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The History of the People of Israel

24--18 THE PERIOD OF SAMUEL.--11. SAM. 24-·25 18 20 2I 22 have offended ; but these sheep what have they done? Let Your hand, I pray, be on me and upon my fa,ther‘s Then Gad came at that moment:

Go up,-—raise an altar to the Evan-Lxvmo at the grainery of Araunah the jebusitef Consequently David went up as the

Evan-Lrvrwo ordered him, and Ara- unah looking forward saw the king and his Omcers approaching to him, so Araunah went and bowed to the king, with face earthward. Then Why does His Majesty come to his servant? ’ To buy from

you this grainery to build an altar to the Evanmxvmo, to remove the plague from off the people? Take it! And let the king o&`er up what is good in his eyes. See, there are the oxen for a sacrince, and the thrashing machine and yokes of the oxen for wood. Araunah as a king gives the And Araunah May your EVER- LIVING GOD accept you ! David, however, replied to Ara·

No !·——but I will buy them of you by payment, for I will not offer to my Evmz·1.1vn~:<; Gon an odering costing me nothing} So David bought the grainery and

the oxen, for fifty shekels of silver, and David built there an altar to the EvER·L1vxNG, and odered a burnt- oEering, and thank·oHering, when the EVER-LIVING was entreated for the land, and removed the plague from the country. Erm or rx-in Snconp Book or rne Pmzion or SAnmm..·-—Boox IV. or THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL. 34l

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The History of the People of Israel