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The Books of the Prophets

ZAKARIAI-I. 4——- 1


3 The Noble! then showed me four What have

When he re- Those horns sca.t· tered judah, so that hardly a. man could hold up his head, but these come to terrify them, to depress the horns of the haughty Heathen, who toss up the land of judah on their Wha mm: iuiil; ez §¤rhgg¤1·’¤ @iuz. IO II I2 I again raised my eyes and looked,

and saw a man with a measuring line Where are you going to ? ’ To

measure jerusalem, to ascertain what is its breadth, and what is its length. And then Isaw the Messenger who

was conversing with me go away, and another Messenger came to speak with him, and said to him; ‘Run and tell this young man, and say, jerusalem shall overtiow with popu1ation,——¢with the crowd of men and animals in it, and I will be a wall of tire to it around} says the EvER~ L1v1NG, ‘and as a. splendour in her 3 ®a1lst¤ Kernel in dteiuru. ‘O—ho! 0-1101 ily from the land

says the EvER—L1V1NG, ‘ for I spread you like the four winds of the skies/’ says the Evan-r.1v1Ns. ‘A—hoy, Zion, who dwells with the ——For I will send a Sun—set splendour tothe Heathen who plundered you ;-——-for whoever injures you, injures the ball of his own eye. For I will shake My hand against them, and they shall be plundered by their slaves, and learn that the LORD of HOSTS has sent me! Shout and rejoice, Daughter of Zion !—·—for I will come and reside in says the EvER—L1VlNG,

and many nations will join them- In the

Hebrew ]ehovah+·—f'tjf1`*; which is seenat times in the Bible to be used in the sense of and is not alwa s to be understood ofthe Supreme Being. 'Ihe common error of translators and commentators in restricting in their works the title as alone to belong to Gon, has introduced great confusion into many passages.-—F. F. selves to the LIFE, at that time, and they shall become My People.-·—But I will reside amongst you, and you shall know that the LORD OF HOSTS has sent me to you, when the EvER— 16 LIVING possesses judah as His por— tion in the Holy Land, and again chooses jerusalem !’ Let all existence be silent before

the LORD, for He is awake on His Holy Hill I El): %igh §rizst ann the messenger. I afterwards saw joshua the High 3 Priest standing before the Messenger of the EvER—L1v1NG; but Satan stood at his right hand to accuse him. The Noble, however, said to Satan, 1`he EVER-LIVING reprove you Satan! Yes! the Ev;sR~L1vING Who has chosen jerusalem, reprove you! Is not he a brand snatched from out joshua, however, was clothed in

lilthy clothes as he stood before the Messenger, so he spoke to his atten- Strip those And You perceive I have removed your frailties from you, and clothed you in a. splendid Let them put a beautiful turban on hishead So they put a beautiful turban on

his head, and clothed him in robes. Then the Messenger of the EVER-

LIVING stood up :-——-and the Messenger of the EVER-LIVING addressed joshua 'I`hus says the LoRD OF HOSTS·—If you walk in My paths; and if you guard My trust ; then you shall rule My House; and then you shall guard My Court, and I will permit you to walk amongst these oliicials.—~·—Listen now, joshua the 8 High Priest, you and your com- panions, who continue in your pre- sence,-——for they are witnessing men, that I will bring out My SERVANT the BRANCH. Now look at the Stone g which I place before joshua;-on that peculiar Stone there are seven eyes, I have engraved the engraving}

and will remove the frailties of the earth at that special time.——At that time,’ men will speak with their friends under the vine, and under the fig tree. The Messenger then turned to

converse with me, and roused me <a>-+9 IO

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