Proverbs 2

[1] My Son, if thou wilt hear the counsel which I enjoin and hide it with thee, [2] thine ear will hearken to wisdom; and thou wilt apply thy heart to understanding, and transmit it for instruction to thy son. [3] For if thou wilt call upon wisdom: and utter thy voice for understanding-- [4] if thou wilt seek for it as silver; and search for it as for treasures; [5] then thou shalt understand the fear of the Lord; and find the knowledge of God. [6] For the Lord giveth wisdom; and from His presence is knowledge and understanding: [7] and He treasurerth up salvation for the upright. [8] He will protect their going, that they may keep the paths of rectitude. And He will guard the way of them who reverence Him. [9] Then thou shalt understand judgment and justice; and direct all thy ways aright. [10] For when wisdom entereth into thine understanding, and knowledge appeareth pleasant to thy soul, [11] good counsel will keep thee and holy prudence will guard thee: [12] that she may deliver thee from an evil way and from a man who speaketh perversely.

[13] Alas for them who leave straight paths to walk in the ways of darkness; [14] who are delighted with evils and have joy in evil perversion; [15] whose ways are crooked, and whose paths turn aside to lead thee far from the straight road [16] and estrange thee from a just determination.

[17] My son, let not evil counsel, who hath forsaken the discipline of youth and hath forgotten the divine covenant, take hold of thee. [18] For she hath placed her house near death; and her wheels with the earth born near the mansion of the dead. [19] None who walk by her direction can ever return; nor ever recover the right paths. [20] For they are not taken hold of by years of life. If they indeed had walked in good ways: they would have found the paths of justice smooth. [21] For the upright shall inhabit the land, and the holy shall be left in it; [22] the ways of the wicked shall be destroyed from the land, and the transgressors shall be driven out of it.