Philippians 2

Christ, the Pattern of Humility

If then, there is any encouragement in Christ, if any consolation from love, if any community of spirit, if any tender feelings and pity, fill my joy full; so that you may agree in thought, possessing the same love, intending with united hearts the same object. Never in self-seeking nor through vain-glory; but, on the contrary, with good feeling considering others in preference to yourselves, not each scheming for himself, but rather each for others. Think this with yourselves, What was in Christ Jesus? --Who existing in the beauty of God, considered not His Divine equality an incitement to greed; but forsook Himself, taking the form of a slave; arriving in human appearance; and being found apparently like a man, He humbled Himself, becoming subject to death, yes, a death of crucifixion! Therefore God highly exalted Him, and freely gave Him the Name surpassing every name; so that in presence of the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of celestials, and terrestrials, and sub-terrenes, and every tongue confess that the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, exists for a rectification from God.

Exhortation to Fidelity

So then, my beloved, as you have at all times been obedient, not only when in my presence, but much more now in my absence, work out your own salvation amidst fear and terror; for God is energizing in you both to will and to do for the sake of His approbation. Do all without grudging and siputes; so that you may become blameless and pure, beautiful children of God, in the midst of a deformed, degenerate race--among whom you will shine like bright lights to the whole world-- possessing a reason for life, to my delight in the day of Christ; for then I shall not have run for nothing, nor have worked in vain. Yet even if I am exhausted in the sacrifice and service of your faith, I will still rejoice and congratulate with you all; and you also be glad and congratulate me.

Paul's Messengers Commended

But I hope in the Lord Jesus soon to send Timothy to you, so that I myself may be encouraged by hearing about you. For I have no other fellow spirit who is so anxious for a knowledge of your affairs; because they all seek their own business, not that of Jesus Christ. But you know his worth; for he slaved with me in the gospel, like a son for his father. I hope, therefore, to send him for this, as soon as I have ascertained about my affairs here. And I am confident in the Lord that I also shall come soon.

I have, however, thought it necessary to send to you my brother and companion in work and war, Epaphroditus, who was your messenger, and attendant to my wants; for he was always longing for you, and was depressed because you had heard that he had been sick. And he was ill--very near death. But God pitied him; and not only him, but myself also, so that I might not have sorrow heaped upon sorrow. Therefore I have sent him more willingly, so that seeing him again you may be glad, and I may also be more pleased. So take him with every pleasure in the Lord, and hold such as he in honour; because for the work of Christ he approached death, disregarding his own life, so that he might accomplish your offering to my wants.