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The History of the People of Israel

THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL AND TUDAH. BY 1sA1AH.BEN-AM<;>z T1-m PROPHET. (See II. Chronicles, Ch. 32, v. 32.) BOOK VI. THE MONARCHICAL PERIOD. THE SECOND BOOK OF KINGS. n.c. 896) Nmginly rziguz uber Ezrnzl, smh (Elia!] furzizllz his Mail;. —£I¤ah rzimlis {rum Kamal. 1 AFTER the death of Akhab, Moab 2 revolted from Israel; and Akhaziah lay sick at that time, in his chamber at Shomeron, and was anxious,~—so he sent messengers to go and inquire from Babzcbub, the god If I can revive from this

But a Messenger of the EVER-LIVING commanded Eliah, the Arise! Go up to meet the Ambassadors of the King of Shomeron, and say to them; ‘ Is it because there is not e. GOD

in Israel thatyou go to inquire of

4 Bal-zebub, the god of Akron ?——Con— sequently thus says the EVER-LIVING, ‘ From. the bed that you are upon you shell not arise, for you shall ’ Then Eliah departed. 5 When the messengers returned to Why have you They answered him: ‘A man came up to meet us and said, ‘Gol Return to the king who sent you, and say to him, Thus asks the Even-Livmoz Was itbecause gthere is no GOD in Israel that you sent to inquire of Balézebub, the god of Akron ?——Theref0re from the bed you lie upon you shall not arise; for you shall die! What kind of a man was he who came up to meet you? And said these things to A man 8 covered with hair, and belted with a leather belt round his waist. It is Eliah the Tishbite. §lil;nginI7 nrhers ®Iish in same in him.-—-°4§z refuses. He tlrerefore sept to him a Captain 9 of his Guards, who went up to him where he lived on the top of as hill, MAN of GOD, the king commands you to come down. But Eliah answered and said to the

If I am a MAN of GOD, let fire come down from the skies, and devour you and your company? And fire came down from the skies and consumed. him and his company. Then again he sent to him another

Captain of the Guards with his com- MAN of GOD, the king asks you to descend from that hill. But Eliah replied and said to them,

‘If I am a MAN of GOD, let fire de- scend from the skies and consume When fire came down upon them from the skies and consumed him and his company! But again he sent a third Captain

of the Guards with his company, and the third went up and arrived, but he knelt on his knees before Eliah, and MAN 376



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The History of the People of Israel