I. In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the

word of the Lord came to Zacharias the, the son

2 of Addo the prophet, saying, The Lord was veVy angry with

3 your fathers, therefore thou shalt say to them, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Turn to me, saith the Lord of Hosts and

4 I will turn to you saith the Lord of Hosts. And be not like your fathers to whom the former propheta called, saying, " Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Turn from your evil ways and from your wicked devices," but they hearkenednotr nbr

5 gave attention to listen to me, saith the Lord. As for your fathers, where are they ? And the prophets,, will they live, for-

6 ever"? But receive ye my words and my statutes—all that I, by my spirit, give in charge to my servants the prophets, who reached your fathers, when they addressed them and said, "As the Lord Almighty determined todeal with us according to our ways, and according to our devicesvso hath he dealt with us.''

7 II. ON the twenty fourth of the eleventh month, which is the month Sabat, in the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to Zacharias, the Baraehite, the son of Addo, the prophet, saying—

8 (I had been viewing the night and lo! a man mounted on a red horse, and he stood between the shady mountains, and behind him

9 were horses, red and ash coloured, and dappled and white. And I said, Lord what are these: and the angel who was talking with me

10 said to me, I will shew thee what these are. Then the man who stood between the mountains, addressing me said, These are they

11 whom the Lord sent to go found this land. Then they addressed the angel of the Lord who stood between the mountains, and said, We have gone round all this land, and lo all the land is inhabited,

12 and quiet. And the angel of the Lord, answered and said, O Lord Almighty, how long wilt thou not have mercy on Jerusalem, and the cities of Juda, which thou hast overlooked those seventy years ?

13 And the Lord Almighty answered the angel, who had been talking

14 with me, with good determinations, and comfortable words. Whereupon the angel who had been talking with me said to me—He cried with a loud voice saying—)

15 Thus saith the Lord Almighty, I have been jealous of Jerusalem and Sion with great jealousy : and with great wrath I am angry with the nations who were set on. Because I was indeed a little displeased, but they were bent on mischief;

16 therefore thus saith the Lord, I will turn to Jerusalem, with compassion and my house shall be rebuilded in it, saith the Lord Almighty, and a line shall be stretched on Jerusalem.

17 And again the angel who had been talking with me, said to me—Again he cried with a loud voice and said, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Again shall cities abound with prosperity. And again the Lord will compassionate Sion and make choice of Jerusalem.

18 Then I lifted up mine eyes and looked, and lo, four horns! and I said to the angel who was talking with me, Lord, what

19 are these? And he said to me, These are the horns which

20 have scattered Juda and Israel and Jerusalem. Then the Lord

21 shewed me four carpenters. And I said, What are these going to do ? And he said, Those four horns which scattered Juda and Israel are broken, and not one of them hath raised a head; now these are come to sharpen for themselves those four horns, namely the nations which lifted up a horn against the land of the Lord, to s'catter it.

II. Then I lifted up mine eyes and looked, and lo! a man with

2 a measuring line in his hand ! and I said to him, Whither art thou going ? And he said "to me, To measure Jerusalem

3 to see how broad it is, and what is its length. Now behold the angel who had been talking with me had stopped—and

4 another angel came out to meet him and spoke to him saying, "Run and speak to that young man and say," Jerusalem shall be crouded with inhabitants by reason of the multitude of

5 men and cattle therein. And I will be to her, saith the Lord, a wall of fire around; and I will be a glory in the midst of her.

6 O flee ! flee from the land of the north, saith the Lord, for from the four winds of heaven I will gather you, saith the 7 Lord. To Sion make your escape, ye who inhabit the daugh-

8 ter of Babylon! for thus saith the Lord Almighty. He behind glory hath sent me against the nations which plundered you :

9 for he who toucheth you, is like one touching the apple of his eye. For behold I am bringing my hand upon them ; and they shall be spoils for them who were their vassals: and you shall know that the Lord Almighty hath sent me.

