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The Books of the Prophets


Zepha.niah’s 05icc as Prophet was about 630 B.G. HE Message from the EVER- Ben-Amariah, Ben-Hezekiah, in the LXVING that came to Zeph- days of josiah-ben-Amon, King of zmiah - ben - Kushi, ·——- Ben - Gedaliah, judah. @12 message nf the ®hm:·1ihiug. ’I will reap! I will reap all the fat of the land. Says the Loan, ‘ I will reap both the Mau and the Beast. I will reap all the birds of the skies and the tish of the sea, With the vice of the vile! And men will cut 0H &·om the face of the ground} Says the LORD; ‘ And stretch out My hand against judah, At jerusalem and all her people! And cut 0E from his high place the Master of Bal, And the fame of his Nobles and Priests, Who bow on the roofs to the Host of the skies, And who worship, and mix with the LORD’s, And all who swear by Milkom I And those who revolt hom the Loan, Who seek not the LORD, nor desire Him! ' Be still before the Great Loan, For the day of the Loan is at hand; The Loan has arranged for His feast And has chosen His guests. In the day of the feast of the Loxm, I will punish the Princes the Sons of the King, And all wearing foreign attire! And punish all leaping the threshold, Who iill their Lo1zn's House with oppression and wrong! a

sound of shrieking will come from the Fish-gate, and a howling, and a great crash from the highlands. Howl, people of Maktesh! because all the Merchants are destroyed! All who earn money are cut off I ‘And at that time I will search

jerusalem with lamps, and punish the men settled on their dregs, whr sayin their hearts, ‘The Loma can do neither benent nor hurt} But :3 their wealth will be plundered, and their houses desolated! When they build houses they shall not inhabit them, or plant vineyards, they shall not drink the wine I ’ Ghz EK]! luhm ®¤h Qxmishzs. The great day of the Loma approaches, Approaches and comes on quick! The sound of the Day of the LORD! When the heroes will bitterly cry; 642

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