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The History of the People of Israel


BY ISAIAH, THE SON OF AMOZ. BOOK I. THE PERIOD OF JOSHUA. (mc. 145;) ®¤h’¤ Qsmmaxxb mth ¥1·¤mis2s in Qusbun. IT was after the death of Moses, the Servant ¤f the ·Evmz—x,1vmG, that the Evmz ~ uvxuc spake to joshua the son of Nun, the Lieu- tenant of Moses, saying.; * My Servant Moseshas died ;—-—

thereforeyou arise,»cross the jordan, you and all the peop1e,—~to the

country Idwill give to them To the children of Israel, I give all theextent that you can march over, as I said to Moses, from the desert to Lebanon ; and from the Great River Frath all the country of the Khithitesg to the Great Sea, at the `settingof the sun, shall be your boundaries. No man shall be able to stand before you all the ·days’of° your life. Asdl was with Moses, I will be with you. , I will never leave nor desert you. Be strong and bold! for you- shall divide that country among this People, as I promised to their fathers to give it to them. Therefore be very strong and bold I Keep and practise all the laws that I commanded to My ser- vant Moses! Turn not from them to the right hand or the left, but act prudently wherever you go. You must not remove the book of these laws from before you, but think about it day and night, for you must care- fully practise all written init, for then your career will prosper,-so reflect upon it. Have I not commanded you to be strong and bold? Be not afraid or shrink! for your EVER-LIVING GOD is with you wherever you go! 1 Euphrates.--F. F. ° Hitites.—-F. F. Qusbna ¥rzpnrz¤ tu Qbhanzz. joshua consequently ordered the oflicers of the People saying; ‘ Go through the midst of the camp and command the People, thus; ‘ Prepare yourselves to march ; for

at three days from now you must. pass over the jordan, to goto possess the country that your EvER·Lrv1NG Goo has given you to ·hold. Eine Erilus uf 1{znlmt mth Sah farm the Nnuguarb. But to the Reubenites, and to

the Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh, joshua-issued this order: Remember the command that

Moses, the servant of the EvER· L1vlNG, gave to you saying, ‘Your EvEn·L1v1NG GOD measured out and gave you this country. Your wives and children and flocks shall remain inthe country which Moses gave to you on this side jordan, but you must pass over armed before your brothers, with all the strength of your army, and help them, until the EvuR»1..1v1Nc; has measured out to your brothers, as He has to you, and they also are put into possession of the country which your Evan-Lxvmo GOD has given to them; then you may return to the country you possess, and hold that which Moses, the servant of the Evan-1.1v1No,_gave toward the sun·rising. We

will do all that you order us, and wherever you send us we Awill. go. I0 I I in Exactly as we listened to Moses we will listen to you, because your EVER- LIVING Gon is with you, as He was with Moses. Every man who rebels

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The History of the People of Israel