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The time of Ma1aki’s Prophetic Oiiice was about 3g7~1a.c. THE Burden of the Message of the Evxm-L1v1NG to Israel, by the hand of Malaki. says the EVER-

but you ask, ‘ In what have You loved us? ’-—Was not Esau the EvE1z~1.1v1NG yet I befriended- jacob and disliked Esau, and have laid his mountains to waste, and his home- stead to the snakes of- the Desert} We are

broken down, yet we will return and the Loma 0F You may build, but I will throw down, and they will be called the ‘ Bad4border,’ and the People of the L0_RD’s anger' for

ever l--And your eyes shall see it, when you will exclaim, ‘The LQRD is Great over all the borders of Bdurniug in Nnfaiilyfatl Qrizzis. ‘ A scm should honour his father,

and a servant his master; so if I am a Father,—-····where is My honouring? and if I am your Master, where is the asks the LORD 0FHOs’1‘s, by you, Priests, who degrade MY NAME ? But, you may ask, ‘ By what do we degrade Your NAME ?’ ‘ You present polluted bread on My Altar! But you may ask} By what have we insulted You ? ’ I`he Table of the

Evmz—Lxvmcs is oontemptiblev and when you sacrifice the blind, ‘It is not bad! ’ and when you present the lame and diseased, ‘~ It is not wrong !’ If, however, you presented such to

your Governor,-—would he be pleased with you? or would he promote you ?’ thc LORD OF HOSTS asks. But, however, tum now to Gob, for He may be kind to us. Those came from your hand. Will the EVER- L1v1NG says. ‘Who amongst you will shut the

doors, and not light the Altar in vain ?-1 feel no pleasure in you l' says the LORD OF I-I0s‘rs, “ nor will accept an offering from your hand! But from the Sunrise to its Setting Mr NAME will become GREAT to the Heathen, and in every place will be presented incense and onering to MY NAME, with a perfect gift,-—for MY NAME will become GREAT among says the LORD or But you, you degrade it I`he Table of the EvER~L1v1NG is worthless, and its product contemptible fo0d_!' You also say, ‘ How tiresome l ' and sneer says the Loan or Hosrs. ‘So you bring the stolen, and the lame, and the diseased,-——that is the Odering you bring l--·Will I accept it the EVER-LIVING I will punish the swindler, who, when there is a male in his Bock that he has vowed, afterwards sacrifices a diseased one to the ALMIGHTY, for I am a GREAT says the Lonn or Hosrs, ‘and MY NAME is reverenced by the Nations. IO II I2 ‘ So now, Priests! this Command 2

is for you.-··If youwill not listen, and 2 you will not lay it to heart,_and give says the LORD I will send a curse upon you, and blast your blessings. Indeed I have already blasted them,for you will not fix them on your heart. I 3 658

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