold of knowledge.

19 Let the bad fall before the good; and the wicked attend at the gates of the righteous!

20 Friends will hate poor friends ; but the friends of the rich are many.

21 He who despiseth the poor, sinncth : but he who compas- sionateth the poor is blessed.

22 They who are led astray devise mischief; but the good devise mercy and truth.

The contrivers of mischief know neither mercy nor truth; but acts of kindness and truth are with them, who contrive good.

23 With all who are careful there is abundance ; but he who is delicate and taketh no trouble shall be in want.

24 A prudent man is a crown to the wise; but the conversation of fools is evil.

25 A true witness will deliver a soul from evils; but a deceitful witness kindleth lies.

26 In the fear of the Lord a man hath hope of strength; and to his children he leaveth a support.

27 The commandment of the Lord is a fountain of life; and it causeth to decline from the snare of death.

28 In the multitude of a nation is the glory of a king ; but in the failure of a people is the destruction of a prince.

29 A man slow to wrath, is of great understanding; but a passionate man is egregiously foolish.

SO ' A meek minded man is a physician of the heart; but a

heart of sensibility is a corroder of the bones. o 1 He who oppresseth the poor, provoketh his maker; but he

who honoureth him, compassionated! the distressed.

A wicked man shall be driven away by his wickedness ;

but in his sanctity the righteous is secure.

33 In the good heart of a man there is wisdom; but in the heart of fools it is not discernable.

34 Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sins diminish tribes.

35 A wise minister is acceptable to a king: but by his own good conduct he removeth disgrace.

Wrath destroyeth even the prudent; now a soft answer turneth away wrath; but a harsh word stirred! up anger. 2 The tongue of the wise knoweth good things; but the mouth

of fools poureth out evils.

j The eyes of the Lord are in every place, they behold both the evil and the good.

A healing tongue is a tree of life; and he who keepeth it shall be filled widi the spirit.

5 A fool despiseth the instruction of a father: but he who keepeth commands is more prudent.

Where righteousness aboundeth there is much power: but the wicked being utterly rooted out of the land, shall perish.

6 In the houses of the righteous there is much power; but the fruits of the wicked shall perish.

7 The lips of the wise are devoted to knowledge; but the

hearts of fools are not safe. 6 The sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to the

Lord; but the prayers of the upright are acceptable to him. 9 The ways of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord ;

but he loveth them who follow righteousness.

10 The correction of the innocent is remarked by them who pass by; but they who hate reproofs die dishonourably.

11 The mansion of the dead, and destruction, are open to the view of the Lord; how much more then the hearts of men!

12 An uninstructed man will not love them who reprove him, nor will he associate with the wise.

13 When the heart is glad the countenance is cheerful; but when in sorrow, it is sad.

14 An upright heart seeketh knowledge ; but the mouth of the uninstructed will taste evils.

15 The eyes of the wicked are continually looking for evils; but the good are continually at rest.

16 Better is a small portion with the fear of the Lord, than great treasures without that fear.

17 Better is a dinner on herbs, with friendship and favour, than a feast on young bulls, with enmity.

18 A wrathful man prepareth battles; but he who is slow to anger appeaseth the rising quarrel.

A man slow to anger will extinguish law suits; but the wicked rather promote them.

19 The ways of the slothful are strewed with thorns; but those of the diligent are well beaten.

20 A wise son maketh a glad father; but a foolish son mock- eth his mother.

21 The paths of the foolish are destitute of understanding; but a prudent man walketh uprightly.

22 They who do not honour councils, substitute thoughts: but

23 by the understanding of counsellors, counsel will endure. A wicked man will not hearken to it, nor can he say any thing in season, or for the publick good.

24 The determinations of the wise are ways of life, that he may turn from the mansion of the dead and be saved.

25 The Lord destroyeth the houses of the haughty : but the border of the widow he hath established.

26 An evil thought is an abomination to the Lord: but the speeches of the chaste are grave.

27 He who receiveth bribes destroyeth himself: but he who hateth the receiving of bribes is safe.

By acts of kindness and faithfulness sins are purged away: and by the fear of the Lord every one will decline from evil.

28 The hearts of the righteous study faithfulness: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.

The ways of the righteous are acceptable to the Lord: and by them enemies are made friends.

29 God is far removed from the wicked: but he hearkeneth to the prayers of the righteous.

Better is a small portion with righteousness; than much produce with injustice.

Let the heart of man devise righteous things, that his steps may be directed by God.

30 The eye which beholdeth good things rejoiceth the heart:

31 And a good reputation maketh the bones fat.

32 He who rejecteth instruction hateth himself: but he who regardeth reproofs loveth his soul.

33 The fear of the Lord is instruction and wisdom: and the beginning of glory will be answerable thereto.

XVI. All the works of the humble are manifest in the sight of God; but the wicked shall perish in an evil day.

4 Ever' lofty minded man is impure in the sight of God : and he who hath joined hand to hand unjustly shall not go unpunished.

The beginning of a good way is to do things just and acceptable in the sight of God, rather than to offer sacrifices.

He who seeketh the Lord shall find knowledge with righteousness. And they who seek him early shall find peace.

5 All the works of the Lord are with righteousness: but the wicked is kept for an evil day.

10 Divine sentence is in the mouth of a king: therefore his mouth should not err in judgment.

11 Justice is that which turneth the scales with the Lord. And his works are of just weight.

12 An evil doer is an abomination to a king: for the throne of government is established by righteousness.

13 Righteous lips are acceptable to a king; and he loveth right words.

14 The wrath of a king is a messenger of death: but a wise man can pacify it.

15 The son of a king is in the light of life: and they who are acceptable to him are as an evening cloud.

16 The productions of wisdom are better tlian gold: and the productions of prudence are better than silver.

17 The paths of life turn aside from evils: and the ways of righteousness are length of life.

He who receiveth instruction shall enjoy good: and he who regardeth reproofs shall be wise.

