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I--1 PHILIPPIANS. 1~····28 22 whom I have sent to you for this very purpose, will inform you ; so that you may know about us, and may console

23 your hearts. Peace to the brethren and faithful love from a Father God, and a Lord jesus Christ. Grace be and conqeygd to the Eplzeslohvahk EPISTLE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO THE prayers with gladness making suppli- in you will perfect it until the day of

9 ]esus Christ. And I pray for this, so

Uulrnhuxiimt. AUL and Timothy, servants of Christ }esus, to all the holy in Christ }esns living in Philippi, with overlookers and ministers: Blessing and peace to you, from our Father, God, and Lord jesus Christ. _ I thank my God, whenever I re-

member you, continually in all my cation for you all, since you were as- sociated in the gospel, from the first day until now. Coniiclent of this, that the originator of a good work Christ jesus. And it is right for me to think this of you all; for I had you in my heart in my imprisonment, and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, all of you being my com- panions in the Divine commission.

8 For my God is a witness, how I lon for you all, with the affections oi h·¥]St··dc&thagm¤! (Writzfen from Rome. about 61 in ASSCTHDMCS by T_y'ChiC1¢S.) IO II I2 with all those who love our Lord jesus Christ in sincerity. that your love may extend more and more in knowledge and all perception, to distinguish the differences, so that you may be clear and certain in the day of Christ, full of the fruit of righteousness through jesus Christ for the honour and praise of God. El}: ,§p¤silz iriitmpbuizt in §t1·s2i:1tii¤n. But, friends, I wish you to know

that my affair has turned out well , greatly to the promotion ofthe gospel; so that my imprisonment for Christ has been seen in the whole palace, and to all the others. And most of the brethren in the Lord, made con- Bdent by my chains, dare very boldly and fearlessly to publish the message of God. Some, however, through envy and strife, but some from con— viction, preach Christ: these indeed from love, seeing that I suffer in de- fence of the gospel; while the others from intrigue, not honestly, proclaim Christ, thinking to add sorrow to my imprisonment. What then? except that in every way, whether by pretence or whether sincerely, Christ is pro- claimed; and in that I delight, and 16 r8

suau continue to be glad. Because I ig know that this will result through you_r prayers in safety to me; and an addi- tional supply of the Spirit of jesus Christ: according to my strong com 20 viction and hope that I shall never be disgraced ; but, on the contrary, with perfectly free speech now, as then , Christ will be grandly displayed in my person, whether through life or · through death. For to me, life is But if to live in the body——-—that pro-

duces labour for me-—then I do not know what to ask. _Now I am pos- sessed by the two, having the desire to be freed and to be with- Christ , by far the better; but to remain in the body is most essential for you. And relying upon this, I know that I shall remain and stay with you all for your improvement and benefit by the faith ; so that your cxultaticn in Christ jesus by me may increase, through my presence again among you. Only conduct yourselves in a way

worthy of the gospel of Christ; so that whether coming and seeing you, or whether hearing about you in absence, you may stand in one spirit, one mind, contending for the Good News of the Faith; and never terrified by the IQI6 2 I

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