Psalm 7

A Psalm by David which he sung to the Lord respecting the words of Chousi the Jeminite

O Lord, my God, in Thee I have put my trust: save me from all my persecutors and deliver me: [2] perhaps he like a lion may tear my soul; if there be none to redeem-none to deliver.

[3] O Lord, my God, if I have done this--if there be iniquity in my hands: [4] if I have requited them evil who did me wrong; let me fall by mine enemies as a worthless man: [5] let mine enemy pursue my soul and take it--let him tread down my life to the earth and lay my honour in the dust.

[6] Arise, O Lord, in thine indignation: exalt Thyself in the borders of mine enemies. Awake, O Lord my God, in the judgment Thou hast enjoined. [7] And when the congregation of the tribes encompass Thee; ascend Thou on high above them: [8] The Lord is the judge of the tribes; judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness: and according to mine innocence be for me. [9] Let the wickedness of sinners be brought to an end.

Thou wilt indeed direct the righteous: Thou art the God who searcheth hearts and inward parts. [10] Rightful is my help from that God Who saveth the upright in heart.

[11] God, Who is a judge just and powerful; (though He is long-suffering and doth not execute vengeance every day) [12] will, unless you turn back, sharpen his sword. [13] He hath bent His bow and made it ready: and hath fitted to it the instruments of death--those flaming bolts of His which He hath forged.

[14] Behold this man hath travailed with injustice. He conceived mischief and brought forth iniquity: [15] he hath digged a pit and covered it: into the pit which he made he will fall: [16] his mischief will return on his own head--on his own head his injustice will come down. [17] I shall praise the Lord for His loving kindness. I shall sing to the name of the Lord Most High.