He who watcheth his own ways preserveth his soul: and he who loveth his life will be sparing of his mouth.

18 Pride goeth before destruction : and a haughty spirit before a fall.

19 A man of a gentle spirit with humility is better than he who divideth spoils with scorners.

20 A man intelligent in business is an inventer of good tilings: but most happy is he whose trust is in God.

21 The wise and prudent are called crafty; and they who arc sweet in discourse will be more listened to.

22 Understanding is a fountain of life to them who possess it: but the instruction of fools is evil.

23 The heart of a wise man will consider the words of his mouth : and on his lips he will carry knowledge.

24 Good words are a honey comb : and the sweetness thereof is health to the soul.

25 There are ways which seem right to a man : but the latter ends of them look to the bottom of Hades.

26 A man by labour laboureth for himself; and wardeth off his own destruction.

27 He who is utterly perverse carrieth destruction in his mouth. A man void of understanding diggeth up evils for himself; and treasureth up fire with his lips.

28 A froward man sprcadeth mischief. He will light up a lamp of deceit for evils; and lie separateth them who were friends. 29 The man who is a transgressor enticeth friends; and lead-

30 eth them in ways which are not good. But he who fixeth his eyes and deviseth froward things ; and with his mouth en- forceth all his evil purposes; is a very furnace of wickedness.

31 Old age is a crown of glory, when found in the ways of righteousness.

32 A man who is slow to wrath is better than the mighty; and he who subdueth anger is better than he who taketh a city.

33 All tilings come upon the wicked into their bosoms : but from the Lord all things which are just.

XVII. Better is a morsel with pleasure in peace; than a house full of goods and ill gotten dainties, with contention.

2 A wise servant will rule over foolish masters; and divide portions among brothers.

3 As silver and gold are tried in a furnace; so are chosen hearts, by the Lord.

4 A wicked man hearkeneth to the tongue of transgressors: but a righteous man payeth no attention to lying lips.

5 He who deridcth a man in distress provoketh his maker; and he who rejoiceth at another's ruin sluill not go unpunished : but he who sheweth compassion shall find mercy.

6 Children's children are the crown of old men : and the boast of children, is their fathers.

Every ornament of wealth belongeth to the faithful; but to the unfaithful, not a farthing.

7 Faithful lips will not harmonize with a fool; nor lying lips with a righteous man.

8 Instruction is a precious reward to them who use it: and whithersoever it turneth it will prosper.

9 He who hideth transgressions seeketh friendship: but he who hateth to conceal, setteth friends and relations at variance.

10 A threat affecteth the heart of the prudent: but a fool, though scourged, is not made sensible.

11 Every wicked man stirreth up contention : but the Lord will send him a cruel messenger.

12 Trouble may befal a prudent man : but the foolish will devise mischief.

13 Whosoever retunicth evil for good ; from his house evils shall not depart.

14 A righteous government giveth force to words: but sedition and quarrelling are the forerunners of want.

15 He who acquitteth the wicked and condemneth the just, L> unclean and abominable in the sight of God.

16 Why should a fool have wealth ? For the stupid cannot purchase wisdom.

He who buildeth his house high seeketh destruction : and he who is backward to learn shall fall into evils.

17 For every occasion have a friend; but in distress let brothers be assistant: for they are born for this purpose.

18 A man void of understanding clappeth his hands and ap- plaudeth himself on becoming surety for his friends.

19 He who is fond of sinning delighteth in quarrels : but he

20 who is stubborn doth not meet with good.

A man of a changeable tongue will fall into evils: but the heart of a fool is sorrow to him who hath it.

21 A father hath no joy in an unteachable son : but a prudent son is the joy of his mother.

22 A cheerful heart promoteth health; but the bones of a heart-wounded man are dried up.

23 When one unrighteously receiveth gifts in his bosom ; his ways will not be straight. But a wicked man perverteth the ways of justice.

24 The countenance of a wise man is intelligent; but the fool's eyes arc on the ends of the earth.

25 A foolish son is a vexation to a father; and sorrow to her who bore him.

26 To fine a righteous man is not good : nor is it consistent with piety to plot against righteous rulers.

27 He who forbeareth to utter a harsh word is prudent: and he who is slow to anger is a man of understanding.

28 Wisdom will be imputed to a fool, who inquireth after wisdom : and he who imposcth silence on himself will be esteemed wise.

XVIII. He who desireth to part with friends seeketh excuses ; but he will always be liable to reproach.— 2 He who is void of understanding hath no use for wisdom; for he is rather led by folly.

3 When a wicked man cometh to a depth of evils he sheweth contempt; but ignominy and reproach come upon him.

4 A speech in a man's heart is deep water; but a stream is- sueth forth and a flowing spring.

5 To respect the person of a wicked man is not good; nor is it consistent with piety to pervert justice in judgment.

6 The lips of a fool lead him into trouble; and his mouth when bold provoketh death.

7 The mouth of a fool is his destruction, and his lips are a

8 snare for his soul.

Fear depresseth the slothful; and the souls of the effeminate shall suffer want.

9 He who doth not use his endeavours to cure himself is brother to him who destroyeth himself.

10 The name of the Lord is of majestic power; and the righteous having recourse to it shall be exalted.

11 A rich man's wealth is a strong city, and the glory of it casteth a great shadow.

12 Before destruction a man's heart is haughty, and before honour it is humble.

15 He who answereth a matter before he heareth it, exposeth his folly and incurreth contempt.

14 A wise servant appeaseth a man's anger; but a mean spirited man who can bear ?

15 The heart of a prudent man getteth knowledge; and the ears of the wise seek understanding.

16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and procureth him a seat among the mighty.