10 Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Sion ! for lo ! I am

11 coming; and I will dwell amidst thee, saith the Lord; and many nations will flee to the Lord in that day, and be his people and dwell in the midst of thee; and thou shalt know that the

12 Lord Almighty hath sent me to thee. And the Lord will settle Juda in his portion, in the holy land; and will again make

13 choice of Jerusalem. Let all flesh be struck with awe, at the presence of the Lord, for he is risen up from his holy clouds.

III. Then the Lord shewed me Jesus the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan stood at his right

2 hand to oppose him. And the Lord said to Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, Satan ! even the Lord who hath chosen Jerusa-

" lem, rebuke thee ! lo ! is not this like a brand snatched from

3 fire ? (Now Jesus was clothed with filthy garments and stood

4 before the angel.) Then [the Lord] addressing them who stood before him, spoke, saying, Take away from him those filthy garments; (and to him he said, Behold I have taken

5 away thy transgressions) and clothe ye him with a flowing robe and put on his head a clean mitre. And when they had put a clean mitre on his head and clothed him, then the angel

6 of the Lord stood up. And the angel of the Lord protested

7 to Jesus saying, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, If thou wilt walk in my ways, and keep my statutes, thou shalt judge my house. And if thou wilt carefully watch my court I will give thee men conversant with these attendants.

8 Hearken now, O Jesus the high priest, thou and they near thee who sit in presence, since they are men who typify wonderful things : since lo ! I am bringing my servant Anatole,

9 [the Day-spring;] since with regard to that stone which I have set before Jesus, upon that one stone there are seven eyes; behold I am digging a pit saith the Lord Almighty,

10 and I will feel all the iniquity of this land in one day. In that

day, saith the Lord Almighty, you will be inviting every one his neighbour under a vine, and under a fig tree.

IV. Then the angel who talked with me turned and roused me, as when a man is roused from his sleep, and said to me,

2 what dost thou see? And I said, I have looked and lo! a candlestick all of gold with the lamp dish on the top of it; and seven lamps on the top of it; and seven pipes, for the sevqn lamps-

3 on the top of it; and two olive trees over it, one on the right of

4 its lamp dish and the other on its left. Then I inquired and spoke to the angel who was talking with me, and said, Lord

5 what are these ? And the angel who was talking with me, answered and said to me, Dost thou not know what these are ?

6 When I said, No, lord. Then he answered and said to me, This is the word of the Lord to Zorobabel, saying,

Not by mighty power nor by strength, but by my spirit

7 saith the Lord Almighty. Who art thou; to complete this mountain—this great one—this before Zorobabel! I will indeed bring out the stone of the inheritance, an equality of favour, a free gift of it.

8 Then a word of the Lord came to me saying. The hands

9 of Zorobabel have laid the foundation of this house, and his hands shall finish it: and thou shalt know, (since the Lord

10 Almighty hath sent me to thee, since a certain person hath despised these as small days,) that those seven eyes will be gladdened, when they shall see the plumb-line in the hand of Zorobabel; they are the eyes which survey the whole earth.

11 Then I answered and said to him, What are those two olive

12 trees which are on the right and left of the candlestick ? And I inquired a second time and said to him, What are those two branches of the olive trees which are in the handles of those two funnels of gold, which are pouring into and supplying

13 the golden pipes ? And he said to me, Dost thou not know what these are ? And when I said, No, lord. Then he said to me, These are the two sons of fatness. They stand before the Lord of the whole earth.

V. Then I turned and lifted up mine eyes and looked, and lo ! a flying sickle. And he said to me, What dost thou see?

3 And I said, I see a flying sickle twenty cubits long, and ten cubits broad. Whereupon he said to me, This is the curse which is going forth over the face of the whole earth. Since every thief on the one hand is to be punished with death, and every false swearer on the other hand is to be punished ;

4 therefore I will bring it out saith the Lord Almighty ; and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him who swearedi by my name to a falsehood; and it shail lodge in his house, and destroy it with the timber and the stones thereof.

