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The Five Books of Moses

THE FIRST BOOK 0F M0SES, CALLED GENESIS. TRANSLATED DIRECT FROM THE HEBREW BY FERRAR FENTON. BOOK THE FIRST. GH]: 3Fi1·zi (Mention uf ibn `muiirzrsz I0 II I2 kg ®¤U = ®I¤him. by Periodsl GOD created that which produced the Solar Systems;

then that which produced the Earth. But the Earth was unorganised and empty; and darkness covered its con- vulsed surface; while the breath of GOD rocked the surface of its waters. Let there be

and light came. And GOD gazed uponthat beautiful light; and GOD divided the light from the dark- ness. And to the light GOD gave the name of Day, and to the darkness He gave the name of Night. This was the close and the dawn of the first age. Let there be an

expanse between the waters, and let it be a division between the waters And GOD made the expanse, and it divided the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and that was done. And GOD named the expanse the Heavens. 'l`his was the close and the dawn of the second age. Let the

waters below the Heavens be collected in one place, and let dry land appear; I and that was done. And GOD named the dry land Earth; and the accumu— lated waters Henamed Seas; and GOD admired their beauty. GOD then Let the Earth produce seed— bearing vegetation, as well as fruit trees according to their several species, capable of reproduction upon and that was done. T he Earth produced the seed—bearing

It is curious

that all translators from the Septuagint have 3], B’1zasr~11·rn, into the singular, although it is plural in the Hebrew.- S0 I render it accurately.- ·F. F. herbage according to every species, as well -as the different species of reproductive fruit trees; and GOD saw that they were good. This was the close and the dawn of the third age. Let reflectors

appear in the expanse of the Heavens for a division between the day and the night; and let them serve to mark seasons, periods, and years; and let them also illuminate the expanse of the skies so as to reflect their light and that was done. GOD had made two large luminaries, the larger one to control the day, and the smaller one to control the night, accompanied by the stars. And GOD had fixed them in the heavenly expanse so as to illuminate the Earth, to control the day and to control the night, and to `marki the division between the light and the darkness; and GOD saw they were beautiful. This was the close and the dawn of the fourth age. Let the waters be

swarming with animal life, and let birds fly in the expanse of the skies GOD accordingly produced the monsters of the deep, and the waters swarmed with every species of reptile, and also produced every species of dying bird. {And GOD admired their beauty. And GOD, in giving them His blessing, said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, so as to fill the waters of the deep; and also let the birds multiply upon the This was the close and the dawn of the fifth age. Let the Earth

produce animal life according to its species, in quadrupeds, reptiles and all wild animals, answering to their and that was done. GOD accordingly made the various species of the animals o-f the Earth, as well x6 18 20 2I 22 25

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