17 A just man is his own accuser in his first speech; but when he is accused his adversary is refuted.

18 The silent lot putteth an end to contention, and determined! among the mighty.

19 A brother assisted by a brother is like a fortified and lofty city, and is strong as a well founded palace.

90 With the fruits of his mouth a man filleth his belly, and

with the fruits of his lips he shall be satisfied. fti Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they who

have the command of it shall eat the fruits thereof.


22 He who hath found a good wife hath found favour, and

hath received joy from God.

He who putteth away a good wife, putteth away good things;

but he who retaineth an adulteress is foolish and wicked. XIX. The folly of a man maketh his ways destructive; but in

his heart he blameth God.

4 . Wealth maketh many friends; but a poor man is forsaken by the only friend he hath.

5 A false witness shall not go unpunished; and he whoaccus- eth unjustly shall not escape.

6 Many court the favour of kings; but every one who is wicked is a disgrace to a man in power.

7 Every one who hateth a brother in distress shall be far from friendship.

A good understanding will approach them who know it, and a prudent man will find it.

He who doth much evil perfecteth wickedness; and he who useth irritating words shall not be safe.

8 He who procureth wisdom loveth himself; and he who keepeth it shall find good things. ..

9 Let not a false witness go unpunished; and let him who kindleth mischief perish by it.

10 It is not seemly for a fool to enjoy delicacies; nor for a servant to begin to domineer with haughtiness.

11 A merciful man is slow to wrath; and his boast is over transgressors.

12 The threat of a king is like the roaring of a lion; but his favour is like dew on the grass.

13 A foolish son is a shame to a father.
Vows for the hire of a harlot are not pure.

14 Fathers bequeath houses and wealth to children; but the Lord accommodateth a wife to a husband.

15 . Fear restraineth the effeminate; but the soul of the slothful shall suffer want.

.16 He who keepeth a command preserveth his soul; but he who despiseth his own ways shall perish.

.17, He who is kind to the poor lendeth to God; and according to his .gift he will repay him.

18 Chasten thy son, for thus he will be hopeful; but be not in thy soul transported to haughtiness.

19 Let a malicious man be fined high; but if he take away life, let him forfeit his own.

20 Hear my son, the instruction of thy father that thou mayst be wise in thy latter days.

21 There are many thoughts in a man's heart: but the counsel of the Lord shall endure forever.

22 Beneficence is a crop for a man : and a poor just man is better than a rich liar.

23 The fear of the Lord conduceth to a man's life : but he who is fearless will lodge in places where knowledge doth not watch.

24 He who hidcth his hands in his bosom unjustly; should not bring them out for his mouth.

25 When a criminal is scourged, a simpleton becomcth more wary : but if thou rebukest a wise man, he will call to mind knowledge.

26 He who bringeth dishonour on a father and causeth his mother to flee; shall be exposed to shame and shall be reproached.

27 A son who ceaseth to keep the instruction of a father; will meditate on evil sayings.

28 He who is surety for a foolish son, shall rail at the statute; but the mouth of the wicked shall swallow decisions.

29 Rods are prepared for the profligate : and punishments in like manner for fools.

XX. Wine is intemperate, and drunkenness scornful. And with these every fool is entangled.

2 The threat of a king is like the rage of a lion ; and he who provoketh him sinneth against his own life.

3 It is an honour to a man to abstain from railing : but with such things every fool is entangled.

4 Though a sluggard is reproached he is not ashamed : and the same is the case with him who borroweth corn in harvest.

5 Counsel in the heart of a man is deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it up.

6 A man is a great thing : and a merciful man a precious . thing: but it is hard to find a faithful man.

7 He who conducteth himself spotlrss in justice shall leave behind him his children happy.

8 When a righteous king sitteth on a throne, nothing that is evil can stand his eyes.

9 Who can boast that he hath a clean heart"? Or who can say with confidence that he is pure from sin?

20 Whosoever curseth father or mother; let his lamp be extinguished and his eye balls involved in darkness.

21 A portion got at first with too much haste will not at the last be blessed.

22 Do not say, I will take vengeance on an enemy; but wait for the Lord that he may help thee.

10 Diverse weights and diverse measures are impure in the sight of the Lord. Yes, both they and he who useth them.

11 A youth when in company with the godly, will be restrained in his devices and his way will be straight.

12 The ear heareth and the eye seeth; and both are the work of the Lord.

13 Love not contradiction that thou mayst not be destroyed : open thine eyes and be filled with bread.

24 A diverse weight is an abomination to the Lord: and a deceitful balance is not good in his sight.

The steps for a man are plainly set forth by the Lord: how then should a mortal consider his ways !

25 The hasty dedication of his property is a snare to a man : for after the vow a change of mind happeneth.

26 A wise king is a winnower of the wicked; and he will bring a wheel over them.

27 The spirit of man is a light of the Lord, who searcheth the inward recesses of the body.

28 Beneficence and truth are a guard to a king: and they will encompass his throne with justice.

29 Wisdom is an ornament to young men: and grey hairs are the glory of the old.

30 ' Blood shot eyes and bruises light upon bad men: and there are wounds for the inner recesses of the body.

XXI. The heart of a king is in the hand of God; like a canal

of water, he turneth it whithersoever he pleaseth. 2 Every man appeareth righteous in his own eyes: but the Lord directeth hearts.

3 To do justice and to adhere to truth are more acceptable to God than the blood of victims.

4 A high minded man is contentious and stubborn: but sin is the lamp of the wicked.

6 He who getteth treasures by a lyingtongue, pursueth vanity to the snares of death.

7 Destruction shall lodge with the wicked; because they refuse to dojustice.

8 To the perverse God sendeth crooked ways: for his works are pure and right. <

9 It is better to dwell in a corner in the open air; than in apartments plaisteredwith injustice; and in a house which is not clean.

