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2-—~ 23 IO II I2 16 Sung uf the Rzsiuraiinn. ‘ Once again, in alittle while I will shake the Heavens, And the Earth, and Sea, and the Desert, And when I shake all the Nations, The Desired of All Nations will come, And I will fill this House with splendour} Declares the LORD 0F H0s’1‘s. The silver is Mine, andthe Gold is Mine} Declares the Loma or Hosrs, And the splendour of the House be more, Of this, the last, than was the Hrst Declares the Loma or Hosts,

And from this Place I will give Peace,’ Declares the Loan or Hosts Quzziiun uf Right amh Wrung. On the fourteenth, of the ninth

month, in the second year of Darius, the command of the Even-Livmc came by the means of Hagai the Preacher to say; Thus says the LORD 0F Hosrs, Ask the Priests about the Law,

and say, ‘ If a man carries consecrated food in the skirts of his robe, and his robe touches, either pottage or wine, or oil, or any kind of provisi0ns,——will they become consecrated And the Priests answered and said H I H If a defiled

person touches any of those will they become defiled They would Then Hagai answered and ex- claimed, So is this Nation, and so is this

says the EVER- and so is all the work of their hands; and what they present is defiled !—~—Therefore now reflect in your hearts from this day and for- wards ;——Before the time when a stone was turned upon =a stone to rebuild the House of the Temple of the Evan-t.1v1No,——When you used to go to a heap for twenty, there were only ten ; going to the cellar for fifty ¥-·— drafts, there were only twenty Because I struck you with blight, and mildew, and hail, on all the work of your hands,——yet you came not to says the EvER·L1v1NG. Reflect in your hearts, ~—from this

day and forwards——from the twenty- fourth day of the month ;—-efrom the day when you laidthe foundation of the Temple of the EvER—L1v1NG; renectin your hearts.-~The grain is not at present in the granary, or at present the vine, and fig, and pome- granate, and olive trees have not borne ;-——·from this day I will bless 3 Message tn Zzrxxbslrzl. The command ofthe Logan came a

second time to Hagai, on the twenty- fourth of the month to say; Speak to Zerubabel the governor

of judah and say ;——‘ I will shake the Heavens and the Earth, and will overthrow the Throne of Kingdoms, and destroy the strength of the King- doms, of the Heathen; and overturn the Charioteer and his chariot, and throw down the horsemen and chario- teers every one by the sword of his messmatel says the LORD 0F

I will take Zerubabel-ben- the EVER- and make you like a seal-ring, for I have chosen you,’ says the EVER-LXVING.


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