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(DATE 862 B.c.) Qnxxalfz Gliull. 1 /\ MESSAGE came from the Lord to ]0na.h—ben-Amitha. to say :—— Rise! Goto Ninavah, the Great City, and preach to it, for its wicked- ness has come up before Me. W32 §1·¤pI;zi flies nixmg in ®zm·m·. jonah, however, arose and ded

towards Tharshish from the presence of the EvER»LIv1NG, and descended to jaffa, and found a. ship going to '1`harshish, and paid his fare, and embarked in her to go with them to Tharshish, from the presence of the EVER-L1v1NG. @32 ®r2ai Siurm. But the EVER-LIVING raised a. great

wind upon the sea, and then came a furious storm, and the ship seemed about to be wrecked, so the sailors became terrified and cried everyone to his god, and threw out the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten her. But Jonah had gone down to the berths, and lay fast asleep. The captain of the ship however

Why are you asleep? Get up, and call upon your Gon; perhaps your GOD will save us,——then we shall not perish! ’ But everyone said to his messmate,

‘Come on! let us throw dice, and find out on account of whom this So they threw dice, and the dice fell against jonah. Tell us now on

account of what this danger came to us? Where are you going? and where do you come from? ‘ What is your country? And to what People do you belong ? ’ I am a

Hebrew. I reverence the LORD GOD of Heaven Who made the Sea and Then the men were afraid with

What For the men understood that he was flying from the presence of the EvFR·r,1vmc;; for he had told them. They consequently asked him,

‘What must be done to you? to lessen the sea around us? for the water and the storm gallop. Heave me up

and lling me into the sea! and the sea will be abated about you, because I know that this great hurricane has come upon you on my account} The men, however, worked hard to

return to the land, but were not able, for the sea galloped, and the storm was against them. So they cried to We beg of You, Evr:1z~L1v1No, now, not to let the life of this man perish; and not to lay upon us innocent blood ;—for You can do as You decide. Then they hoisted jonah, and Hung

him into the sea. And the fury of the sea ceased l But the men were terrified, and

reverenoed the EVER-LIVING greatly, and otiered a sacrifice to the EVER- Lxvmo, and vowed vows. IO II I2 16 ®l;z (Ernst Ital)/’ But the Evmz—L1v1Ne had appointed 2 I to pick up jonah. And jonah was three days and nights and Jonah 2 prayed to his Evan-Livmd Gon and said :——·~ was

Whale ’ in the version of the Greek translators whose blunder has been repeated by ali latorsin all l subsequent trans, anguzges, to the perplexity of their readers, unti I ecided to go back to the original statement of the prophet in his own I-Iebrew.——F. F. 624

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