40 The soul of the wicked will not be pitied by any man.

11 When a profligate is punished the innocent become more cautious; and the intelligent wise man will gain knowledge.

12 H A just man discerneth the hearts of the wicked; and des- piseth the wicked for their wickedness.

13 He who stoppeth his ears that he may not hear the distressed shall himself cry, and there shall be none to answer.

14 A gift given secretly pacifieth resentments; but he who is sparing of gifts exciteth strong wrath.

15 It is the joy of the righteous to execute judgment: but in the view of the wicked a holy man is unclean.

16 A man who wandereth from the path of justice, shall go to rest among the congregation of giants.

17 A needy man lovcth pleasure. He wisheth to have wine and oil for his riches : and a transgressor wisheth to be acquitted as a righteous man.

19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a quarrelsome, clamorous and passionate wife.

20 A desirable treasure will rest in the mouth of the wise: but men who are foolish will swallow it.

21 The way of justice and mercy will lead to life and glory.

22 A wise man hath scaled strong cities and demolished fortifications in which the wicked trusted.

23 He who guardeth his mouth and tongue keepeth his soul from trouble.

24 He who is bold, selfwilled and boastful is called loiinos [a. pest;] and he who harboureth mischief is called a transgressor.

25 Wishing killcth the slothful; for his hands do not chuse to labour.

26 All the day long a wicked man indulgeth wicked desires; but the righteous unsparingly exerciseth pity and compassion.

27 The sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord; because they offer them unrighteously.

28 A false witness shall perish; but a man who is a witness will speak guardedly.

29 A wicked man impudently hardeneth his face : butthe upright will himself consider his ways.

30 There is no wisdom, there is no fortitude, no counsel in the wicked.

31 A horse is provided for the day of battle: but help cometh from the Lord.

XXII. A good name is to be chosen in preference to great

wealth; and good favour, in preference to gold and silver.

2 The rich and poor have met each other; and the Lord hath made them both.

3 A prudent man seeing die wicked severely punished in- structeth himself: but the foolish passed heedlessly by and were punished.

4 The offspring of wisdom are the fear of the Lord and riches and glory and life.

5 Thorns and snares are in crooked paths: but he who watcheth his soul shall avoid them.

7 The rich rule over the poor; though servants lend to their own masters.

8 He who soweth iniquity shall reap evils; and compleat the punishment of his deeds.

God blesseth a cheerful giver; and will supply the deficiency of his works.

9 He who compassionateth the poor shall be fed; for he gave of his own bread to the poor.

He who giveth gifts secureth victory and honour. He indeed taketh away the soul of the receivers. 10 Expel from council an overbearing man; and contention

will go out with him: for if he sitteth in council he dishonour- eth all.

11 The Lord loveth holy hearts; and all the unspotted are acceptable to him.

A king feedeth with his lips; but the eyes of the Lord diligently watch the sentiment: and a transgressing word setteth it at naught.

13 A slothful man maketh excuse and saith, There is a lion in the highways and murderers in the streets.

14 The mouth of a transgressor is a deep ditch; and he who is hated of the Lord shall fall into it.

There are bad ways before a man and he loveth not to avoid them : but he ought to avoid a crooked and bad way.

15 Folly is bound up in the heart of a child: but a rod and instruction will drive it from him.

16 Some plunder the poor to increase their wealth and give to the rich to lessen it.

17 Incline thine ear to the words of the wise; and hear my discourse and apply thy heart; that thou mayst know that they are

18 good. If thou indeed wilt lay them up in thy heart; they will

19 give thee delight and be on thy lips. In order that thy hope may be upon the Lord; and that he may make known to thee thy

20 way. Write thou them for thyself three times over; for counsel

21 and knowledge, on the table of thy heart. For this purpose I teach thee sound doctrine and knowledge good to be listened to: that thou mayst answer them who propound to thee words of truth.

22 Oppress not the needy because he is poor: nor treat with disrespect at the gates one who is weak.

23 For the Lord will judge his cause; and thou shouldst preserve thy life safe and secure.

24 Have no fellowship with a man addicted to wrath; nor lodge with a friend who is passionate : lest thou learn his ways and lay a snare for thine own life.

25 Do not out of respect for a person become surety. For if

26 thou hast not wherewithal to pay, thy bed will be taken from under thee. . ,.

27 Remove not ancient boundaries which thv fathers have set.

28 A man clear in his perceptions and quick in the despatch of business should stand before kings and not wait on slothful men.

XXIII. When thou sittest down to eat at the table of a ruler; observe diligently what are set before thee : and put to thy

2 hand, knowing that thou must provide the like. But if thou hast an appetite not easily satisfied; desire not his dainties; for they give false life.

3 If thou art poor, enter not into competition with one who

4 is rich: but be restrained by thine own prudence. If thou fix thy view toward him, he is out of sight: for he is provided with wings as of an eagle; and directed! his course to the house of one who is before him.

5 Eat not with an envious man, nor desire his meats: for he

6 eateth and drinketh as one swallowing a hair. Neither invite him to thy house, nor eat thy morsel with him: for it will cause him to vomit and he will blame thy kind invitations.

7 Make no addresses to a man void of understanding: lest

8 he peradventure mock thy judicious discourse. Remove not ancient land marks, nor encroach upon the possession of the

9 fatherless. For the Lord who is their redeemer is strong; and will plead their cause with thee.

10 Apply thy heart to instruction; and prepare thine ears for the words of knowledge.

11 Refrain not from correcting a child: for if thou beat him

12 with a rod, thou mayst prevent his death. For thou wilt beat him with a rod and deliver his soul from death.

