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The Five Books of Moses



(VA IKRA AL MOSHEI-1:AND HE CALLED TO MOSES.) @I32 Riizzui uf §*azcri§sw. HEN the EVER-Lxvmc called to Moses and spoke to him from the Hall of the Assembly, saying ; illihrnl uf ‘@1x1·ni ®H'2riugs. ‘Spcak to the children of Israel

and say to them; A mam of you who would offer an offering to the EVER- LNING, cam offer it from the herd, or from the fold, or from the flock. ‘ If they offera burnt offering from

the fold, it shall be ax perfect male. It shall be offered at the doorof the , Tent of Assembly, as a. pleasure to him before the Ev1z1z-Lxvmc;. Then he shall ley his hand upon the head of the sacrifice and present it before the EvnR—L1vxNo to expiate for himself; and he must slay the son of the fold before the EVER—L1v1NG. Then the sons of Aaron the priest shall approach the blood, and sprinkle some of the blood around over the altar, that is at the door of the Hall of Assembly. Afterwards he shall skin the sacrifice and divide it into parts. Then the sons of Aaron the priest shall lay the parts of the head and fat in order upon the wood and put fire upon the altar, and arrange wood upon the nre that is on the altar, after washing the inwards and the feet in water, and the priest shall burn the whole of them on the altar as a sweet delightful perfume to theEvEn-Lxvmo. Butifheoffersfrom the sheep or from the lambs, or from the goats, he shall offer as a burnt offering a perfect male; and slay it at the north side of the altar before the Evan-Liviwo, and the sons of Aaron the priest shall sprinkle some of its blood around the altar. Then he shall divide it into parts; and the priest shall arrange its head and its fat upon the wood that is upon the fire that is on the altar. Then he shall wash its inwards and legs in water, and the priest shall offer the whole of them with incense upon the altar of burnt offering, as a sweet breath delightful to the EVER-LIVING. ‘ But if he sacrifices a gift from

the birds to the EVER-LIVING let him offer his gift from the turtle doves or the young of pigeons; and the priest shall take it to the altar and wring off its head, and perfume the altar, and present its blood at the side of the altar, and pull out its crop and feathers; and throw them to the eastern side of the altar into the receptacle for the fat. Then the priest shall cleave it,—-not separate and perfume the altar for it, offering it upon the wood which is on the fire; it is sweet smell delightful to the EvER·L1v1NG. 16 ‘ And the soul that gives a present 2 to the Evan-Livino, let it be of {ine flour, and pour oil upon it, and put frankincense on it, and bring it to the 2 sons of Aaron, the priest; and the priest shall grasp a handful from the fine flour and the oil, with all the frankincense, and shall burn as a remembrance on the altar ;·~—a sweet perfume delightful to the EVER- L1v1NG. But the rest of the offering shall be for Aaron and his sons, holy of holies from the fire of the EVER- L1v1NG. ‘But if he would offer a present

baked in the oven, let it be of fine ground flour, biscuits mixed with oil, or wafer biscuits buttered with oil. ‘ If, however, your gift is a present

of baked bread, it shall be of fine flour with oil, unfermented and broken in pieces with oil poured upon it. It is a present. ‘ But if you give a boiled present,

let it be made of fine flour with oil. And you shall bring the present that you have made from it to the EVER- LIVING, and approach to the priest, and he shall carry it to the altar. Then the priest shall lift up the


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