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The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers

TRANSLATED. DIRECT FROM THE HEBREW TEXT. The period when David wrote was from 1063 to 1015 B.C. THE FIRST BOOK OF PSALMS. CHIEFLY WRITTEN l BY DAVID THE KING. PSALM 1. ®n the Qiiglyfnznmw mm:. Blast is the man who has not walked beneath the sinners’ groves 1 And not stood on the path of vice, not sat where scoHe1·s sit; Who in ]E1~1ovAn’s Laws delights, And seeks His rules by day and night. Like trees beside the flowing stream, Which bear their- fruit in season due, Their leaves fade not, and they succeed, In all they undertake todo. Not so the bad, they are like chaff, Which winds, will driveaway; The bad will not attain to.ru1e· not sinners hold the good. For good men’s path the LOR‘D prepares, but breaks the bad me¤'s road. 6 PSALM 2. @2: ily: Snlig nf llbppusiug ®¤h. Why do the heathenrage? and Tribes contrivein vain? The Kings of- earth collect, and Princes plan as one, Againstthe LORD’,s Messiah ? ‘ Let us breakpfrom His bands, and strip His cords away) But Heaven's dweller laughs; my Prince will smile at them. Then speak to them in wrath, and, angry, till with dread. ‘ Stay! I will seat my King on Zionfs Holy Hill. And I proclaim the fact,. the L1FE_dec1ared to me, ‘ To—day I hare brought out yourself who are my son; Ask me, and I will make the Heathen your Estate And Earth’s bounds you shall hold. ‘ You wield an iron staff, that forms or breaks the pots; So, now you Kings, attend,—-earth, rulers now reform, With reverence. serveithe LORD, and tremblingly rejoice, His Son kiss, lest_He grieve, and thus your path be lost.’ If His face lights a spark all trusting Him are blest. 66 5 IO II I2
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