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2--6 sparc the ancient world-——but pre- served Noah, the eighth man, a herald of righteousuess—crushing a world of the wickcd by a. downrush

6 from above; and overwhelmed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by ashes of fire, leaving them as a warn-

7 ing to future iniquity; and rescued IO XI I2 righteous Lot, who was agonized by the conduct of those men of un- bridled proHiga.cy-—·for that righteous man, by seeing and hearing when living among them, had his blameless soul tortured from day to day by reason of their lawless doings: but the Lord knows how to rescue the pious from trial; but He keeps the wicked for a day of judicial punish- ment, but especially those who seek after sensuality, in a rage for pollution despising restraint. Audacious, self- willed, they are not even afraid to libel glories; whereas angels, who excel in might and power, do not bring a railing indictment against them. But these, like unreasoning animals produced naturally for cap- ture and destruction, abusing what they do not understand, will also be d in t destroyeheir own corruptions, receiving the due reward 0 their protiigacy. These delight to revel in the luxury which lasts but a day spots and blemishes, luxuriating in their deceits, while they share your

x4 hospitality. They have eyes full of adultery, and unrestrained sin; allur- 16 ing unsteady souls, they have a heart practised in greed; they are wander- ing children of a curse; having left the straight path, following in the way of Balaam, the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of wickedness: but he was convicted by his own mis- deeds; a. speechless animal speaking with a human voice, restrained the madness of the prophet. These are waterless wells.; tempest·tossed fogs; for whom, the gloom of darkness is reserved. For they speak; indated with folly, seducing into proiiigate desires--their former error——those who were almost escaping from them; promising them liberty, while they are themselves the slaves of corruption. For by whoever a man is overpowered, he must slave to him. If, however, having escaped from the delilements of the world through the comprehension of the Lord and Saviour jesus Christ, they are again recaptured, then their last condition has become worse than the first. For it would have been better for them never to have comprehended the path of- righteousness, than, having known it, to turn back from the holy command delivered to them. It has come to this, as the true proverb describes them A Doc Rnrtmus ro ms own VOMI1';1 and a washed pig to its wallowing in the mire. 2l 22 Gly: Irrzlmzulslz Math nf $¤h. Now then, friends, I have written 3 this second letter to you, in which I stir you up to remember with clear intelligence to be mindful of the state- ments previously uttered by the holy prophets, and of your apostles, of the commands of the Lord and Saviour. You should Hrst recognise this, that during the latter times deceivers will come with deception, gratifying their Where is the promise of His appearing? for since the forefathers went to sleep, everything continues the same from the beginning of the creation? For they willingly suffer to be hid from them this reason, that bythe inten- tion of God the skies, existed from of old, and the earth with water above and water below, arranged for the purpose of God, by means of which the then existing world perished, by the water having rushed down. But the present earth and skies are treasured up by His intention, re- served for nre at a period of judgment and destruction of wicked men. But do not allow this one fact to 8 escape you, friends, that with the Lord a single day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a single day. The Lord does not delay g His promise, as some regard delay- ing; but extends His patience to- wards you, desiring that none should be lost, but that all- should come to a change of mind. But theday of the to Lord will approach like a thief, when the skies will pass away with a crash, and their constituents will bc dissolved by heat; while the earth and what is upon it will be re- organized} All having to be thus 11 dissolved, what ought you to be like in regard to pure conduct and piety, I Prov. xxvi. rx. i Some of the old MSS. read, “will be 12,52

Ferrar Fenton Bible page 1252

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