How does the FBT compare to other translations?

FBT KJV ESV ABP Brenton Thomson Young CAB Concordant
New Testament TextRPTRUBSVarious--?TRMaj. T~WH
Not Translating Hades and Gehennah as HellYNNYYYYNY
Translating Aion always as limited durationYNNYNNYNY
Translating Aionios always as limited durationYNNNNNYNY


ABP: Apostolic Bible Polyglot by Charles Van der Pool
CAB: Complete Apostles Bible
ESV: English Standard Version
FBT: Free Bible Translation
LXX: Septuagint
Maj. T: Majority Text
MT: Masoretic Text
RP: Robinson Pierpoint Majority Text
TR: Textus Receptus
UBS: United Bible Society 4th /Nestle Aland 27th
WH: Westcott and Hort

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