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1-..4 {O I2 But about the times and the I Bc at peace among yourselves; but

seqspusubrethrcul there is qc negd for l {ve bgg pf you, brethren, correct the wntmg to you; for yourselves kn-ow well enough that the day of the Lord comes like at thief at night. When they Peace and security/’ then, sud- denly, destruction seizes them, as the agony of a woman with child; and they cannot escape. But you, brethren, are not in dark-

ness, so that that day should seize you like a. thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are neither of night nor of darkness. Conse- quently, we do not sleep as the rest; but we keep guard and are sober. For the sleepers sleep at night, and the drunkards are drunk at night. But we, being of day, are sober, clothed in a breastplate of faith and love, end a helmet-—a hope of salva- tion. For God appointed us not for passion ; but, on the contrary, for the acquisition of salvation through our Lord jesus Christ, Who driedfor our sakes, so that, whether watching or sleeping, we may live together with Him. Therefore comfort yourselves mutually, and build yourselves up into oneness--as also you do. my: Qihittz §ifz. And we request you, brothers, to

recognise those labouring among you, and leading you in the Lord, and in- structing you; and esteem them with special love, because of their work. disorderly; encourage the timid; help the weak; forbear with all. Guard against any returning wrong

for wrong to any one; on the contrary, always follow good, both to one another, and to all. Rejoice at all times : Pray unceasingly ; Give thanks for everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ jesus. Quench not the Spirit; Nor despise preaching; But, examining everything, Secure the noble, And refrain from every appearance of wickedness. And the God of peace Himself

purify you perfectly, and keep your spirit, and the soul, and the body, spotless for the appearance of our Lord jesus Christ. He Who called you is faithful, and He will effect it. Pray for us, friends. Give regards to all the brethren with a holy kiss. I charge you by the Lord to make this letter known to all our friends. The blessing of our Lord jesus Christ be with you. (A ddressed to the Thessalonians 16 18 zo 21 22 26 28

Paul, in the name of himself, Silas, and Timothy, from Corinth, in the earlier part of the year 53 A.D.) No’r:.»-This letter was evidernly of ilater date than 53 A.¤., and, from internal evidence (see Ht u ex ma. .....:ll.... ..-.... A L -..4 -¤ - · ·· · ‘ ' ‘ ‘ ‘ “‘ ‘ ., . , u. invi;was wruten xrom Athens during a visit not recorded in the Acts cf the Apostles. Thai old chronology put to the Epistles is 0 tcn wrong, and was the a:ztima.us2 of comparatively vnn nrn +e·4•1¤n¤»·ik»~.•·¤ D D THE SECOND EPISTLE OF _PAUL THE APOSTLE To THE


®:·22iing. 1 DAUL, and Silvzmus, and Timothy, to the assembly of T hessalouians, in our God, Father, and Lord

2 ]esus Christ: Blessing and peace to you from God our Father, and Lord jesus Christ. @32 lpcsilck Qbankxgiiring.

We ought rightly to give thanks to

God always for you, friends, as it is fitting; because your faith abounds beyond measure, and love fills all of you mutually: so that we ou1·· selves beast iu the assemblies of God 1224

Ferrar Fenton Bible page 1224

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