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The History of the People of Israel


18 20 21 22 Solomcm your son shall reign after

me and sit upon my throne? But now, see, Adouiah reigns, and your Majesty docs not know it. And he is sacriicing oxen, and fat calves, and sheep, in plenty, and has invited all the sons of the king, and Abiathar the Priest, and ·]'oab the commander of the army,—but he has not invited your servant Solomon. And now, your Majesty, the eyes of all Israel are upon you, to inform them who shall sit upon the throne of your Majesty after you; because when your Majesty lies down with your fathers, I, and Solomon your son will be 0Eensive. And then, whilst she was talking to

the king, Nathan the reciter came, and they reported to the king, saying, and he came before the king; and bowed to the king with his face earthwards.

1~Ias your 26 28 Majesty commanded, ‘ Adoniah shall reign after me? and he shall sit on my throne ? ’ For the has gone down to·da.y and is sacrificing oxen, and fat calves, and sheep in plenty, and has invited all the king’s sons, and the commanders of the army, and Abiathar, the Priest, and they are eating and drinking before him, and they cry, ‘Adoniah is king i' But for me,your servant-, and for Zadok the Priest, and for Benaiah··ben-joiadah, and for your servant Solomon, there aKai1· is from your Majesty, only you have not informedlyour servants who shall sit on your Majesty’s throne after you ?’ is no invitation.-—But perhaps this Let

them call Bathsheba to melt So she came to the king’s presence, and stood before the king, when the Eng By the life of the Evan-Lxvmc Who delivered me from all my troubles, exactly as I promised you, by the Evnn—r.1vme Gon of Israel, saying ‘ that Solomon your son should reign after me, and shall sit on my throne in myaplacei I will Bathsheba consequently bent. with

her face earthward, and bowed to the king, and said, “ Mayjmy Prince, King David live for ever! ' Fetch to

me Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the Reciter, and Beuaiah·ben·-jhoiadah. And they came to the royal pre- sence; when the king said to them, ` ? Take with you the omcers of your Prince, and let them mount Solomon on my own horse, and- go down with him to Ghikhon, and there let Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the Reciter, consecrate him king over- Israel, and sound a trumpet and say, ‘ Long live King Solomon} Then proceed. with him and bringhirn and sethim on my throne, and he shall be my Deputy-, vice·King, and I will instruct lnm in his administration over Israel and Benaiah·ben·]hoiadah then an-

Certainly, for the Evsx·x.tv1:~rs_ Gon of your Majesty says _it. As the Evan- mvruc; has been with your Majesty, so may he be with Solomon, and extend his throne more than your Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the

Reciter, and Benaiah·ben-jhoiadah, with the guards and courierscaccord- ingly went down, and mounted Solomon on the horse of King David, and marched with him to Ghikhon, where Zadok the Priest took a horn of oil from the Hall and consecrated Solomon, andsoundeda a trumpet, and Long live King The whole of the forces also followed after him, playing their bands, and . cheering loudly, and shaking the earth withtheir voices; and- Adoniah and all his guests who were with himheard it, as they were all atdinner. J ’oaba1sohea;dthesou¤d What is ,Whilst he was still speaking }honathan·bené· Abiathar the Priest came, and Come, for you are a powerful man, and one ofgoed But jhonathan replied to,Adoniah

I am. unlucky to our Prince l·—~—King· David has made Solomon king! And the king has sent with him Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the Reciter, a11d»Beuiah·bcn·· }hoiadah,andthe Guards and Couriers, and they have mounted him on the king's horse; and Zadok the Priest, and‘Nathau the Reciter have c0nse·· crated him King· at Ghikhon, and have gone up from there cheering, and that sudden roar which you have heard is the sound of them I-—~They have also seated Solomon on the throne of the kingdom! And the 343 33 34 35 37 39 43 44 45 47

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The History of the People of Israel