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M5: Graaf but ni §b¤z¥;1·¤¤I3. 1 It was in the period of Khushrush. The Khushrush who was Emperor from Houdi to Kush,$~—·a hundred and twenty-seven provinces. In those days whilst this king reigned Khushrush fixed the throne of his Empire in the Palace of Shéshan. In the third year of his reign he

made a feast for all his Princes and Ministers, and the powerful O$cers of the Medes and Persiaus, and the Governors of the Provinces who were present with him, when he displayed the splendid wealth of his Empire, and the most beautiful treasures of his dominions for a number of days, a hundred and eighty days, And

when that period was run out, the King made one to all the people who were found at the palace of Shushan ; a feast for seven days to the small

and great, in the Gardemcourt of the King’s residence. Curtains of muslin and purple hung

on white cords; with fringes, on rings of silver from columns of marble. The sofas were of gold and silver, on a pavement of porphyry, and marble, and alabaster, and greenstone. And they drank out of golden cups of various patterns, plentifully of the royal wine, at the cost of the King. And this was the rule of the feast, there was no control,~—#for so the King had ordered to the Steward of his Palace, that every one should do as he wished. @132 Queen sent fn1¢.~·—¥u¤I;ii’¤ Refusal in Ghzg. Vashti, the Queen, also made a

feast for women in the Royal Palace

as spelt in the Hebrew, was the ancient name oi in Central India, East of the Punjaub, and seems to have been the Eastern Boundarv of the Persian Empire.——F. F. North Arabia. of King Khushrush. On its seventh day, when the King was elated by wine, he ordered Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, and Abagtha, Zethar, and Carcas, the seven Chief Eunuchs, who attended King Khush- rush, to bring the Queen Vashti to the royal presence, with her Queenly crown, to show the people and nobles her_ beauty,—for she was charming IO IX

to look at. But the Queen Vashti 12 refused to come at the order of the King by the hand of the Eunuchs. The King was consequently very furious, and his rage fired him. The King therefore asked for the ]udges who understood the customs,—as the King was accustomed to do towards all who understood affairs, and law, and Carshena, Shethar, Admatha,

Tarshish, Meres, Marsena, Memucan, seven Princes of Persia, and Media approached him. They were the privy counsellors of the King, and Presidents of the Empire. 'What should be done to Queen

Vashti according to Law, because she has not obeyed the order of the King Khushrush, given through the he asked. And Memucan replied before King

Vashti the Queen has not only insulted the King, but all the Princes, and all the People who are in all the Dominions of King Khushrush, for the action of the Queen will excite all the women to despise their masters in their sight, when they are told that King Khushrush commanded Vashti the Queen to be brought to him,——a.nd she would not come! And to-day it will be told to the ladies of Persia and Media. And when all the King’s nobles hear of the action of Queen Vashti, there will be contempt and anger! Therefore, if it is pleasing to the King, let this be recorded in the laws of the Persians and Medes, —-so that it may not be passed by, that Vashti shall no more come into the presence of Khushrush, and that 890 16 18

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