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The Books of the Prophets

IO II I2 16

O B A D I A H .

(DATE 587 2.0.) Ghz Eisimz nf Qébahinh. HUS says the MIGHTY LGRD about Edom; We have heard a command from the LORD about Edom And a. message .is sent to the Nations; ‘ Arise! and go up to the war against Hcrl ’ ‘ Look! I will make you bc small among N ations! Aud you shall be greatly despised I Your bold heart deceived you, who dwell on high clifls, Whose home is on high, and Who says to his heart, ‘ Who can drag me to earth? ' ‘ If with Eagles you soar, if you nest among stars, says the LQRD. ‘ If thieves come to you, or if burglars by night, Would they not cease when they’d stolen enough? If grape gatherers came to you, would they not leave gleanings ‘ Is not Esau discovered? his treasures poured out? Those men. your allies, to your borders have driven ; They deceived you I Your friends have o'erwhelmed! Spread a net on your bread that you did not perceive! now take Genius from Edom? And Talent from off Edom’s Hill?

Make your Generals, Theman, be cowards, So that slaughter may cut off the men from Mount Esau? Shame shall clothe for the wrongs done to jacob your brother, And you shall be cut off for ever. ‘ At that time you stood near when the foreigners captured his army, And the strangers came into his gates, and tossed dice for ]'erusalem, You joined one with them l You looked not, on that day, at your brother, In that day you made him a stranger, You soothed not ]udah’s sons in the day of their loss, Nor opened your mouth in his day of distress; Nor came to the gate of My Race in the day of their grief ; Nor sent to his aid in the day of his sorrow; But you stood at the cross-roads to cut off his flight, And hid not his escaped in their day of defeat. ‘ Butthe day of the Loma will come on every N ation ;~ And as you have done, He will do to yourselves; Your crime will return on your head! As you drank upon My Holy Hill, All the Nations shall drink upon you, Deeply drink and will swallow you down, You will be as if never in life.


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