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The Books of the Prophets


Date 660 to 698 B.C.


HE Vision which Isaialvben-Amoz foresaw over judah and jerusalem, in 1 the days of Uzziah, I’0tham, Ahaz, and Hezckhiah, the Kings of judah. ODE 1. Qu §\ppmI in his §2nii¤u. The LORD Himself speaks !—-—Heavens hear, and Earth listen! ‘l reared and trained sous, but from Me they revolt. The Ox his owner knows;-the Ass his mastefs crib, But Israel knows n0thing,—~·~My People see not! Woe! you wicked Nation ;~·—'I`ribe loaded with sin, You Race of revolters;-—the children of vice, Who abandoned the LORD Whom they hate, Who from Israe1’s HOLY turned back, Oh what spot crm they strike you again, For each head is wounded and every heart sick, And from the foot sole to the crown is no health, But only wounds, bruises and festering sores, Never cleansed or wrapped up, and not softened with oil t ‘ Your land is a Desert,—-Your cities are burnt, Your farms in your sight strangers eat, and the piunderers waste 1 Zion’s maid sits forlorn like a tent in a field, A Hut in a Garden;-—or City besieged} Unless the LORD’s Mercy had left us a few, We should perish like Sodom, be wrecked like Gomorah. So hear the LORD’S sentence, you judges of Sodom, Attend to GOD's laws, you Gomorahan race ! Is the wealth of your offerings, I am sick of burnt Rams and the fat of fed beasts, Blood of Bulls and of Lambs, and of Goats pleases not. When you come to My Presence who asks them from you, When trampling My courts? ‘ Bring no more vain offerings; your incense I hate it, Your Month·feasts, and Sabbaths, and solemn assemblies, Abandon as useless, for I accept not. My soul hates your Monthly and Festival Meetings; A load they are on Me,-——I stagger to carry; When you there spread your hands, I turn My face from you, Though you multiply praying I never will listen, For blood fills your hands. ‘ Therefore wash yourselves clean, turn your sins from before you; Cease your practice of evil when close to My sight. Learn to be righteous, and try to do justice, Be just to the orphan, the helpless defend. forthe reason I give you; If your sins were like red, they will whiten like snow, If purple as worms will become like to wool; If calmly you listen, the good—Land shall feed you; But refuse, and rebel, and the sword will eat you I ’ 4 l 7 IO II I2 16 18 20
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