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THE SON OF DAVID, THE KING, IN JERUSALEM. INTRODUCIURY DISCOURSE. Lxcrumz 1. @11 ibn ibxzmuit nf Qlnniulzhgz.


I1 ANITY of Vanities! says the Preacher; Vanity of Vanities, all is vanity! What remains to a man from all

the work that he does under the sun E A generation comes, and a generation goes, but the earth endures for ever S And the Sun rises, and the Sun sets; and when the breeze of morn arises there he is ! The Wind travels to the South, and

revolves towards the North, travel- ling in circles; and in its revolutions returns to its place of origin ! All rivers run to the Sea, but the

Sea is not full. To that place from which the rivers came, there they return in due course! A1! language is feeble ;~·—a man can-

not utter himself l——'I`he sight is not satiated by seeing; and the ear is not hlled by hearing ! What has been,——that will be; and what has been done, will be done ; for there is nothing new under the See! This It has often been in former times that were before us. For there is no record of past events, and there will be none of future to be remembered by still more future ones, for them those who are @52 Q§i1rsuit nf ihxtuiulchgz. Elie ihrncljer Qvclurrs iulyn 152 is. I, the Preacher, was king over

Israel in jerusalem, and I devoted my mind to investigation, and to scientific Research, over everything that occurs under the skies.—eIt is a difficult exercise which GOD has imposed upon the sons of Adam, to develop themselves by it.——I examined all the things which they produced under the skies, and saw that all was vanity and vexation of spirit! The crooked could not be straightened; and the wrong could not be righted. So I said to my heart,—and said to myself,-——-I have enlarged and extended science beyond all who were bet`ore mein jerusalem; and my mind has examined the result of Science, and Knowledge; I also gave my mind to the investigation of Science, and the investigation of Madness and Folly. I learnt that their pursuit was feeding on wind l Science is a great grief; and who- ever increases Knowledge increases sorrow! Lncrurte 2. 0Dit tip: Qlnrsuit uf Ztiappiixrss. I consequently said to my heart,

‘Come, now, I will try you with ··—l3ut it .2 RRt I2 I3

I5 16

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