5 Then the angel who was talking with me went out and said to me, Look up with thine eyes and see this which is

6 going out. And I said, What is it ? And he said, This is the measure which is going away. Then he said, This is the ini-

7 quity of them in all this land. Then lo ! a talent of lead was brought out; and lo! a woman was seated in the midst of the

8 measure. And he said, This is the iniquity. Then he threw her down into the measure and he threw the mass of lead on

9 her mouth. And I lifted up mine eyes and looked, and lo! two women came out, and there was a wind by their wings. Now

10 they had the wings of a stork. And when they had lifted up the measure between heaven and earth, I said to the angel

11 who was talking with me, Whither are they carrying the measure? And he said to me, To build a house for it in the land of Babylon and make preparation that they may place it there on its base.

VL Then I turned, and lifting up mine eyes I looked, and lo! four chariots came out from between two mountains. And the mountains were mountains of brass. In the first chariot were red horses, and in the second chariot black horses, and in the third chariot white horses, and in the fourth chariot bay spot-

4 ted horses. Whereupon addressing the .angel who was speaking with me, I said, Lord, what are these? And the angel who

5 was talking with me answered and said, These are the four winds of heaven. They are going out to wait on the Lord

6 of the whole earth. That in which were the black horses went out to the land of the north; and the white went out after them;

7 and the spotted went out to the land of the south; and the bay went out and looked with an intent to go round this land: and

8 he said, Go and scour round this land. And \vhen they had scoured round this land he cried aloud and spoke to me, say-

ing, Behold they who went to the land of the north have appeased my wrath in the land of the north. 9 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Take the

10 gifts of the captivity [which are coming] from their chiefs and from those who have been kind to the captives and from those who have taken notice of them; and on that same day tho u shall go to the house of Josias son of Sophonias who is com-

11 ing from Babylon : and thou shalt take silver and gold and make crowns and put one on the head of Jesus the son of Jo-

12 sedek the high priest and say to him, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Behold a man ! his name is Anatole [Day-spring] underneath him he shall spring up. And he shall build the

13 house of the Lord. And he shall take authority and sit and rule on his throne; and there shall be a priest on his right hand;

14 and there shall be a counsel of peace between both. And the crown shall be for them who wait, and for them who have been kind to the captives, and for them who have taken notice of them, as a token of the gratitude of the son of Sophonias, and

15 as a psalm in the house of the Lord. And they who are far from them shall come and dwell in the house of the Lord; and you shall know, (since the Lord Almighty hath sent me to you,) that this indeed will come to pass, if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God.

VII. III. AND it came to pass in the fourth year of Darius the king, that a word of the Lord came to Zacharias on

2 the fourth of the ninth month which is Chaseleu. When the king.and his men sent Sarasar and Arbeseer to Baithel to con-

3 ciliate the favour of the Lord, saying to the priests who were at the house of the Lord Almighty, and saying to the prophets,

4 The dedication came hither in the fifth month as it hath done

5 now for many years. Then a word of the Lord of hosts canae to me saying, Speak to all the people of the land and to the priests, saying, Though you fasted and mourned in the fifth

0 and seventh months, lo ! for seventy years; did you keep a fast for me ?- And though you ate and drank; did you not eat and

7 drink for yourselves? Were not these the words which the Lord spake by the ministry of the prophets who were in former times when Jerusalem was inhabited and in prosperity, and the cities around her and the hilly country and the plain

8 were inhabited? Then there was a word of the Lord to Zacha-

9 rias, saying, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Execute juSl

10 judgment and shew mercy and compassion one to another; and oppress not the widow, nor the orphan, nor the stranger, nor the poor; and let none treasure up in his heart for evil an injury

11 done by his brother; but they refused to attend and turned back contemptuously; and stopped their ears that they might

12 not hear; and made their heart disobedient that they might not hearken to my law; therefore (according to the words which the Lord Almighty by his spirit sent by the ministry of die former prophets) there was great wrath from the Lord

13 Almighty ; that it might come to pass as he said, "As they hearkened not, so they shall cry and I will not listen, saith the Lord Almighty, and I will cast them out into all the nations which they knew not; and the land behind them shall be a desolation, without a traveller and without a sojourner."

