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The Books of the Prophets

The Prophetic Ollice of Mikah was from about 75o to 710 B.C. 1 THE Message ofthe EVER·LIVlNG and Ezekiah, Kings of judah. Hh thite, e tat came to Mikah, the Moras— saw this about Shomeron and ]eru- in the times of jotham, Ahazsalem , . Ely: 2\ppzal tu ily; Qliuiiuuz in illzpzut. Come listen all Peoples I Let Earth and her products attend. The MIGHTY LORD comes against you, The LORD starts from His Holy Abode! For look! The LORD comes from His Home , Descends, and proceeds on the heights of the earth! Ad bh neneatHim the hills are dissolved, And the plains are like wax before fire, As water poured down from a steep! All this is for _]acob's revolt, Shomeron. jerusalem I So I make Shomeron a field full of ruins; And weeds will spread over her farm, And uncover the stones laid beneath ! And her Idols shall all be destroyed , And her whoredoms be burnt in the fire, And her Statues be flung out to rot; For by them she gained prostitute’s hire, So in hiring whores they will go! Yet for this I will mourn and lament, I will wander all naked and stripped , I will mournfully wail like the jackals, And moan like the Daughters of Woe , For her sores that can never be cured , But have gone, and gave -]udah disease! O! My People, at ]erusalem’s Gates, Tell not of your sorrow to Gath, Weep not in the House of the Dust , Nor say I have rolled on the ground. Pass on, pampered Lady, alone, Stripped bare, and exposed to your shame I Your crowd of Companions come not To the sorrowful house of restraint. From you they have taken the home! Why looks the Lady of Sorrows for joy? When sorrow comes down from the LORD, ’ To _]erusa1ems Gates? 627 1o II X2
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