Proverbs 3

[1] My son, forget not my rules; but let thy heart keep my commandments.

[2] For they will add to thee length of days and years of life and peace. [3] Let not acts of kindness and faithfulness forsake thee: but bing them about thy neck and thou shalt find favour. [4] Be provident in regard to things good in the sign of the Lord and of men. [5] Trust in God with thy whole heart; and be not elated for thine own wisdom. [6] Shew it in all thy ways, that it may make they paths straight. [7] Be not wise in thine own conceit; but fear God and depart from all evil: [8] then shall thy body have health and thy bones a cure. [9] Honour the Lord with some of thy righteous labours: and set apart for him some of thy fruits of righteousness: [10] that thy barns may be plenteously filled with corn; and that thy vats may overflow with wine.

[11] My son, slight not the correction of the Lord, not faint when reproved by Him: [12] for whom the Lord loveth He reproveth: and chastiseth every son whom He recieveth.

[13] Happy the man who hath found wisdom, and the mortal who hath seen prudence: [14] for it is better to traffic for her, than for treasures of gold and silver. [15] She is more precious than costly stones: and nothing evil can be compared to her. She is easily known by all who approach her; but no price is equal to her in value. [16] For length of days and years of life are in her right hand; and in her left, riches and glory. Out of her mouth proceedeth righteousness: and on her tongue she carrieth law and mercy. [17] Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. [18] She is a tree of life to all who take hold of her; and safe for them who rely on her, as on the Lord. [19] By wisdom God founded the earth; and by understanding He furnished the heavens. [20] By knowledge the deeps were broken up and the clouds distilled dew.

[21] My son, be not wanting in retention: but keep my counsel, namely, the sentiment: [22] that thy soul may live and that grace may be around they neck; and it will be health to thy flesh and a cure for thy bones [23] so that thou mayst proceed on in all thy ways in peace and security, and that thy foot may not stumble. [24] For when thou liest down, thou shalt be free from fear: and when thou sleepest, thou shalt sleep sweetly, [25] and shalt not fear the bursting in of terror, nor the sudden assaults of wicked men [26] For the Lord will be over all thy ways, and will support thy foot that thou mayst not be shaken.

[27] Delay not to do good to the needy, when it is in the power of thy hand to help. [28] Do not say, Go away and come again: to-morrow I will give--when thou hast it in thy power to do good; for thou knowest not what to-morrow will bring forth.

[29] Devise not evils against thy friend, who sojourneth with thee and confideth in thee.

[30] Be not at enmity with a man without cause; lest he do thee some mischief.

[31] Acquire not the reproaches of bad men, nor be fond of their ways. [32] For every transgressor is impure in the sight of the Lord, and among the righteous he taketh not a seat.

[33] The curse of God is in the houses of the wicked: but the folds of the righteous are blessed. [34] The Lord resisteth the proud; but He granteth favour to the humble. [35] The wise shall inherit glory; but the wicked have extolled dishonour.