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The Books of the Prophets


EZ EKIEL. 48--35

18 20 21 22 26 fnfty,-—·am;l on the west two hundred and fifty. And the remainder of the length, alongside the consecrated Grant of two thousand eastward and ten thousand westward, that is con- nected with the consecrated Grant, its products shall be for the police expenses of the city, and the police of the city from all the tribes of Israel shall cultivate it. The whole that is consecrated shall be a square of twenty—five thousand by twenty—tive thousand. You shall assign the Sacred Grants with the holdings for the city, ‘And the portion for the Prince

shall be on each side of the Sacred Grant, and of the holdings for the city, on the front of the Grant of twenty-tive thousand from the eastern border, and on the opposite western face, twenty~five thousand adjoining the Grant for the Prince, shall be the sacred 0H`ering, and the Sanctuary of the Temple shall be in its centre. However, the holdings ofthe Levites and the holdings for the city shall be in the centre of what belongs to the Prince,——-what is between the borders of judah and the borders of Benjamin shall also belong to the Prince. ‘And for the rest of the tribes,

facing from east to west,~—~Benjamin one. ‘And on the border of Benjamin, facing east to west,-——Simeon one. ‘And on the border of Simeon, facing east to west,--—lssakar one. ‘And on the border of Issakar, facing east to west,~—Zebulon one. ‘And on the border of Zebulon, facing east and west,-—Gad one. ‘And on the border of Gad, on the

south,—~towards the right hand,——the border shall be from Thamar on the brook dividing the vale of Kadish to the Great Sea. I`his is the country you shall

divide into districts for the tribes of Israel,—-»and these are their portions] said the Mxourv Loan. ‘ And these shall be the dimensions of the city: ‘ The north side,—-an extent of four

thousand tive hundred, with gates to the city, bearing the names of the tribes of Israel. I`hree gates on the North,—-·—the

Gate of Reuben, one; the Gate of judah, one; the Gate of Levi, one. And the Eastern face, four

thousand tive hundred, with three gates; the Gate of joseph, one; the Gate of Benjamin, one; the Gate of Dan, one. ‘And the Southern face, four

thousand five hundred; in extent, with three gates ;—-the Gate of Simeon, one; the Gate of Issakar, one; the Gate of Zebulon, one. ‘ The Western face, four thousand

Eve hundred, with its three gates; the Gate of Gad, one; the Gate of Ashur, one; the Gate of Naphthali, one. ‘ It will thus be eighteen thousand

in circuit,——·and from that day the name of the city, ‘ THE L0uo’s I ]ehovah»Shamah. Exo or me Boon 01* run Pnorunr Eznxmr. R0'? 28 33 34 35

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