The Translator's Introductory Note Upon the Completed Bible

The Books of the Sacred Volume of our Faith, as they were arranged by the Editorial Committee appointed by the Great Sanhedrim, called at Jerusalem for the purpose, in the Third Century before Christ, were divided into Four Volumes and put in the succession that I have followed in my translation.

Vol. I. contained the "Books of Moses," or "The Law" and was quoted as "B'reshith" or "Thorah," "The Law."

Vol. II. contained from the Book of Joshua to the end of the Second Book of Kings and was quoted as "Neblim Rishonim," that is, "The Early Reciters or Historians."

Vol. III. contained the books from Isaiah to Malaki and was quoted as "Nebiim Akheronim," the "Later Preachers," or, as we now say, "Prophets."

Vol. IV. contained the whole of the remaining Canonical Books of the Hebrew Scriptures and was quoted as the "Kethobim," "Sacred Writers" and included from the "Books of Psalms" to the end of the "Second Chronicles," and, except in the two "Chronicles" presents us with the Divinely Inspired Poetry and Philosophy of the Bible.

I decided to follow this Order of the Books and as in my Introductions to the successive sections of the Bible I have given further details to justify my action, I add no more.

Ferrar Fenton