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IO II I2 16 18 20 and to thc congregation in their house. Remember me to my friend Epae-

netus, who is the &rst—fruits to Christ from Achaia,. Remember me to Mary, who has worked well amongst you. Remember me to my cousins and

fellow-assistants, Andronicus and junias, who are distinguished amongst the apostles, and came to Christ before me. Regards to Amplias, my friend in

the Lord; and also our companion in Christ, Urbanus; and my friend Stachys; with Apelles, the approved in Christ; and the family of Aris- tobulus; as well as my cousin Herodion. Best wishes to the family of Narcissus, who are in the Lord; with those workers for the Lord, Tryphena and 'I`ryphosa——remember- ing the good Persis, who has done much in the Lord. Best wishes to Rufus, the chosen

of the Lord, and to his and my mother; and also Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermes, with all their brothers—remembering Philolo~ gus, julia, Nereus, and his sister, and Olympas, and all the saints with them. Greet each other with a holy kiss.

All the assemblies of Christ send you good wishes. But I beg of you, brothers, to look

after those who create disturbances and offences against the doctrine that you have learnt, and tum away from them. For they do not serve our Lord jesus Christ, but their own greed; and by their flattery and fair speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspicious ; for your fame has spread to all. Therefore, I am proud of you ; and wish you to be wise for good, but ignorant in evil. And the God of peace will soon tread the enemy under your feet. The grace of our Lord ]esus Christ be with you. My assistant, Timothy, and my

cousins, Luke and Jason, and Sosi- pater, send you regards. I, Tertius, who write out this letter, do the same in the Lord. My host, Gains, and the whole

assembly, with Erastus, the city trea- surer, and his brother Quartus, send ` their good wishes to you. And the Almighty confirm you by

my good news; and the preaching of jesus Christ through the revelation of a mystery, hidden for ages of time, but now displayed through the pro- phetic writings, according to the de- termination of the Eternal God, and revealed for obedient faith to all the heathen: to the only wise God be glory through jesus Christ in eternity. Z! 22 26 21.H1BD.* Written to the Romans hom Corinth, and

sent by means of Phabc, the servant of the Kenchrean Assemély. 1 Verse 24 is entirelg omitted by Drs. West- cott and Hort, as not elonging to the text. 2 N0*rz.—-In these three essays the Apostle

Paul presents to mankind the whole of the Christian Doctrine in a systemised form from three points of view, with a sublime ower of lled b genius never equay any writer the world as produced, and with his natural genius for philosophic thoxfht heightened by a Divine Insiration to a th o insi pepght into human nature and all the aculties of the Son of Man, such as had never before been granted to any secular or inspired teacher. his has made him the leader of advanced thought for the ast two thousand years, and has even compelled those who in our day profess to disbelieve in any Divine Revelation, to confess in admira- tion of his work that it embodies the essential Religion of the Future, and that the world is only just becoming able to comprehend the eternal truths he enforced. We who believe know them to be Eternal, for they came Rom the Ever Living God.—F. F. THF. FIRST EPISTLE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO THE

lm}! ’¤h°¤U¤¤ii¤¤· God existing in Corinth, puritied in

AUL, chosen by Divine will an Christ jesus: to the chosen saints, apostle of Christ jesus, and the with all appealing to the Power of our

brother Sosthenes, to the assembly of Lord Iesus Christ——theirs and ourS——· 1187

Ferrar Fenton Bible page 1187

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