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The period of Ezekie1’s 0Ece as Prophet was from 595 to 574 B.c. W32 ®n1I ni Ggzkizl. 1 `[ T was in the thirty·fourth year in the fifth month, when I was

amongst the captives located bythe Great River, the skies opened, and I

2 saw some visions from GOD. It was in the Sith month of the fifth year of the transportation of King jhoiakim

3 that the command of the EVER- LIVING came to Ezekiel-ben-Buzi, the priest, in the country of the Kasdim, by the Great River, that the hand of the EvER·L1v1NG came there upon him. myc Qizimr uf the Sum: `Qzingm 4 Then I looked, and saw a raging wind from the north driving a great cloud, and whirling fire dashing around it, with the gleam of polished

5 brass in the centre of the fire. T here were representations of four Beings in the centre,——and those Beings had the appearance of human forms.

6 But each had four faces, and each 7 had four pair of wings, Their feet, however, were perpendicular, and the soles of their feet like the feet of a calf, but sparkling like the glitter

8 of bright brass. They also had arms like a man under their wings, at their four sides,—-and their faces,

g and pairs of wings were four. These wings were attached together at the sockets. The men did not face about when they advanced--they

10 went straight before each face. The form of one face was like that of a man, but the four had the face of a lion on the right side; and the four had the face of an ox, on the left side; and the four had the face of an 11 eagle. Their faces were thus. When ascending they spread their

wings. Each had a couple of wings attached together. But two covered

:2 their bodies, and each in advancing went straight before himself. v'I`o whatever point the wind proceeded, they went, they never turned face for their journey. And with the 13 Beings, forms appeared, like burning coals of fire ;—1ike the appearance of lamps ;-——who marched amongst the Beings with sparkling fire, and light- nings shot from the fire. The Beings x4 l aso ran and danced like lightning. S0 I watched the Beings ;··—and 15 saw a wheel on the earth at the side of the Beings, at each of their faces . The appearance of these wheels, and 16 their substance was like the gleam of amber ;-·—·the form of all four, their appearance and substance was as if a wheel were within a wheel} In 17 advancing, they advanced towards the four quarters, without facing about to advance, and they had rims 18 to them,-— and it seemed these rims were full of eyes, round all four of them, and when the Beings advanced, rg the wheels advanced at their side, and when the Beings ascended from the earth, the wheels ascended. Wherever the wind decided to go,—~— zo they went wherever the wind went, and the wheels ascended with them, for the wind enlivened the wheels. On its advancing,-—·they advanced; 21 on its standing,·—they stood; for the wind enlivened the wheels. An appearance was above the zz Beings like sparkling ice, extended high up over their heads; and 23 beneath this expansion they spread their wings in association. Each had two to cover their bodies with, on one side,—and each had two to cover the other side; and I heard 24 the sound of their wings, like the sound of many waters,—-like the sound of waterfalls, when they advanced, the sound of a storm of rain,·-—like the sound of a camp! When they stood still, they drooped 1 A wheel within a circle, evidently in this form-


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