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The Books of the Prophets


Habakuk’s Ministry was about 626 B,c, HE burden that Habakuk, the Preacher, saw. IO II I2 Qljiz §\pp2a1 in (Enh.

How long, LORD, shall I shout, And You not attend to my cry? To You I shriek out when oppressed But You listen not ! Why do I see passion and sin E With bribery and wrong in my presence And contention, and strife rising up? For the law is relaxed, and the right never wins, But the wicked encircle the good, So the criminal gains the decree! Nations! look and reflect, and observe For a work I will do in your days, You will not believe it if told! I will raise up the Kasdim, a nation ferocious Who will march from a country afar, To seize dwellings that are not their own And with them are Terror and Fear, They make law and rules for themselves; Their horses are swifter than leopards, And fiercer than ravening wolves! Their proud cavalry rich from afar, They come,—·they ily on like an Eagle That rushes along to devour! All of them came on for plunder! Greedy faced as the wind of the east, And they gather up slaves like the sand ! They scoff at Kings, laugh at the Princes, And they jeer at all fortifications, For they take them by heaping up dust! As the tempest sweeps by, and it passes, So he sees by his trust on his God. ?-—- But are YOU not LORD from of old My How Gon! we shall not die, You appointed him LORD by Decree, And, My Rock, You empowered him to punish! Your pure eyes never sanction the wrong, And oppression You will not endure, Then why do You look on the traitors, And are dumb when the bad rob the good ? And make men like the fish of the sea, 638

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