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The New Testament


II. TIMOTHY. the contrary, and does not agree to sound reasons-—to those of our Lord jesus Christ, and to the teaching of

4 our rcligiou———hc is stupid, and under- stands nothing; but doting about discussions and wordy wars, from which come envy, strife, abuse, evil

5 suspicions, disputes of depraved men, corrupting the mind and perverting from the truth, by adopting the idea. that our religion is a mere trade

. 6 Yet the all-satisfying religion is a. 7 great acquisition. For we brought nothing into the world, nor are we

8 able to carry anything out; therefore, having food and clothing, let us be

g satished with them. But those who design to be rich fall into a tempta- tion and snare, and many senseless and ruinous desires, which sink those

xo men into loss and destruction; for the love of money is a root of all these evils, some going mad for which, have wandered from the faith, and surrounded themselves with many distresses. 11 But dy these, man of God, and tollow righteousness, piety, faith, love,

12 endurance, gentleness. Fight thegood Bght of the faith; seize hold of the life eternal, to which you are sum- moned; and confess the noble con·

r3 fession before many witnesses. I charge you before the life·giving God of all, and of jesus Christ, Who gave evidence with His noble confession before Pontius Pilate, keeg the com- x4 mand yourself, purely, un lameahly, until the manifestation of our Lord }esus Christ; which at the right time x5 ill bi wrng to light the Blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords, the only possessor of 16 immortality, inhabiting an unap~ proachable light, Whom not one of mankind has seen, nor is able to see, to Whom is eternal honour and power. Amen. To the rich in the present age I 17 advise not to think too highly, nor to trust upon an uncertain wealth; but upon the God Who has prepared for us all wealth for enjoyment; to do 18 good, to enrich themselves with good deeds, to be liberal, aEable, and to xg l ay up for themselves a noble founda- tion for the future, so that they may acquire the enduring life. Timothy, guard the trust; avoid zo the common frivolities and objections of the false philosophy, which some 21 proclaiming, have, as to the faith, missed the mark. Grace bewith you. (The jrst to Timothy was written from

Laodicea, which is the metr@oZis of Paka· tins Phrygia, prcbaby about the year 67 Am.) ran snconn nrzsrtn on ram. run iA1>os·rLn ro


Elie Orzzling. 1 PAUL, an apostle of Christ jesus, through the will of God, for the proclamation of the life which

2 is in Christ jesus, to my dear child Timothy : Blessing, tender- ness, peace, from God, Father, and jesus our Lord. W32 Qpuzilfs Gsbnriuiimts in Wimutlyg. 3 I owe thanks to the God Whom I worship from my ancestors with a pure conscience. that I unceasingly remem- ber you in my supplications night and

4 day; longing to see you, thinking of your troubles, so that I may be filled with joy ; having remembrance of your 5 sincere faith, which lived before in your grandmother Lois, and in your mother Eunice, and which I am conddent is also in you. For which reason I re- 6 mind you to rekindle the hre-—the gift of God~··-·which you possess through the laying on of my hands. For God gave to us not a spirit of weakness; but of vigour, and love, and discretion; Therefore be not ashamed of the

testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner; but, on the contrary, let us endure suffering for the gospel, by the aid of Divine power of Him Who saved andappointed us to a holy vocation . not by our own exertions, but by His own intention and gift bestowed upon I 2 2 9

Ferrar Fenton Bible page 1229

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