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The Period of Nahum was about 713 B.C. HE burden of N inevah. The book of the vision of Nahum. the Elkoshite. 1 A jealous Gon! avenging Loma! The ruling Loma of avengiug wrath, A Loma who visits His opponents, And keeps watch over all.His foes I A patient LORD of mighty power , Who will not strike those struck before. The Loma rides on the whirling storm, Clouds are the dust about His feet! When He reproves the sea it dries, And all the rivers waste away; Then Bashan and Karmel languish, And the flowers of Lebanon faint! The Mountains shake before Him, And the Highlands are dissolved ; The Earth stands up in His Presence, With the World and all it contains! Who can stand before His anger? Who endure in His burning wrath? His fury pours likea fire, And before it the rocks are split! The Good LORD helps in the day of distress, And knows those who trust in Him But makes a sweeping destruction , And rolls His powerful foes to gloom. Why plot you against ]EHOvAH E He will so completely destroy , That Oppressors will rise not again , Though like thorns they are plaited together, d Anlike drunkards confused in their drink, He devours you- like the dry straw IO Lrvyno against the LORD brought out a scheme, L_ __:|_ A_|_ 1 . A • - ·- — ·· ‘' II i ne vue thought oi unbridled Crime! ' 12 Thothey are powerful and many , Yet they shall be shorn and shall pass; Having punished, I no more afilict , But I now break his yoke from your neck, And loose you away from your bonds} For the Loup will command about you, Not to scatter the race of your name; From the House of your GOD cast your Idols, And cover your fault like a shameful grave. 635
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