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The period of Zakm·is.h’s Prophetic 0Ece was about 520 to 517 B.c. 3 @111 in Qisizu in ®¤B. N the seventh month of the second year of Darius, the Command of

the EvER»LIv1NG came to Zakariah- ben—Barakiah»ben-Ado, the Preacher, to say ;-- ‘ The EVER-LIVING was angry with

your fathers, angry; so say to them, Thus says the Lonv or Hosrs, ‘ Re- turn to me,’ says the LORD OF H0s’1‘s, ‘and I will return to y0u,’ says the Loran or Hosts. Be not like your ancestors, when the former Preachers addressed them, to say,···-·‘ Thus says the Loan 0F Hosts turn from your evil paths and bad practices,'——for they would not listen, nor would they says the EvER—L1vmo. ‘ Your fathers,——Where are they? And do the Preachers live for ever? ‘ But, however, My words, and My

decrees, and My commands to My servants the Preachers, did they not catch your forefathers, who repented and said, ‘As the Loki) OF Hos’1‘s decided to do to us, He has done to us, in accordance to our ways and Zsimrialy in lllisinu sbnlmt at heh mgrilzx. Ado the Preacher; What are these, sir, what these are} §¤r¤z mth its 1{ihzr ammtgsi the On the twenty-fourth dayvof the

eleventh month, that is the month of Shebat, in the second year of Darius, the command of the Evan-Livmc came to Zakariah—ben—Barakiah-ben- And I was eniightened in the night,

and saw a man mounted on a red horse, who stood amongst the shadow of the Myrtle trees; and red, bay, and white horses followed him. So ? 1)

When the Messenger who conversed I will show you Then the man who was stationed amongst the Myrtles answered and These are those whom the EVER-LIVING sends to patrol the Then p they addressed the Mes-

senger of the Evmzmrvrue who -was stationed amongst the Myrtles, and We have patrolled the earth and all the earth rests and is still The Messenger ofthe EVE R—LIv1NG,

For how long, LGRD, will you not have pity on jerusalem ? and the Cities of judah, with which you have been angry for these seventy years? ' And the Evzn··r.1vmo responded

to the Messenger who spoke with me in kind words, consoling words, when the Messenger of the EvER—L1v1NG Pro— claim and say, ‘ Thus says the Loan or Hosrs, I

am jealous for jerusalem, and for Zion with a great jealousy ; and I am angry with a great anger against the wanton Heathen !—When I was a little angry, they helped themselves thus says the I will return to ]eru— salem with mercies. My House shall says the LORD 0F and a Hope shall be ex- ·»~~Proclaim Thus says the LGRD oF HOSTS; My City, shall again expand with prosperity, and the Even-uvmo again pity Zion, and choose ]erusalem again l ’ dbz Qininn nf the Qurns smh Smiths. Then I raised my eyes and looked,

and saw four horns! So I asked the Messenger who was conversing with When he Those are the horns that scattered judah, and Israel, and jerusalem. 648 II


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