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The New Testament

ACTS 1--18

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(Hs bought a. farm, however, with all these speakers Galileans? How, 8 che wages of that wickedness; and, then, do we each hear our own failing there, face downwards, the } peculiar dialect in which we were body burst, and the whole of his viscera fell out. And this was known to all the inhabitants of jerusalem; so that in their own language the Aceldama/’ that Blood-Farm? For it is recorded in the book of Psalms: LET ms House BE DRSKRTED, AND LET NONE BECGMB IIS OC- CUPANT; and, LBT ANQTHER TAKE ms OFFICE.?) ’ It is therefore necessary that one

of those men who have been included in our company during the whole of the time that the Lord jesus went in and out among us, beginning from the baptism of john until the day in which He was taken up from us, should be one of those who will be a witness with ns of His resurrection} Theyaccordingly chose two, joseph,

surnamed Barsabas, who was also called justus, and Matthias. And, Lord, You Knower of all hearts, indicate which one of these two You have chosen to receive the position of this ministry and apostleship, from which judas went astray, so as to sink to his They then gave them their votes; and the vote fell on Matthias. He was accordingly elected to work with the eleven apostles. §zni2:¤zt: W12 Qzinlg §pirii. During the celebration of the day of

Pentecost,4they were all harmoniously assembled in one place; when, sud- denly, a sound was heard from the sky, similar to that of a very violent tempesbblast, filling the whole house in which they were seated. And they saw distributed to them- selves fiery tongues, which settled. upon every one of them. And they were all filled with Holy Spirit; and began to speak in foreign languages, as the Spirit endowed them with clear expression. There were then staying in jeru-

salem devout jews from every nation under heaven. And when this sound was heard, the crowd collected and were astonished, because each one heard them speaking his own peculiar

7 dialect. And they were delighted, Why, are not 1 Psa. lxlx. 25. ’ Psa. six. 8. born? Parthians, Medes, Elamites, 9 the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt, 10 and the neighbourhood of Libya about Cyrene, as well as Roman visitors, both jews and converts, Cretans and Arabs, we hear them speaking in our own languages the So they were all enraptured and puzzled, ask· What can this Others, however, scoiiingly They are simply drunk with sweet wine} §ztzr’s §isr¤ur¤z. Peter, however, standing up with

the eleven, raised his voice and spoke out to them as follows: ‘jndeans, and all men residing in

jerusalem, let this be known to you, and mark my assertions; for these are not drunkards, as you imagine, seeing it is now but nine o’clock in the morning. But, on the contrary, this is what was said through the prophet joel: Arm 1T SHALL BE IN THE LATTER nAYs, Gon sAYs, I wiu. Pons our MY Srrmr cron ALL FLESH ; AND YOUR soNs AND YOUR DAUGHTERS w1LL PREACH, AND YOUR YOU‘1‘Hs w1LL SEE visions; AND vous oLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS. YES, 1NDEED, UPON MY sONs AND DAUGHTERS IN THosE DAYS FROM MY SPIRIT; AND THEY SHALL Pao- OLAIM IT. AND I WILL SEND MARVELS FROM THE SKY ABovE, AND SIGNS FROM THE EARTH BE- Low; BLOOD, AND FIRE, AND SMOKING VAPOUR. THE SUN SHALL BE TRANSEORMED To DARKNESS, AND THE MOON TO BLOOD, BEFORE THE OOMING OF THE DAY or THE LoRD, THAT GREAT AND DAzzLING DAY; AND THEN ALL OALLING ON THE NAME or THE LORD SHALL EE SAVEDJ

I joel il. 28-3:.

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