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The Books of the Prophets

The period of Hagai’s Prophetic Ministry was about 520 B.c. N the second year of King Darius in the sixth month, on the first

clay of the month, the Command of the EvEn»L1v1NG came by the medium of Hagai the Preacher to Zerubabe1·ben·Sha1athie}e; ” Governor of judah, and to ]oshua·ben-]hoza,· dak, the High Priest, to say; ‘Thus says the Loan or Hosrs !

This people say, ‘ It is not the time to go to the House of the EVER- Lxvmc to rebuild- it! The command of the EvER·L1v-

1NG, however, came by means of Hagai the Preacher to say ; ‘Is it a time for you to rest in

your wainscoted houses,~—·when this thus fix your hearts on your proceedings. You sow much, but it produces little. You eat and are not satisfied. You drink, but are not quenched. You clothe, but are not warm. And the workman earns for a purse with 7 _Thus says the Loma oF Hosrs. ‘ Fix your hearts on your proceedings E

8 Go up to the hill and bring timber and build the HOUsE, and I shall be says the I0 II I2 EVER-Livmo. ‘You went for much, and found

little; you brought that home, but I —-the Lomb Why?—Because My House is a heap of ashes, while you all run to your own homes! Therefore the skies withhold dew from you, and the earth withholds her pro- duce. So I proclaimed a drought upon the land, and upon the hills, and on the com, and on the wine, and on the oil, and on whatever grows from the ground, and upon man, and upon beast, and on the works of your hands} Then Zerubabel·ben-Shalathiel

and joshua-ben-jhozadak the High Priest, and all the fragments of the People, consequently listened to the voice of their Evan-1.1v1No Gon, and to the address of Hagai the Preacher, which their EVER-Lxvmo »GoD had sent to him. And the People paid reverence to the EVER- LIVING. Then Hagai the Messenger of the

Evi:R—L1v1N·G spoke about the Messages of the Evmz—L1v1N<; to the The LIFE saysl am with you.’ The EvER·L1v1NG also reused the

spirit of Zerubabel-ben-Shalathiel, the Governor of judah, and the spirit of joshua-ben~]hozadak, the High Priest, and the spirit of all the fragments of the People, and they went and did work at the HoUsE of the Loan or Hosrs, their Gon, _on the twenty#fourth day of the sixth month, in the second year of the King Darius. On the seventeenth, of the first

month the command of the EVER- LIVING came by means of Hagai the Preacher, to say ; ‘ Speak now to Zerubabel-ben-

Shalathiel, Governor of judah, and ]oshua—ben-jhozadak the High Priest, anél the fragments of the People, and as ;—-— ‘Who remains amongst you who

saw this house in its former splendour? And how does it look now? Is it

not as nothing in your sight ?·—·So· says the and support ]oshua- ben—]hozadak the High Priest, and support all the people of the country/' and work, says the LORD OF with the promise I made to you on bringing you out from the Mitzeraim. My Spirit also stands -For thus says the LORD OF I-Iosrs;


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