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Om; 69, Book I1. ISAIAH. On horses and chariots, a gift to the LORD. And on waggons, and mules, and on camels, To jerusalem, My Holy Hill} Says the LORD, ‘ As Israe1’s sons bring their gifts, On fair trays to the House of the LORD l Says the LORD, ‘ When I make the New Skies, and New Earth, To stand before Me,’ Says the LORD, ‘ So your Name and Race shall abide, From New Moon to New Moon, And from Sabbath to Sabbath; And all men shall bow before Me,’ Says the LORD, And shall go out and look on the bodies of men, Who revolted from Me, How their worms never die, And the fire is not quenched, And they are abhorred of mankind E END OF THE PROPHBOIES OF IsA1AH—maN~AMoz. TRANSLA'1`OR’S NOTE, The period of Isaiah's Prophetic Oiiice ran from is c. 760 to 698

401 CH. 66. 2X

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