VIII. Now a word of the Lord Almighty is come saying,

2 Thus saith the Lord Almighty, I have had a great jealousy of Jerusalem and Sion, and with great wrath I have been jealous

3 of her. But thus saith the Lord, I will return to Sion, and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the Lord Almighty,

4 a holy mountain. Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Again old men and matrons shall sit in the streets of Jerusalem, every

5 one with his staff in his hand, for multitude of days; and the streets of the city shall be filled widi boys and girls playing in

6 her streets. Thus saith the Lord Almighty, If this shall appear impossible in the view of the remnant of this people in these days; shall it also be impossible in my view, saith the

7 Lord Almighty? Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Behold I will save my people from the land of the east and from the

8 land of the west. And I will gather them and dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be my people and I will be their God in truth and in righteousness.

9 Thus saith the Lord Almighty, Let your hands be strong, ye who in these days hear these words from the mouth of the prophets, from the day the foundation of the house of the Lord Almighty was laid and during the time the temple hath been a

Vol. x,n. 3 H

10 building. For before those days, the earningsof the mencouldbe of no avail, and the earnings of the cattle could not be lasting;

* nor could there be any security from affliction to him who f went out or to him who came in. For I set all the men every

11 one against his neighbour. But I will not now deal with the remnant of this people, as in the former days, saith the Lord

12 Almighty: but will shew peace. Their vine shall yield its fruit. And the earth shall yield its products; and the heaven sliall shed its dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to inherit

13 all these things. And it shall come to pass, that as you, the house of Juda and the house of Israel, were for a curse among the nations; so I will save you, and you shall be for a blessing.

14 Be of good courage and let your hands be strong, for thus saith the Lord Almighty, In the same manner as I thought of afflicting you, when your fathers provoked me, saith the Lord

15 Almighty and I relented not; so I have determined and have my mind bent, in these days, on prospering Jerusalem and the house of Juda. Be of good courage. These are the things

16 which ye shall do—Speak truth every one to his neighbour; administer the judgment of truth and peace in your gates; and

17 devise not evil in your hearts every one against his neighbour; and love not a false oath: for all these things I hate, saith the Lord Almighty.

18 Then a word of the Lord Almighty came to me, saying, Thus saith the Lord Almighty, The fourth fast, and the fifth

19 fast, and the seventh fast, and the tenth fast shall be to the house of Juda for joy and gladness and for cheerful festivals, and ye

20 shall rejoice. Therefore love truth and peace. Thus saith the Lord Almighty, There shall yet come many peoples; and the

21 inhabitants of many cities—even the inhabitants of five cities shall come together to one city, saying, Let us go to pray tie- fore the Lord and to seek the face of the Lord Almightyitlam

22 going. So many peoples and many nations will come to seek the face of the Lord Almighty at Jerusalem, and to conciliate

23 the favour of the Lord. Thus saith the Lord Almighty,. If in those days ten men of all the tongueS'Of the nations take hold, they must take hold of the skirt of a Jew, saying, We will go with thee, for we have heard that God is with you. . i«


IX. IV. *A BURDEN of the word of the Lord.

In the land of Sedrach and Damascus is his sacrifice, because the Lord hath an eye over men, particularly over all the tribes of Israel: in Hemath also—in the borders thereof.

2 As for Tyre and Sidon, because they were very prudent,

3 therefore Tyre built for herself bulwarks, and treasured up sil-

4 ver like dust, and collected gold like dirt in the highways; but on account of this the Lord will take possession of them, and he will smite her power into the sea; and she shall be consumed

5 by fire. Ascalon shall see and be terrified; so shall Gaza, and be exceedingly pained: Akkaron also; because at her fall she was confounded. And a king shall perish out of Gaza; and Asca-

G Ion shall no more be inhabited. And strangers shall dwell in

7 Azotus. And I will destroy the pride of the Philistines, and take away their blood out of their mouths, and their abominations from between their teeth. But they themselves shall be left for our God and shall be like a captain of a thousand

8 in Juda; and Akkaron shall be like a Jebusite. And I will station for my house a guard not to be passed nor repassed. And the plunderer shall no more come against them; for now I have seen with mine own eyes.

