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The Psalms, Solomon and Sacred Writers

PSALMS. Boon: I. PsAr.Ms 3, 4, 5. PSALM 3. Q Quin: nf Qnhih when he $1zh from his Sun Madam. LORD, how many are my foes, How many risc on me ! How many say about my life, ‘ He has no help from GOD. But You, Loan, are my shielding helm, My pride and rising plume ; My voice will call the LORD, Who from His Holy Hill replies. I lay me down to sleep, I wake for GOD is Guard ; I fear no human hosts, Though round me they arise. Rise up, Loran; save, my Gon, For You can strike my foes; And break their fierce jaw teeth. Ulu Qssurzh Qrnmisz. The Lonb will bring you victory, And blessings on your Force. Amm. PSALM 4. To the Conductor of the Lutes. A Qsalm nf Qahih. Reply to my crying, my pitying GOD, In sufring accompany me; Be gentle, give ear to my prayer; How long shall men libel my honour, Who love falsehood and seek for a lie? But know the Lom>’s love to the lowly. The LORD hears when they cry to Him. Then tremble, and practice not sin; In silence redect on your beds; Give of pure oHerings, and trust on the LoRD. Will that show us good? Loxn, lift o’er us Your shining face; And give to our hearts delight, As when the corn and grapes increase. I can lie down with peace and sleep. With you, Lord, my only Guard! PSALM 5. To the Conductor of the Flutes. Qt Quin by Qalrih. Listen, LORD, to my words, and attend to my thoughts, Hear the voice of my cry. my King and my Gon. For to you I will pray. Sumza I. LORD, at dawn hear my voice; I wait watching for dawn; For You, Gon, love not wrong, so the wicked hate You. The Proud cannot endure the approach of Your eyes; You hate slaves of Vice; You destroy liars' paths. Men of blood and rebellion jimovlm abhors. 666
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