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The New Testament

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HE old man to his friend Gaius, whom I truly love. I pray above all, friend, that you

may be prosperous and well, just as your soul prospers; for I was ex- ceedingly delighted when brethren came and testified of your truth, and how you walk in the truth. I have no greater delight than to learn that my children conduct themselves always in the truth. You practise faith, friend, when you

bestow benefits on the brotherhood who are even strangers; they testify of your friendship before the assembly, how well you have done in having helped them forward for the sake of God. Because for the sake of that Name they went out, taking nothing from the heathen. Such we ought therefore to support, so that we may be workers together for the truth. I wrote something to the assembly;

Diotrephes, however, who likes to make himself prominent among them, rejects us. If I come, therefore, I will make him remember his conduct, sneering at us with vile expressions; and indeed, not content with these, he did not receive the brethren, and hindered those who would, and ex- pelled them from the assembly. Do not, friend, imitate the bad, but

the good. The well-doer is from God; the wrong-doer has not seen God. Demetrius is well reported of by all, as well as by the truth itself; yes, and we also give evidence, and you know that our evidence is reliable. I have much to write to you; but I

am unwilling to communicate to you with pen and ink. Very soon, how- ever, I hope to see you, when we can speak by word of mouth. Peace to you. The friends send you regards. Remember the friends by name. IO Il I2

(These two short Letters were written

from Ephesus, probabty between theyean 88 and go A.D.)

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UDE, a servant of jesus Christ, and brother of james, to the be- loved by God the Father, and surely called in jesus Christ: Mercy to you; and may peace and love be perfected. Friends, while I was making every

eiort to write to you in reference to our common salvation, I was impelled to write to you, urging you to strive energetically for the faith which was once for all entrusted to the holy. For some impious men have crept in stealthily, who were of old prescribed for this crime, who pervert the gift of our God into profligacy, denying our only Master and Lord jesus Christ. Solemn Warning against Qgpurriiirnl Wnlzziizhzrs. I now desire to remind you, 5 although you once knew it, that the people having been saved out of the land of Egypt, those who afterwards would not believe perished. Those 6 angels also who did not guard, their own dominion, but abandoned their proper duty, He reserves in custody in the spiritland, under darkness, for a great Day of judgment. Like Sodom 7 and Gomorrah, and their surrounding towns~——who in the same way gave themselves up to prostitution, going after foul sensuality—are placed asa 1254

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