9 Rejoice exceedingly, O daughter of Sion! Make proclamation, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold thy king is coming for thee. He is righteous and a saviour. He is meek and mount-

10 ed on an ass, even a young colt. He will destroy chariots out of Ephraim and horses out of Jerusalem: and the bat- tk bow shall be destroyed. And there shall be a multitude and peace from the nations; and he shall rule over waters to the sea,

11 and over rivers to the ends of the earth. As for thee, thou by the blood of thy covenant hast sent forth thy prisoners out of a pit

12 which hath no water. You the prisoners of the congregation shall be placed in strong holds, and for thy one day's sojourn-

13 ing I will make thee twofold compensation. For I have bent thee Juda, a bow for myself and filled it with Ephraim; and I will raise up thy sons, O Sion, against the sons of Greece, and

14 I will handle thee as the sword of a warrior. Let but the Lord be against them and he will dart out like a thunderbolt. The Lord Almighty will sound a trumpet, and march in the bil-

* See the note at the close of this volume. - . .

15 low of his threat. The Lord Almighty will protect them, and they shall consume them and overwhelm them with sling stones;

16 and drink them up as wine and fill the phials as an altar. In that day the Lord their-God will save them—his people like a flock.

Because holy stones are rolled on his land.—

17 Because if there be any thing good it is his, if any thing comely it is his; with regard to corn for the youths, and fla-

X. vourous wine for virgins, ask ye of the Lord, rain in its season, the former and latter rain. The Lord hath made appearances, and he will give rain in plenty—to every one herb-

2 age in his field. Because the prophesiers spoke of labours, and the diviners told false visions and lying dreams—gave false comfort, therefore they were dried up. Like sheep they

3 were afflicted. Because there was no healing; against the shepherds my wrath is kindled ; but over the lambs I will keep a strict watch. The Lord God Almighty will indeed watch over his flock, the house of Juda, and he will array them as

4 his comely horse in battle. When from him he hath looked, and from him drawn up in array ; then from him shall issue forth the wrathful bow, from him every one who saltieth out

5 at the same time. And they shall be like warriors trampling dirt in the highways, and shall be drawn up in array for battle. Because the Lord is with them, therefore the riders on

6 horses shall be put to shame. And I will strengthen the house of Juda, and save the house of Joseph, and settle them in their houses, because I have loved them : and they shall be as if I had not cast them off; for I am the Lord their God and I

7 will hearken to them : and they shall be like the warriors of Ephraim; and their heart shall be gladdened as with wine; and their children shall see and be made glad; and their heart shall

8 rejoice in the Lord. I will make a signal for them and receive them, for I will redeem them and they shall multiply as they

9 have done. Though I sow them among peoples, yet they who are far off will remember me. They shall nurture up their

10 children and return: and I will bring them back out of the land of Egypt; and gather them from amongst the Assy- rians; and bring them to Galaaditis and Lebanon and not

11 one of them shall be left behind. And they shall cross over a narrow sea and lash waves at sea; and all the depths of rivers shall be dried up, and all the haughtiness of the Assyrians shall be removed; and the sceptre of Egypt shall be taken

L2 quite away. And I will strengthen them in the Lord their God, and in his name they shall boast; saith the Lord.

SI. Open thy gates, O Libanus and let a fire devour thy

2 cedars. Raise the mournful cry, O pine tree, since the cedar is fallen, because the mighty are in great distress. Howl ye oaks

3 of Basan, because the thick planted forest is rooted up. A sound of shepherds singing the song of woe, because their greatness is involved in distress; a sound of lions roaring, because the swelling of the Jordan hath distressed them.

