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The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers

EL RA. (536,,_,,_, BOOK THE FIRST. HISTORY OF THE FIRST RETURN FROM BABYLON, LED BY ZERUBBABEL. ®gr1xs ®1·bcm the Rcziuraiiun nf the Ezmplz. 1 I N the first year of Kuresh King of Persia, the promise of the EVER-

LLVING through the mouth of jeremiah was fuliilled by the Evmz-1.1v1N<;·. exciting the mind of Kurcsh king of the Persians. He consequently pub· lished a proclamation to all his Em- pire, and also recorded in to say; ®gm¤’¤ §r¤r1amaiim:. Kuresh the king of the Persians commands thus: to all kingdoms of the Empire, which the EvEx·L1v11~:<; Gon of the Heavens gaveto me,—Who has appointed me to build a Temple 3 Whoever, of all His People is with you, may GGD be with him, so let hi m go u to jerusalem, that is in judea, and guild the Temple of the EvER—L1v1NG· Gob of Israel. He is the GOD,—-Who is in jerusalem.

4 And let all the residents in any place where they are lodged assist those persons iu that place with silver and gold, and provisions, and cattle; and with otferings f r the Temple of the £ GOD who is in rusalem. Wh: llzatnraiimx begins in ily: Grihw nf §u¤¤lI mth Qmjnmiu. Then the heads of the families of

judah and Benjamin arose, with the Priests and Levites, and all whose spirit Gov had excited to go up to build the Temple ofthe EVER-L1v1NG, which is in jerusalem, and all around encouraged them by giving articles of silver and gold, and provisions, and cattle, and jewels, beside the free will offerings. And King Kuresh brought out the vessels of the Temple of the LORD, which Nebulgadnezzar had brought from jerusalem and put into the Temple of his God,-—those, Koresh king of the Persians brought out under the care of Mithredath the treasurer, who counted them to Shashbazar the Governor of judea. And this was their number; Thirty basins of Gold ; a Thousand basins ot Silver; Twenty~nine knives; Thirty ro cups of gold ; next Four hundred and ten cups of silver; and of other vessels one Thousand. All the vessels rr of Gold and Silver were Five thousand Four hundred.—·—The whole of them were carried by Shashbazar, with the returning transports, from Babel to jerusalem. Rzzrzuhnuis uf §ni1ih tuba Eziurnzh. And these are the sons of the Royal 2 Family who returned from the cap- tives of the transportation, whom Nebukadnezzar, King of Babelytrans- ported to Babel, who returned to jerusalem and judea, each to his own village,·——-who came with Zerubabel; 2 joshua, Nehemiah, Saraiah, Raliah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum, Banah. 3mm the Qzznrhz nf the Mm nf Israel. Of the Beni Parosh;-'l`wo

thousand, one hundred and seventy—two ; Of the Beni Shaphatiah;

Three hundred and seventy- two; Of the Beni Arah; seven hundred and seventy~§ve ; Of the Beni Pathath—of the

Beni jeshua and joab; Two thousand, eight hundred and twelve; Of the Beni Elam ; One thou-

sand, two hundred and fifty- four; Of the Beni Zathi; nine hundred and forty—five; Of the Beni Zakkai; seven hundred and sixty; Of the Beni Bani; Six hun- dred and forty-two; Of the Beni Babai ; Six hum dred and twenty—three ; Of the Beni Azgad ; One thou-

sand two hundred and twenty- two; Of the Beni Adonikam; Six hundred and sixty-six: 0 I A 2,172 372 775

2,812 L254 945 760 642 623

1,222 666 IO II I2

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