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JEREMIAH. 28 at Riblath, in the district of Hamath, but he transported the jews from their own country. These are the people whom Nebu-

khadnezzar transported in his seventh year. Three thousand and twenty- three jews. In Nebukhad1·nezzar`s eighteenth

year,~·-eight hundred and thirty—two persons from jerusalem. In the twenty-third year of Nebu~

kadnezzar, Nebuzaradon, the Com- mander of the Guards, transported seven hundred and forty·tw0 persons of the jews. All the persons were four thousand, six hundred. It occurred, however, in the thirty- 31 seventh year of the captivity of jhoiakim, king of judah, in the twenty·lifth of the twelfth month, that l—Zvil—Merodak,'king of Babel, in the year of his coronation raised the king of judah, and brought him from his imprisonment, and spoke kindly to him and gave him :1 seat above the kings who were with him in Babel. He also changed his prison dress; and he always dined in his presence so long as he lived. He was given a regular pension by the king of Babel, paid day by day during his life, until his death. END OF THE PROPHECIES OF jEREM1AH. 548 33 34

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