4 Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, you are feeding the flock

5 prepared for slaughter, which the possessors were slaughter, ing, and spared not; and they who sold them said, " Blessed be the Lord for we are enriched," and their shepherds had no

6 feeling for them. Therefore I will no more spare the inhabitants of this land, saith the Lord. Now behold I deliver up the men, every one into the hand of his neighbour, and into the hand of his king; and they shall smite the land, and I will

7 not deliver out of their hand. Again I will feed the flock of the slaughter for Chananitis; and I will take me two staves, one I had called Beauty, and the other I called Portion ; and

8 I will feed the flock, and remove three shepherds in one month; and my soul will be weighed down against them.—

9 For as their souls roared against me, therefore I said, I will not feed you, What is dying let it die; and what is fainting let it faint. And as for the rest, let them devour every one

10 the flesh of his neighbour. And I will take my staff Beauty and throw it away, that I may break my covenant which I

11 made with all these tribes. And on that day it shall be broken ; and the Chananites, the sheep that are kept for me, shall

12 know for what cause there is a word of the Lord. Then I will say to them, If it seemeth good in your sight, give me my wages ; if not, forbear. And when they had weighed for my

13 wages thirty pieces of silver ; then the Lord said to me, Put them in the smelting furnace, and let me see whether it be proof: as I have been proved for them. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them down in the house of the

14 Lord, for the smelting furnace. Then I threw away the other staff Portion, that I may break the jointenancy between Juda and Israel.

15 Then the Lord said to me, Take thee yet the pastoral

16 utensils of an unskilful shepherd; for behold I am about to raise up a shepherd against this land, who will not visit what is fainting, nor seek what is scattered ; nor heal what is bruised ; nor lead aright what is sound ; but will devour the flesh

17 of the choice, and tear their joints asunder. O ye feeders of vanities who have forsaken the sheep. There is a sword against his arms, and against his right eye. Shall his arm be quite withered, and his right eye utterly put out ?

XII. V. THE burden of the word of the Lord against Israel. The Lord who stretcheth out the heaven and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him,

2 saith, Behold I will make Jerusalem like shaken porches for all the peoples around. And by Judea there shall be a siege against

3 Jerusalem, and in that day I will make Jerusalem a stone to be trampled by all the nations: every one who trampleth her will make her his mocking stock. When all the nations of the

4 earth shall be gathered against her, in that day saith the Lord Almighty, I will smite every horse with astonishment and his rider with madness. But upon the house of Juda I will open mine eyes. When I smite all the horses of the peoples with

5 blindness, then will Juda's captains of thousands say in their hearts, "We shall find those for us who inhabit Jerusalem by

6 the Lord Almighty their God." In that day I will make Juda's captains of thousands like a firebrand among wood, and like a flaming torch among stubble. And they shall devour on the right and on the left all the peoples around. And Jerusalem

7 shall again dwell by herself in Jerusalem. And the Lord will save the dwellings of Juda as at the beginning. . ;

That the boasting of the house of David may not be mag. nified, nor the elevation of the inhabitants of Jerusalem depend

8 upon Juda, The Lord will indeed, in that day, spread a shield over the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the weak among them shall in that day be like David, and the house of David like the

9 house of God—like an angel of the Lord before them. And it shall come to pass, in that day, that I will seek to destroy all

10 the nations that come against Jerusalem. And when I pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and compassion, then will they look to him whom they pierced, and they will mourn for him with a mourning as for a beloved; and be afflicted with sorrow as for a first

11 born. In that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great, like the weeping of a pomegranate grove cut down in the plain.

12 And the land will mourn in separate families, the family of the house of David by itself and their women by themselves; the family of the house of Nathan by itself and their women by

13 themselves; the family of the house of Levi by itself and their women by themselves; the family of Symeon by itself and their women by themselves; all the remaining families, every fami-

XIII. ly by itself and their women by themselves. In that day every place will be opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for the removal and for the separation.

2 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land; and there shall no more be a remembrance of them. And I will remove the false prophets and the unclean spirit out of the land.

