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The History of the People of Israel


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BY 1sA1A1—1-BEN-AMOz THE 1>R01¤HET (See Second Chronicles, Ch. 32, v. 32.) BOOK IV. THE PERIOD OF SAMUEL. THE sacoma Boox oF SAMUEL. (8.0. 1054.) El); Bgfggi at Qilbgu ‘Stand by and kill me, for I am rep urizh in Qubih. T was after the death of Saul, when David was resting from the defeat

of the Amalekites for two days, after David had returned to Ziklag, that on the third day a man came from the camp of the army of Saul, with his clothes torn, and earth on his head, and when he reached David he in- clined to the earth and bowed. Where do you come from ?’ I have escaped from the Camp of Israel! David

Inform me, I Both the regular

soldiers, and also ten thousand of the militia have fallen, and Saul has been killed, and jonathan his son is dead ! Then David asked the young man,

‘Can you tell me if you know how Saul was killed, and jonathan his I

happened to be upon the hill of Gilboa, and saw Saul leaning on his spear,and the chariots and horsemen were charging down upon him. And he looked behind him, and saw and called to me, when I replied, ‘I am seized with terror and all my spirit has left me.’ So I stood by him and killed him. Then I examined who he might be after he had fallen, and took the coronet which was on his head, and the bracelets from his arms, and have brought them here to my Then David seized his robes and tore

them, and all his men who were with him did the same ; and they mourned and wept and lamented until the evening over Saul, and over jonathan his son, and over the army of the EVER-LIVING, and over the House of Israel who had fallen by the sword. David afterwards asked the young

Will you inform from where you come ? ’ I am the son of a foreigner, an Amalekite.’ Were you

not afraid to stretch out your hand to destroy the consecrated to the And David called to one Go up to and And David Your blood is on your own head, for your mouth gave evi- dence against you !—saying, ‘ I killed the LORD’s anointed! here !’ Then he said to me,‘Who ’ David also chanted this elegy over are you?’ And I answered him, ‘I Saul and his son jonathan, and am an Amalekitef When he said, ordered the tribe of judah to be 212 IO II I2 16 18

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The History of the People of Israel