13 My son, if thy heart be wise, thou wilt gladden my heart.

14 And thy lips, if they be right, will hold long conversation with mine.

15 Let not thy heart envy sinners : but be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long.

18 If thou indeed keep these instructions: they will be a progeny to thee and thy hope shall not perish.

19 Hear, my son and be wise and direct the thoughts of thy heart aright.

20 Be not a wine bibber, nor devoted to clubs: and to the pur-

21 chasing of flesh meat. For every one addicted to revelling and

stews shall come to beggary : and every one given to sleep shall be clothed with rags and tatters.

22 Hearken, my son, to the father who begot thee : and despise not thy mother because she is old.

24 A righteous father nourisheth thee well; and his soul re- joiceth in a wise son.

25 Let thy father and thy mother have joy in thee: and let her who bare thee rejoice.

26 My son, give me thy heart; and let thine eyes observe my ways.

27 For a strange house is a hogshead full of holes: and a strange

28 well is narrow. For that will quickly perish; and every transgressor shall be destroyed.

29 Who hath woes? Who hath trouble? Who hath law suits? Who hath vexations and squabbles ? Who hath wounds with-

30 out cause? Whose are the eyes suffused with blood? Are they not theirs who tarry long at wine—who frequent the places where there are revels ?

Be not drunk with wine; but converse with righteous men :

31 and converse in the publick walks. For if thou givest thine eyes to cups and goblets; thou wilt go about afterwards na-

32 ked as a pestle : and be, at last, like one swoln by the bite of

33 a serpent; or as one stung by a basilisk. When thine eyes behold a strange woman; then will thy mouth speak perversely.

34 And thou wilt lie as in the midst of the sea : and like a pilot

35 in a mighty storm. And thou wilt say, They have beaten me and I felt no pain; they insulted me and I was not sensible of it. When will it be day, that I may go and seek with whom I can have a meeting.

XXIV. My son, envy not bad men, nor desire to be with

2 them: for their hearts study falsehood ; and their lips utter mischief.

3 By wisdom a house is built; and by understanding it is established.

4 By knowledge chambers are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

5 Better is a wise man than one who is strong: and the man who hath understanding, than he who hath a large cultivated field.


6 By government war is conducted! and help is the attendant of a heart instructed by counsel.

7 Wisdom and good understanding are in the gates of the wise : the wise turn not aMray from the commandment of

. the Lord : but they consult in counsels. 9 Death meeteth the uninstructed and a fool dieth by sins.

10 In a man who is selfwilled, arrogant and boastful there is impurity : in an evil day and a day of adversity, he will be stained deeper and deeper, until he utterly faint.

11 Deliver them who are to be led away to death; and inter-

12 cede for them who are to be slain, make no delay. If thou should say, I do not know this man : know that the Lord knoweth the hearts of all: and that he, who gave breath to all, knoweth all things : and will render to every one according to his works.

13 My son, eat honey (for a honey comb is good) that thy pa-

14 late may be sweetened. In like manner let thy soul taste wisdom ; for if thou find it, thy end will be good and hope will not forsake thee.

15 Lead not the wicked to the pasture of the righteous; nor

16 be led astray for a bellyfull. For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again; but in calamities the wicked shall be without strength.

17 If thine enemy fall rejoice not over him; nor be elated at his stumbling: for the Lord will see and it will displease him, and he will turn away his wrath.

18 Rejoice not over evil doers nor envy sinners. For the posterity of an evil one cannot continue; and the lamp of the wicked shall be extinguished.

19 My son, fear God and the king and be not disobedient to either of them. For they can suddenly punish the wicked; and their punishments who can know?

21 A son who keepeth the word shall be far from destruction; for he hath received it to effect.

22 Let no falsehood be uttered from the mouth of a king, and from his mouth let no falsehood proceed.

23 The tongue of a king is a sword and not flesh; whoever is delivered up to it shall be destroyed. For if his wrath be sharpened, it consumeth men with thongs, and devoureth the

bones of men; or like a flame, burneth them up, so that they cannot be devoured by young eagles.

XXX. My son, be awed by these words of mine, receive them and reform. Thus saith the man to them who trust in God— but I stop. For I am the most foolish of all men. And I have

2 not the understanding of man in me. God hath taught me wisdom: and I have gained a knowledge of holy things.

3 Who hath ascended up to heaven and come down ?
Who hath collected the winds in his bosom ?
Who hath infolded the water in a mantle ?

Who hath a dominion over all the ends of the earth ?

What is his name ? or what the name of his sons?

Since all the words of God are tried, and he is a shield to them who revere him ; add not to his words lest he reprove thee and thou be found a liar.

Two things I beg of thee—deprive me not of favour before Idle; remove far from me vanity and lying. Give me neidier riches nor poverty, but order for me things necessary and convenient; that when I am filled I may not become false and say, Who seeth me? Or being in want, steal and swear by the name of God.

Deliver not up a servant into the hands of a master ; lest he curse thee and thou be removed out of sight.

A wicked progeny curse their father and bless not their mother.

A wicked progeny judge themselves righteous, but have not purged their ways.

A wicked progeny have lofty eyes and uplifted eyebrows.

A wicked progeny have teeth like swords and grinders like cleavers, so as to consume and devour the poor from the earth, and the needy from among men.

XXIV. 23 But this I say to you who are wise to know, it is not good to respect a person in judgment.

24 He who saith of the wicked, " He is not guilty," shall be

25 cursed by the tribes and hateful to the nations: but they who reprove shall appear better; and upon them a blessing shaH come.

26 Lips will kiss the things which convey good words.

27 Prepare thy works for the time of going out, and be in com

plete preparation for the field and come after me ; then thou shalt build thyself a house.

28 Be not a false witness against thy fellow citizen, nor give a

29 loose to thy lips. Do not say, " I will use him as he hath used me; and punish him for the injuries he hath done me."

