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The New Testament

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Eb: inirnbuciinn. AUL, a. servant of ]esus Christ, appointed a special apostle of a.

good promisa of God; which He had formerly announced in the sacred writings of His prophets, respecting His Son, jesus Christ our Lord ; physically born from the line of David, but powerfully defined a. Son of God, by a. resurrection from the dead, through a. spirit of holiness. From Whom we received acherge and commission to subdue all nations to faith in His Name; with all of whom, you are included by jesus Christ, and all the holy chosen friends of God who are in Rome ;-—love, and peace to you from our Father God and Lord jesus Christ. first &ssag. CHRISTXANITY FROM THE STANDPOINT

IO I I X 2 :6

O! PURE mason AND HUMAN nx1>muzNcR. First, I will thank my God through

jesus Christ for you all, because your faith is celebrated in the whole world. For that God is my witness, Whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, how constantly I remember you, continually inquiring in my rayers when it may be granted to me

py the favour of God to come to you. For I long to see you, so that I may communicate with your spiritual gift, to strengthen you. And that will be a comfort to our mutual faith-yours and mine. Now I do not wish you to ignore,

brothers, that I have often intended to visit you, but so far have been prevented; for I wish to gather some result from you as from the other nations. I am indebted for tribute from Greeks, foreigners, philosophers, and illiterates; and therefore I incite myself to evangelize you who are in Rome. For I em not ashamed ofthe gospel ;

for it is a Divine power to save every believer, jew hrst, and then Greek. For a Divine righteousness is dis- played in it from a faith to a faith; as it is written, Tim Rionmovs snnu. Live BY mira} For it reveals a Divine displeasure from heaven upon all wickedness and iniquity of men who pervert the true into the false; although the knowledge. of God is clear within themselves, God having revealed it to them. For from creat~ ing a Universe His unseen attributes, power, and Divine nature might have been clearly comprehended by means of the created facts. __Consequently 18 zo

uieyare inexcusable. Because, know- 2: ing God, they did not joyfully honour Him as God; but trifled in their ergumentations, and darkened their senseless hearts. Professing to be 22 philosophers, they played the fool; and transformed the majesty of the 23 imperisname uoc into an image of perishable man, and of birds, and of beasts, and of reptiles! Therefore, God abandoned them in

the lusts of their hearts to filthiness, to dishonour their own bodies to themselves; because having changed the truth of God into falsehood, they honoured and used the Created con- trary to the intention of the Creator, Who is truly blessed in all ages. In · consequence, God abandoned them to shameful passion. For their women perverted the natural use to one contrary to nature; and in the same way, the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, were in~· flamed in their lust for one another, men with men acting scandalously. and receiving in themselves the right punishment of their crime. And as they did not desire to have

God acknowledged, God abandoned them to an uninquiring mind, to practise what is loathsome. Filled with all injustice, depravity, greed, evil; crammed with envy, murder,

1 Habakkuk ll.4. 1175


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