The Lamentations of Jeremiah - Ferrar Fenton Bible Translation page 874

The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers


LAM ENT 1 Zimfs Rzxixz. STANZA 1. Why sits the populous City in solitude?

The Great among Nations become like a widow ? The Princess of Countries reduced to pay tribute , Ami weeps in the night, with the tears on her cheeks ?——· There is none to give comfort, of all that have loved her,-·-· Her friends all deceived her, they were to her traitors! Szrimza 2. udah is captive to grief and hard slavery ;

She dwelis with the heathen and cannot find rest; All her lovers look at her enclosed by besiegers. ’ Zions streets mourn, for none come up to worship; l Alher gateways are empty, her Priesthood is sobbing; Hi er mads are aiilicted, herself in distress ! Smnza 3. Her foes are supreme and her enemies pr0sper!—·· For the LORD has distressed her for manifold sins . Her children march captives before their tormentorsl A11 beauty has gone from the daughter of Zion . Her princes are wild deer who cannot find pasture , They run without strength from the face of the hunter. S:rANzA 4. gjerusalem thinks in her mis'ry, and wandering, Of all pleasures that were in the preceding times, Eh re er weak people fell to the hand of a rival , And tormentors look on her, and laugh at her capture. SrANzA 5. erusalem sinned,—-sinned, —s0 goes into exile:

All who honoured, despise her, from seeing her stripped , Therefore she is sobbing, and turns herself lingering , She defiled all her garments, nor thought not of results, Ad flli Look, LORD, on my griefs, for my enemy prospers; ’ S·rANzA 6. How her tyrant has laid hands on all her delights I She sees that the Heathen have entered her 'l`emple,—··· ’ T hoyou ordered them never to enter Your court! All her people are moaning and begging their bread; (Zhu. LLAI- .1...-4-.--A f *‘ • · ‘ ‘ Luve wear treasures for food to sustain them in life! . Y --x. A v A - · A LOOK, u LORD, and assist, for I have become faint. 874

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