30 A fool is like a field, and a man void of understanding, like

31 a vineyard ; if thou lettest them alone, they will be overrun with weeds and grass, and become useless, and their stone fences will be thrown down.

32 I have at length repented and looked about, with a view to

33 chuse instruction. I am dozing a little—just taking a short

34 nap—just infolding my breast with my hands. If such indeed be thy conduct; poverty will come upon thee like a traveller and want like a swift courier.

XXX. 15 The leech had three daughters greatly beloved, but these three did not satisfy her—nay even the fourth did not suffice for her to say, There is enough.

16 The grave, and lust for women, and land unsatiated with water—nay water and fire will never say, There is enough.

17 The eye which derideth a father and despiseth the old age of a mother, may the ravens of the valley pick it out, and the young eagles devour it.

18 There are three things which I cannot perceive, and a fourth which I do not know—the tracks of an eagle in its flying—the footsteps of a serpent on a rock—the marks of a ship crossing

20 the sea—and the ways of a man in youth. Such is the way of an adulterous woman, who having committed the act arid washed herself, saith, that she hath done nothing improper.

21 By three things a land is disturbed, and a fourth it cannot

22 bear—a servant when he reigneth—a fool when filled with

23 meat—a handmaid when she expelleth her mistress—and an odious woman when she hath a good husband.

24 There are four things on the earth which are very small, yet

25 they are wiser than the wise—the ants, which not having

26 strength, provide their food in summer—the choirogryllus, which being a feeble nation have built their houses among

27 rocks—the locusts, which having no king encamp regularly

28 at the word of command—and the calabotes, which depending on its feelers and being easily caught maketh its abode in the fortresses of kings.

29 There are three things which march well and a fourth

30 which is stately in its gait—a young lion the strongest of beasts which turneth not aside nor feareth any beast—and a cock

31 strutting magnanimously among his females—and a he-goat marching at the head of a flock—and a king harranguing a nation.

32 If thou sufferest thyself to be elated with joy and engagest in battle thou wilt incur disgrace.

33 Churn milk and there will be butter, and if thou wringest the nose, blood will issue forth; so if thou usest provoking language contentions and quarrels will ensue.

XXXI. These words of mine have been dictated by God, they are the prophecy of a king whom his mother instructed.

2 What wilt thou keep my son? What! keep the dictates of God. One right of primogeniture I tell thee, my son. "What is it thou son of my womb ? What is it thou son of my vows?

3 Give not thy wealth to women; nor thine understanding and thy life for that which will bring sorrow.

4 Do all things with counsel. Drink wine with counsel.

5 Princes are passionate, therefore let them not drink wine, lest by drinking they forget wisdom, and become incapable of administering justice to the oppressed.

6 Give strong drink to those in trouble, and wine to be drunk by them who are in sorrow; that they may forget their distress and no more remember their troubles.

7 Open thy mouth with the word of God, and administer justice to all with a sound understanding.

8 Open thy mouth and judge righteously, and,plead the cause of the weak and needy.

XXV. These are the detached instructions of Solomon uhich the friends ofHezekias king ofJudea copied out.

2 The glory of God obscureth a matter : but the glory of a king giveth a lustre to actions.

3 Heaven is high and the earth is deep: and the heart of a king is unsearchable.

4 Beat drossy silver and all that is pure will be purified.

5 Slay the wicked from the presence of a king and his throne will be established in righteousness.

6 Boast not in the presence of a king; nor range thyself in

the places of princes: For it is better it should be said to thee; "Come up hither;" than that thou shouldstgive place at the presence of a prince.

7 Tell what thine eyes have seen.

8 Enter not hastily into a quarrel: lest thou repent at the last when thy friend shall upbraid thee.

9 In yielding shew no contempt, lest thy friend upbraid thee: in which case thy quarrel and enmity will not cease, but last till death.

10 Favour and friendship give freedom. Keep these for thyself that thou mayst not be exposed to reproach. But keep thy ways with a placable temper.

11 It is an apple of gold in a sardine bracelet, thus to speak a word.

12 A precious sardius is bound to an ear-ring of gold; and a word of wisdom to an obedient ear.

13 As the coming out of snow in harvest is grateful according to the degree of heat: so is a faithful messenger to them who send him: for he refresheth the souls of them who employ him. *

14 As winds and clouds and rain are conspicuous things; so is he who boasteth for a false gift.

15 By patience kings have a prosperous journey : and a soft tongue breakedi bones.

16 Having found honey eat just what is sufficient: lest being glutted thou vomit it up.

17 Go seldom to the house of thy friend: lest he be cloyed with thee and hate thee.

18 Sharp is a nail and a sword and an arrow: so is a man who beareth false witness against his friend.

19 The way of a bad man and the foot of a transgressor shall be destroyed in an evil day.

20 As vinegar is hurtful to a boil; so bodily disease giveth pain to the heart.

21 As a moth in a garment and a worm in wood: so a man's grief hurtcth the heart.

22 If thine enemy hunger feed him; if he be thirsty give him drink: for by doing this thou wilt use the means to melt him ; and the Lord will reward thee with good.

23 The north wind raiseth clouds: and an impudent countenance irritateth the tongue.

24 It is better to dwell in a corner of the house top, than with a scolding wife in a wide house.

25 As cold water is grateful to a thirsty soul; so is good news from a distant country.

26 As if one should stop up a fountain and destroy an outlet of water : so is it disorderly for a righteous man to fall before the wicked.

27 It is not good to eat too much honey: but we ought to honour glorious words.

28 A man who dotli any thing without counsel; is like a city which hath the foundations of walls laid and is without walls.

