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The Books of the Prophets

ZEPHANIAH. 1-- 1 5 2-12 A furious day is that day, A day of distress and of grief, A day of wide wasting and ruin. A day of deep darkness and black, A day of thick clouds and of gloom, A day of the trumpet and drum in the cities and fortified towns, And in all the towers of the hills, When I bring destruction on men, And they walk like the blind, Because they offended the LORD, And shed blood, and spread corpses like dung! Nor their silver or gold can redeem, In the day of the wrath of the LORD, When His burning anger devours the ground, When He wakes to a terrible end Of all who inhabit the land! $u 3;q1za1 in ilzpznimrrz. Assemble yourselves !—·Oh! assemble I You nation, who are without shame l Before the Decree is proclaimed, Before the Day passes like chaff! Before comes on you the L6RD’s anger, Before comes on you the LORD’S day, Let all the Good men of the country Who have practised the right, seek the LGRD. Seek you Righteousness,——-·seek you for Mercy Perhaps they may turn in that day the LORD’s wrath ; For Gaza will then be forsaken, And Ashkalon mined and waste, Ashdod be plundered at noonday, And Akron uprooted! Woe you who dwell on the banks of the Seal The Tribe of the Krithim! The LoR1>'s Message comes against you. Philistia’s mercantile land l I will waste you and your people, And the Sea·coasts shall come to be pastures, Huts for shepherds, and foldings for sheep! And that coast will be broken to fragments ; And ]udah’s house pasture on them; Couch in Ashkalon's houses at evening For there the Lomb GOD will collect, And bring their captivity home! 3 §e¤unrinti¤r¢ uf muah mth ®h¤m. ‘I have heard of the insults of

Moab and the jeers of the Beni· Amon ;—···How they insulted My People, and have jeered at their bounds! says

the Loan or Hosts, the Gon of Moab shall become like Sodom, and the Beni—Amon like Gomorah,—-the possession of nettles, and salt·pits, and a desolation for ever.-The fragments of My People shall plunder them, and the remnant of the Nation inherit them. This is for them,·—because of their pride; because they insulted and cursed against the People of the Loma or Hos1·s.—'1`he Loan will be venerated by them,~·—for all the GODs of the earth will waste away and they will worship Him, every one from his home, in all the Isles of the Heathen. ‘ You Kushim, also,wil1 be assailed 643 16 18 IO II IZ

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