3 And it shall come to pass that if any man shall still prophesy, even his father and his mother who begot him will say to him, Thou shalt not live, because thou hast spoken lies in the name of the Lord. And his father and his mother who begot him

4 will bind him when he prophesieth. And in that day the prophets shall be exposed to shame; every one for his vision, when he prophesieth: and they shall be clothed with a hairy skin be-

5 cause they lied. And when one will say, I am not a prophet, for from my youth I am a husbandman, because a husband-

6 man begot me; then I will say to him, what wounds are these in thy hands? And he will say, those with which I was wounded in my beloved house.

7 . Awake, O sword, against my shepherds, and against my chief citizen, saith the Lord Almighty; I will smite the shepherds and the sheep shall be scattered and I will bring my

8 hand on the little ones. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off and die and

9 the third part shall be left in it. And when I have passed this third part through fire, and tried them as silver is tried, and

proved them as gold is proved; this people will invoke my name and I will hear them and say, this is my people, and they will say, the Lord is my God. XIV. Behold days of the Lord are coming, when thy spoils

2 shall be divided in thee. I will indeed gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses rifled and the women polluted. And the half of the

3 city shall go forth into captivity. As for the remainder of my people they shall not be utterly cut off". From this city, the Lord indeed will come forth and draw up in array among the

4 nations, as in the day of his array in the day of battle ; and on that day his feet will stand on the mount of olives over against Jerusalem on the east side and the mount of olives shall be cleft, east and west, a very great chasm. And the half of the mount will lean to the north and the half of it to the south.

-5 And the valley of my mountains shall be blocked up; and the valley of mountains shall be closed up even to Jasod. It shall

6 be blocked up as it was in the days of the earthquake—in the days of Ozias king of Juda. And when the Lord my God shall come and all the holy ones with him, it shall come to pass that on that day there shall not be light; there shall be chilness and

7 cold during one day. That will indeed be a memorable day to the Lord. It will neither be day nor night; but towards evening

8 there will be light. And on that day living water will flow out of Jerusalem; the one half of it to the eastern sea and the one half of it to the western sea, both in summer and spring it

9 shall be so. And the Lord will be king over all the earth. In that day there will be one Lord and his name one, enclosing

10 for Jerusalem all the land and the desert around, from Gabea to Remmon southward. As for Rama, it shall continue in its place. From the gate of Benjamin to the place of the first gate,

11 on to the gate of the corners and to the tower of Anameel, on to the king's wine presses there shall be dwellers in it and there shall no more be a curse and in the inhabitance of Jeru-

12 salemthey shall be secure. And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will smite all the peoples who have warred against Jerusalem—their flesh shall waste away while they stand on their feet; and their eyes shall melt from their sockets,

13 and their tongue shall rot in their mouth. And in that day- there shall be a great dread of the Lord upon them. And they will lay hold, every one, on the hand of his neighbour and his

14 hand will be grasped in his neighbour's hand. And Juda will draw up in array in Jerusalem and collect the wealth of all the peoples around—gold and silver and raiment in great abun-

15 dance. And the plague of the horses and the mules and the camels and the asses—that of all the cattle in those camps shall

16 be the same as this plague. And it shall come to pass that all who are left of the nations which came against Jerusalem shall come up every year to worship the Lord Almighty and to cele-

17 brate the festival of tabernacles. And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall not come up to Jerusalem from all the tribes of this land, to worship the king, the Lord Almighty, even

18 they shall be added to those. But if the tribe of Egypt go not up nor come; upon them shall be the plague with which the Lord will smite all the nations which come not up to ce-

19 lebrate the festival of tabernacles. This shall be the punish- inent of Egypt and the punishment of all the nations which decline to come up to celebrate the festival of tabernacles.

20 In that day there shall be on the bridle of the horse," Holy to the Lord Almighty." And the kettles in the house of the Lord shall be like the bowls before the altar. And every kettle in Jerusalem and in Juda shall be holy to the Lord Al-

21 mighty. And all that sacrifice will come and take of them and boU in them. And there shall no more be a Chananite in the house of the Lord Almighty in that day.