XXVI. As dew at the ingathering of fruit and as rain in harvest; so is honour for a fool.

2 As birds and ostriches fly away; so a vain curse will not light on any one.

3 As a whip for a horse and a goad for an ass; so is a scourge for a sinful nation.

4 Answer not a fool conformably to his folly; lest thou be-

5 come like him. But answer a fool according to his folly ; that he may not think himself wise.

6 He who sendeth a message by a foolish messenger; by his own ways procureth disgrace.

7 As well take walking from the legs; as transgression from the mouth of fools.

8 He who bhideth a stone in a sling is like him who giveth honour to a fool.

9 Thorns stick in the hands of a drunken man; and slavery in the hand of fools.

10 All the flesh of fools is in a tempest: for their soundest sleep is broken.

11 As a dog becometh odious when he returneth to his vomit ; so is a fool for his wickedness, when he returneth to his sin.

12 There is a shame which leadeth to sin: and a shame which procureth glory and honour.

13 I have seen a man who thought himself wise : but there was more hope of a fool than of him.

14 A slothful man sent on a journey saith, There is a lion in the way and murderers in the streets.

15 As a door turneth on its hinges so doth a slothful man on his bed.

16 A slothful man having hid his hand in his bosom cannot bring it out to his mouth.

17 A slothful man thinketh himself wiser than him who in plenty carrieth a message.

He who meddleth with another's strife, is like one who taketh a dog by the tail.

18 As they who undertake to cure throw out words for men; and he who falleth in with the proposal will be first supplant-

19 ed ; so all who ensnare their friends, when they are found out say, I did it in sport.

20 By much fuel a fire is nourished: but where there is no stirrer up of quarrels, contention ceaseth.

21 A hearth is for coals and fuel for fire : and a contentious man for the bustle of strife.

22 The words of the crafty are soft: but they pierce the inmost recesses of the soul.

23 Silver given with deceit, should be accounted as a potsherd. Smooth lips disguise a wicked heart.

24 A weeping enemy assenteth to even' thing with his lips: but in his heart he contriveth deceit.

25 Though an enemy intreat thee with a loud voice, believe him not: for in his heart there is seven fold wickedness.

26 He who concealeth enmity practiseth deceit; but being found out he discloseth his sins in publick assemblies.

27 May he who diggeth a pit for his neighbour fall into it and he who rolleth a stone, roll it on himself.

28 A lying tongue hateth truth; and a flattering mouth work eth ruin.

XXVII. Boast not of things of to-morrow; for thou knowest what the coming day will bring forth.

2 Let a neighbour praise thee and not thine own mouth—a stranger and not thine own lips.

3 A stone is heavy and sand is weighty; but a fool's ange is heavier than both.

4 Wrath is cruel and anger outrageous: but nothing can withstand envy.

5 Open rebukes are better than concealed love.

6 More faithful are the wounds of a friend ; than the feigned kisses of an enemy.

7 A full soul loatheth a honey comb : but to a hungry soul even bitter things are sweet.

8 As a bird when taken hooded from its nest; so is a man reduced to slavery, when removed from his country.

9 With myrrh and wine and perfumes the heart is cheered : but with misfortunes the spirit is broken.

10 Thine own friend and thy father's friend forsake not; but when unfortunate go not to the house of thy brother.

Better is a friend near at hand, than a brother far off.

11 Be wise, my son that thy heart may rejoice, and remove from thee reproachful speeches.

12 When ills approach, a prudent man is hidden: but the simple pass on to their sorrow.

13 Take away his mantle, for a scorner passed by who wast- eth the property of others.

14 He who blesseth a friend with a loud voice, rising early, will appear not unlike one who curseth him.

15 A continual dropping driveth a man out of his house in a rainy day : and so doth a contentious wife.

16 Boreas is a harsh wind, though it be called by an honourable name.

17 Iron sharpeneth iron, but a man exasperateth the face of a companion.

18 He who planteth a fig tree shall eat of its fruit; and he who guardeth his master shall be honoured.

19 As faces do not resemble faces: so neither do the thoughts of men.

20 The grave and destruction are never satisfied: in like manner the eyes of men are insatiable.

He who hath staring eyes, and fools who cannot govern their tongue ; are an abomination to the Lord.

21 Fire is the trier of gold and silver : but a man is tried by the mouth of them who praise him.


The heart of a transgressor seeketh evils : but a righteous heart seeketh knowledge.—

22 Though thou shouldst whip a fool publickly and disgrace him : thou canst not take away his folly.

23 Be careful to know the state of thy flock ; and pay close

24 attention to thy herd: for wealth and power do not continue with a man forever; nor can he transmit them from one generation to another.

25 Take care of the herbage in thy field: mow grass and

26 collect provender from the hills : that thou mayst have sheep for clothing.

27 Honour the field that thou mayst have lambs.

My son, thou hast sayings from me powerfully conducive to thy life : and the life of thy servants. XXVIII. The wicked fleeth when none pursueth: but the

righteous is bold as a lion.

2 Contentions are raised by the sins of the wicked: but a prudent man extinguished them. $ A mighty man by wicked acts oppresseth the poor.

As a sweeping rain is indeed unprofitable, so are they who

4 forsake the law and applaud iniquity : but they who love the law encompass themselves with a wall.

5 Bad men will not understand judgment: but they who seek the Lord will be wise in every thing.

6 Better is a poor man who walketh in truth than a rich liar.

7 A wise son keepeth the law ; but he who feedeth prodigality dishonoured! his father.

8 He who increaseth his wealth by usury and unjust gain; gathereth it for him who will pity the poor.

9 As for him who turneth away his ear from hearkening to the few, even Ms prayer is an abomination.

10 He who causeth the righteous to wander in an evil way shall himself fall into destruction.

The upright shall have good things in possession: but

11 the unrighteous shaft pass by good things and shall not enter into them. ' '

N A rich man is wise in his own conceit. But a poor man who hath understanding will find him out.

