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The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers

, V SOLOMON BEN DAVID, KING 1 THE Proverbs of So1omon·Bcn- the young to gain prudence and· David, King of Israel, which discretion. _ 2 are to teach wisdom and correc— The Philosophercan listen, and add 5 i ton, and to understand the ideas to his acquisitions, and the intelligent 3 of intelligence; how to acquire gain assistance in understanding a 6 i instructon, skill, righteousness, proverb, and the meaning of the words 4 justice, and rectitude; and to teach ofthe Wise and their dark sayings! BOOK OF PROVERBS.—~BOOK THE FIRST. £¤ii¤. Respect for the Lord is the hrsbfruit of Wisdom; and only fools despise 7 coneeuon. §¤hih’¤ Uniruhttziurg 3hhrz¤¤ in his Sun, Sulnmmt. \ $`°‘+,N My son, hear your fatherfs correction; And reject not the words of your mother, For they are a. wreath for your head, And chains for adorning your neck. Ruins nf iff:. Go not, my son, if the wicked entice, If they say, ‘ Come, let us look out for blood, And lurk for the careless and fools; Let us swallow their lives like the grave, And in mass, as they got to the pit! We shall seize upon wealth of all kinds; And with plunder can fill all our hands. Come throw in your venture with us , One purse then shall serve for us all I ’ ’ My son, go not out on their path I

gud hold lback your feet from their course, II


bur uiexr zootsteps rush on to distress, A-.; \.-..4.-.. Li .• .•• -··· — X6 The net surely is spread out in vain In the sight of theilord of a wing! But those watch to shed their own- blood 18 , They lay ambush against their own lives! For that is the end of all plunder , Plunder captures the lives of its slaves. 3:t Uzrhitniiuu in the Wruiuh. ‘ Wisdom cries out aloud in the streets, zo She utters her voice in the squares; At the top of the markets she cries,


At the wide open gates of the town She declaims in her speech I 78 1 A “$»- ““ ., A \ As““`s.e \ ‘· iv.;
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