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The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers

BY SOLOMON. Inrnonucronr Nom me rne Tmmsrnoiz. This beautiful poem seems to myself, and several competent critics, to be a \Vedding Da y

Drama. I have, therefore, endeavoured in my translation to restore the actual dramatic form in which Solomon wrote it, and I think by doing so the matchless beauty of the poem is dislad ait hilbb pyes as never prevousy een y any translator or commentator.-—F. F. PRELUDE. (In a village.) Snnpnnnnnss. Let him kiss me with his kissing mouth ;-· For your love is sweeter than wine! SHEPHERD. Your breath is a charming perfume! Sunvnnxnnss. Your fame is abroad ;-—~that all the girls love you! SHEPHERD. Entice me !—-1*11 run after you! (She rnns of in sport.} Aer 1. Semin 1. (I n DAVlD°S Park Lodge. The SHEPHERDESS sings on being introduced to the other attendants in DAVID’S Park Palace.) Sumnnxnnss. The King has brought to his home. Arrnunmrrs. We are pleased and delighted with you !—— Your charms are more pleasant than wine ;-- The Princes will love! Snnrnznnnss in reply. I am dusky but comely, ]erusalem’s girls! Like pavilions of Kedar, Like So1omon’s tents ; Oh ! look not on me! I am black ! The sun has embrowned me! The sons of my mother were cruel to me, They set me to watch in the Vineyard, So my own Vineyard I never could guard I

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