12 For helping the righteous there is great glory: but in the places of the wicked; men are entrapped.

13 He who covereth his wickedness shall not prosper; but he who confesseth and forsaketh will be beloved.

14 Happy the man who piously feareth all things: but he who is of an intractable temper will fall into evils.

15 He who ruleth over a poor nation, himself being poor, is a hungry lion and a ravening wolf.

16 A king straitened in his revenue is a great oppressor: but he who hateth injustice shall live long.

17 He who is bail for a man in a case of murder, shall be a fu- gitive, but not in safety.

Correct a son and he will love thee and be an ornament to thy life. He will not hearken to an unrighteous nation.

18 He who walketh righteously will be helped: but he who walketh in crooked ways will be entangled.

19 He who tilleth his own ground shall have plenty of bread; but he who followeth idleness, shall have plenty of poverty.

20 A faithful man will be much praised; but the wicked shall not escape punishment.

21 He who regardeth not the persons of the righteous, is not good: such a one will deliver up a man for a morsel of bread.

22 An envious man hasteth to be rich, and knoweth not that the bountiful shall have mastery over him.

23 He who reproveth a man's ways shall have more thanks than he who hath a flattering tongue.

24 He who casteth off a father or mother and thinketh that he doth not sin; is indeed the partner of an impious man.

25 A faithless man judgeth rashly: but he who trusteth in the Lord will be careful.

26 He who putteth confidence in the boldness of his heart is a fool: but he who walketh wisely shall be saved.

27 He who giveth to the poor shall not be in want: but he who turneth away his eyes shall be indigent.

28- In the places of the wicked, the righteous groan: but by their destruction, the righteous will be multiplied.

XXIX. Better is a man of experience, than a man who is stiff-necked: for when the latter is suddenly burned, there is no healing him.

2 When the righteous are applauded the people will rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, men will mourn.

3 When a man loveth wisdom his father is gladdened: but he who feedeth harlots spendeth his substance.

4 A righteous king raiseth a country; but a transgressor overthroweth it.

5 He who shall provide a net to catch hi» friend; spreadeth it for his own feet.

6 For a mighty transgressor there is a great snare; but the just shall have joy and gladness.

7 A righteous man is skilled in administering justice to the poor: but the wicked doth not take due cognisance: nor hath he a feeling heart for the poor.

8 Men regardless of law, set a city in a flame: but wise men avert wrath.

9 A wise man shall judge nations: but a fool when angry is derided and terrifieth not.

10 Men stained with blood hate one who is holy: but the upright will make strict inquest for his life.

11 A fool sheweth all his wrath; but a wise man dispenseth it gradually.

12 When a king hearkeneth to falsehood, all under him are transgressors.

13 When creditor and debtor meet each other; the Lord hath a watch over both.

14 When a king judgeth the poor faithfully; his throne will be established for a memorial.

15 The rod and reproofs give wisdom: but a child led astray shameth his parents.

16 When the wicked abound, transgressions are multiplied: but when they fall, the righteous are awed.

17 Correct thy son and he will give thee rest; and add honour to thy life.

18 With a sinful nation an instructor can not continue: but he who keepeth the law is most happy.

19 A stubborn servant will not be instructed by words: for though he may understand he will not obey.

20 If thou seest a man hasty in his words: be assured there is more hope of a fool than of him.

21 He who feedeth delicately from his youth, shall be a servant and at last afflicted with sorrow.

22 A passionate man stirreth up strife: but a furious man is a digger up of sin.

23 A man's pride will bring him low: but the Lord will gloriously support the humble.

24 He who is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: and so do they, who hear an oath administered, if they do not make discover*.

25 They who fear and reverence men have been supplanted : but he whose trust is in the Lord shall be gladdened.

Impiety causeth a man to fall: but he who trusteth in the Lord shall be safe.

26 Many court the favour of princes: but justice cometh to a man from the Lord.

27 A righteous man is an abomination to an unjust man : and a straight course is an abomination to a transgressor.

XXXI. 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? Such a one is indeed more valuable than precious stones.

11 The heart of her husband trusteth in her: such a one hath

12 no need of spoils: for she laboureth for her husband's good all her life long.

13 Having spun wool and flax she made a useful work with her

14 hands. She was like a merchant vessel which bringeth riches

15 from afar: She arose by night and gave food to her house-

16 hold and work to her maids. Having viewed a field sne bought

17 it, and with the fruits of her hands planted the purchase. Having girded herself tight about the waist, she strengthened her

18 arms for work. And finding that it.was good to work, her

19 lamp is not extinguished the whole night. Her elbows she ex- tendeth over the spindle; and her hands she keepeth at the

20 distaff. But she opened her hand to the needy; and stretched

21 out her handful to the distressed. Her husband when long abroad is not concerned for those at home : for all with her

22 are well clothed. She made for her husband double garments;

23 and for herself robes of cotton and purple. Andherhusbandisdis- tinguishedin the gates; whenhesittethin council with the elders

24 of the land. She made sindons and sold girdles to the Chananites. She opened her mouth sparingly and with propriety; and had

25 her tongue in due subjection. She clothed herself with majes-

26 ty and excellence, and enjoyed delights in her latter days. The gates of her house were kept dose shut; andsheeatethnot

27 the bread of idleness. She openeth her mouth with wisdom,

28 and maxims of prudence. Her bounty caused her children to honour her; for they were rich, and her husband praised her.

29 Many daughters have possessed wealth, many have acted virtuously: but thou hast surpassed—thou hast excelled all.

30 False are allurements, and vain the beauty of a wife. For a woman of understanding is blessed. Let her therefore praise the

31 fear of the Lord. Give her of the fruits of her hands; and let her husband be praised in the gates.