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25 their wings. When a. voice came from above the expanse over their 26 28 hea.ds,—-—st:mding they drooped their wings. Above the Expzmse that was over

their heads there was an appearance like 2. sapphire stone formed into a throne,—·-and upon that form of a throne, like the appearance of a man sitting upon it. I also saw a sparkle like amber,——and an appearance like the appearance of a fire enclosed him, with a similar appearance from his waist upwards, and a similar appearance below his waist :··—·I saw it like the appearance of fire, and it gleamed around him, like the appear- ance of the bow that comes in the clouds when it rains.?··—that was the appearance which gleamed around, the appearance of the Form was a

Lxv1nc;—GLoaY. And when I saw it I fell on my face, and heard a Com- manding Voice, which said to me ; ‘Son of Adam, stand on your feet! and I will speak to you. And breath came to me as He

spoke, and I stood on my feet, and listened to His command, as He said to me ;—- @32 §Fi1·>si glflissintt. ‘ Son of Adam, I will send you to the

children of Israel,—to a rebellious Nation;-—wh0 have rebelled against Me. They and their ancestors have revolted from Me, to this very day! They are hard~faced and stiff—hearted lads, to whom I send you! there- fore you must say, ‘ Thus says the Almighty LORD ! ' -— whether they listen or refuse;-——for they are a rebel- lious family,——yet will know that a Preacher has come to them. So, Son of Adam, fear them not,——·or their threats;-—alth0ugh you are among briars and thorns, and live amongst scorpions, Fear not their threats, nor be depressed by their faces, for they area rebellious family, but pro- claim My Message to them,——·whether they listen or refuse !—--for they are a rebellious family. ‘ You, however, Son of Adam, listen

to what I say to you ;;-be not rebel- lious,-like that rebellious family. Open your mouth and eat what I give @52 Qunlt in he ®ni2n. Then I looked and saw a hand

approach me, with a Roll-book in it, and it spread it before me, and it was written on the front and the back, and the writing was about wailing, and lamentation, and woe! Son of

Adam! Eat what you have found. Eat this volume! and go and speak to the House of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and He made me eat that volume. Son of

Adam! Let your belly eat, and fill your stomach with that volume, which I have given you. I consequently ate it, and it was as sweet as honey to my mouth! Son of

Adam! Go,—approach,——the House of Israel, and report My Message to them; for I do not send you to a People of deep lips, and heavy tongue, but to the House of Israel,·—·—not to many Nations of deep lip and heavy tongue, whose language you could not understand ifi sent you to them, they might listen to you,··but the

House of Israel will not be desirous to listen to you,-—for they are not willing to listen to Me,·—for all the House of Israel are hard-brewed and stiff-hearted. However I will give you a hold face against their faces, and a bold brow against their brows. As a diamond_ is harder than flint, I have made your brow. F ear not, nor submit to th em,——for they are a rebel- lious family. Son of Adam!

Take all the commands Ientrust to you, to your heart, and listen with your ears, and go, approach to the captivity of the children of your people, and address them, and say, ‘ Thus says the ALMIGHTY LORD! whether they listen, or whether they Then the wind carried me along

and I heard behind- me a great rush- ing sound,-· proceeding from the dwelling of the Mtonrr Loan, and the sound of the wings of the Beings clapping one against the other,-—and the sound of the wheels accompany- ing them,·—-and the sound of a great rushing. So the wind took me up, and seized me, and I went better, in heat of my breath, and the hand of the EVER-LIVING was strongly upon me. Thus I was brought to the transports of iI`hel—abib, who were settled by the Great River, and who resided there, and I stayed there 550 2 r IO II I2

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