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(Dum 787 B.c.) HE Messages by Amos, who was the days of }e1·abam~be¤-joash, king '` among the herdsmen in 1hekoa, of Israel, two years bcforc the earth- whon ho moditated about Israel in the quake, and he said; days of Uziah, king of judah, and in in Qnunuuzzmzni in ih: Qzsplz. The LORD from Zion will roar, And His voice from jerusalem utter, And the pasture of Shepherds will fade, And the summit of Karmel will wither! Wha yum nf yamasruz. The LORD declares thus; ‘ For three sins of Damask, and for four, I will not refrain to requite l She thrashed Gilad with iron flails. So to l·1azae1's House I send fire, Which shall eat up the Hall of Beuhadad, And break all the bars of Damask, And from Aven’s Valley cut men, And will seize on the Staff of Beth—Ede¤, Says the LORD. W12 §¤¤m uf Saga. The Lord proclaims thus ;-— ‘ For three sins of Gaza’s, and four, I will not refrain to requite !-—· For she captured the captives in peace, And to Edom delivered them up! So to Gaza’s walls I will send fire, Which will eat up Her Halls, And will cut off the people from Ashdod, And Askalon’s Ruler will slay, And against Akron turning My hand, All Philistia’s remnant shall fal1,’ Saysethe LORD ! El}: @¤¤m nf ®gm·. The LORD declares thus: For three sins of,Tzur, and for four, I will not refrain to requitel They delivered the captives to Edom ; Not remembering the treaty of friends! To the ramparts of Tzur I send fire, And it shall devour her Halls l' (QT A

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